Anavar Cycle 101: Benefits, Dosage, Before and After Pics

Oxandrolone (Oxandrine, Oxaver, Anavar, or just Var) is a golden classic of mild oral steroids. The keyword here is mild in the best meaning of it. Anavar is not a wonder drug, but it’s a relatively safe all-around steroid with a huge fanbase.


Oxandrolone (the real name of Anavar) is a 17-α-alkylated oral anabolic steroid, a synthetic derivative of Testosterone. It won’t give you extreme mass growth, but there’s no better gear to polish your gains. Chrome-like shine with additional “blown-up” visual dryness sound good to you? Here’s how to get it with the Anavar only cycle.

This combination of unique positive effects and features is “Anavar-only”. No other Anabolic Steroid can give you all these benefits at the same time:

  • No aromatization (doesn’t convert to female hormone estrogen);
  • No water retention (you will not get the bloated look);
  • Zero to none effects on natural testosterone levels (under 80mg/day);
  • Short half-life period (from 9 to 13 hours, depends on the athlete’s age);
  • Boosts other steroids (Nandrolone, Trenbolon, Primobolan, Sustanon (you can find it on the market as Andro-Blend), all forms of testosterone);
  • Has almost no side effects (due to weak androgenic component – no moobs, no severe acne, no balding, on reasonable dosage);
  • Boosts natural growth hormone (enhances somatotropin synthesis).

How do we know it’s popular? No tricks here: people buy Anavar from 101 store more often than anyone would expect, given that it’s a relatively expensive compound. Right now it’s available in two options: 20mg/50tabs packs by NovoPharm and by Apoxar. Both are, of course, lab-tested.

How Anavar Cycle Works

Back to theory, though. As a classic anabolic steroid, Anavar stimulates the synthesis of creatine phosphate in muscle cells. That’s why it affects strength, but does not directly induce growth.

  • Stimulates protein synthesis in the body;
  • Positively affects nitrogen metabolism;
  • Stimulates the IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor 1) production, as it’s been proven in this 5-years-long study on children (yup, it’s THAT safe);
  • Delays the release of potassium, sulfur, phosphorus (secondary, but still beneficial for the synthesis of protein). 

In less medical terms, Anavar concentrates on your muscle QUALITY, not on the volume. 60 years of Oxandrolone use by athletes worldwide have proven that Anavar is an effective steroid for “last-minute” polishing your gains. And so did studies like this one, which kind of speaks for itself: Short-Term Oxandrolone Administration Stimulates Net Muscle Protein Synthesis in Young Men.

Anavar 17-alpha-alkylation

Anavar is 17-α-alkylated. All orals are. This weird term with a Latin letter, basically, means that the substance has an additional hydrogen atom in its molecule that prevents the drug from dissolving in the liver. The good news is, you don’t need to inject it and can simply take pills. The bad news is, it’s harsh on your liver.

Anavar Only Cycle Benefits

The effect of Anavar on your liver is not THAT bad, and many athletes go for it to get all the positive effects of the substance. Here they are and what exactly you can expect:

Lean Muscle

Definitely will not blow you up, but by week 3 – 4, your muscles will get significantly tougher. A lean core and a dry look are exactly what makes Oxandrolone a great quick summer body tool. Also, Oxandrolone is anti-catabolic, which means that gains are here to stay after the end of the cycle.

Strength Gains

At the low-rep range, your weights will blast off up to 15-20 LBS during the cycle. Best noticed during high-intensity workouts.


Pumps that last 12 – 14 hours after your workout. Usually, it is painless and satisfying, but be ready to experience them in an out-of-gym setting (while carrying groceries or mowing your lawn). In order to avoid this, try Taurin to reduce the pumping effect when you do not need it.

Fat Burning

Promotes slight fat burning and lowers appetite. Even though technically it’s not a steroid for cutting, Anavar is perfect to jump-start and boost your fat loss period.

Muscle Mass Growth

Significantly smaller in bald comparison with injectables, but it’s still here. With realistic expectations and proper workout, you can build additional 5-10 LBS in 4-6 weeks. And we’re talking about quality gains here, not water. Pure dry muscle. Pay attention to delts and traps, those are known to blow first.


Expect a spider web of veins to pop out around 3rd week of the cycle. Especially on bicep, forearms, and legs. Don’t expect to see your veins with a 20% fat level, but there’s no need to go down to single digits.

Most bodybuilders notice enhanced vascularity under 12-13% body fat.


Oxandrolone was created to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues. The pill has no idea that it’s used for your gym routine and not to cure an ill patient, so the healing effect is still here. it strengthens bones as well, but works best with connective tissues, and speeds up even rotator cuff tears.

Myths About Anavar Cycle

Like many other long-standing substances, Oxandrolone has overgrown with unproven rumors and urban legends. Typically, none of them are 100% true. Here are some of the most popular:

anavar cycle and dosage

How To Take Anavar

It’s oral, so you take it as your regular pills. No mixing, no injections, no reconstitution with BAC water needed. Just don’t take Anavar directly with food – pills are reactive to fats and dissolve with zero effect.

Anavar Cycle Dosage and Duration

Anavar cycle should last no longer than 12 weeks. In this time it just gets less effective.

Speaking of Anavar dosage, you have a wide spectrum of choices. Pick one that suits you most:

  • 10-25mg a day – female Anavar dosage, regardless of the experience. No virilization, no side effects;
  • 20-30mg a day – traditional beginner dosage, no side effects;
  • 30-50mg a day – the “I’m not a beginner, but don’t want to take any risks yet” Anavar dosage. Still mild, but gains are more notable;
  • 50-60mg a day – the “I know what I’m doing” dosage. The sweet spot for most athletes;
  • 60-100mg a day – “I’ve cycled so much that I don’t feel anything under that” dosage. Mostly for experienced athletes. Keep an eye on sides with that one.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend anything over 80mg per day. However, some athletes prefer to experience little side effects and pay extra attention to their health afterward in exchange for a prolonged boost and better result at the end.

Break your daily dose in equal parts and take them 1-2 hours after a meal or on an empty stomach.

Anavar Stack Options – Simple Guide

First, some general rules. Keep your Anavar dosage low in the beginning, about 20-30mg, to see the way your body reacts to the compound.

You can increase it when you get closer to the cycle’s peak and decrease it again to the dose that you started with. It’s a classic pyramid scheme, straight from old-school bodybuilders of the Golden age. You can go for a “flat” protocol with the exact same dosage throughout the cycle as well – it won’t give you any fewer gains.

Anavar can be combined with other steroids for the best possible result. It should be taken under 30-40mg per day to avoid possible side effects in a stack.

Here is a list of steroids that are – at least anecdotally – get boosted the most by Anavar:

Anavar Only Cycle

No. No such thing exists for you unless you’re a woman, or it’s your very first time, and you’re THAT afraid of side effects. It’s safe to run Anavar solo ONLY on the minimal dosage of 20-30mg a day for 6-8 weeks top. Needless to say, you won’t get many gains by the end. Please, run it in a stack with something more serious. Test base is always good for you.

Anavar IS suppressive. It will decrease your testosterone and will NOT compensate it. You need a testosterone-based gear with Anavar.

Anavar Cycle For Beginners

Oxandrolone is a great entry-level oral steroid. It gives you a taste of what it’s like to go on gear and lets you jump off quickly. Thanks to a short half-life period, in case something goes wrong, stop the cycle, and in a couple of days, you will be clean.

Anavar Testosterone CypionateNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-620-30mg ED200-250mg EW
Weeks 7-1230-50mg ED200-250mg EW
Weeks 13-14
Weeks 15-1620-40mg ED

Anavar Cycle for Female Athletes

Oxandrolone is considered to be the most popular female steroid for a reason. Due to the low androgenic ratio, chances that you’ll get a fancy mustache and other notorious side effects are dramatically close to zero. Instead, get ready for a tighter waistline and watch that thin layer of fat on the biceps and back disappearing in a matter of weeks. 

Weeks 1-45-15mg ED
Weeks 5-615-20mg ED

For women, it’s recommended to keep the Anavar cycle under 20mg per day, 6 weeks top.

Anavar for Cutting

Anavar cycle helps you keep the gains when you drop other steroids, making it a perfect drug for polishing your look before getting on stage. Well, if you can find a stage that will NOT check your blood on WADA-banned stuff. Here is how to apply it to your cutting cycle:

AnavavarTestosterone EnanthateNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-1250-60mg ED150mg EW
Weeks 13-14
Weeks 15-1620-40mg ED

Note that your dosage of Testosterone Enanthate here is extremely low. It gives you way less water retention and lets Anavar shine like the most effective compound of the stack. 150mg of Testosterone Enanthate is absolutely enough to prevent the shutdown though.

Anavar Cycle Targets for Pro

Anavar is not limited to solo use and simple polishing stacks. In addition, it fits in some other roles:

  • A bridge between main cycles of more powerful steroids. Here characteristics of Anavar open up best: you rest from side effects from other drugs and keep your gains.
  • Cycle end before PCT. Anavar helps you to jump off your blast and get on a relaxing cruise while polishing visual details before the season. 
  • If you compete in any martial arts, Anavar is your drug of choice. Strength boost and limited mass gains with a slight fat burning effect come handy when you need to prepare for the championship and don’t want to leave your weight category.

Anavar PCT

Don’t even think about avoiding PCT. You need it to restore the natural testosterone level. General PCT is included in the last week of your cycle (when the compounds you’ve cycled wear off) and lasts about 2-4 weeks. You can buy Apoxar Anavar or try to plan it ahead – here are some popular options:  

You can get way more details here – in our complete guide on PCT.

Anavar Before and After

Here’s a little illustration of the Anavar before and after cycle physique:

anavar before and after cycle results example

While we can’t be 100% sure that the guy in the picture was exactly on Anavar — it might be just a good natural cut — it’s still a good example. Pay attention to the details:

  1. No hardcore gains — his physique is basically the same, just leaner;
  2. Absolute zero water retention — it’s either a very good cut or a proper oral cycle result;
  3. Most importantly — his look is DRY to the point that you can see the tiniest muscle groups, veins, and all the details.

It’s a good example of something that a beginner can expect since the guy in the picture is not really that massive. Just make sure that you don’t set any unrealistic expectations on YOUR result with Anavar before and after stuff — it’s defined by a shit ton of factors, you can get a better look, or a worse one. it’s a game of chance (and dedication).

Anavar Cycle Side Effects

Despite all the «safe gear» buzz around it, you should know that Oxandrolone WILL affect your liver and cholesterol levels. The good news is that both effects are easy to counter and do not turn into medical problems if you follow instructions.


Oxandrolone belongs to the 17-α-alkylated class of steroids, which means that it’s toxic to your liver. Your liver just doesn’t like the defense mechanism of Oxandrolone. It reacts badly to the substance, and gets less resistant to other negative stimuli.

To avoid consequences, improve your liver’s condition with some hepatoprotection: Alpha Lipoic Acid + Essentiale Forte + Arginine (or Carsil) would do the thing. Yes, you can take it during the cycle.


Some bodybuilders say that Anavar «trashes» lipid profile, some – that they don’t experience negative effects at all. Why? In medical terms, Anavar increases LDL and decreases HDL cholesterol. The power of the hit they get depends on your personal genetics and diet.

To match the possible negative effect, take supplements (such as SR9009) and maintain a low-fat ratio, avoid trans-fats, and eat more fiber.

Female-only Side Effects

Female athletes should be aware that side effects of Oxandrolone are dose-dependent. It’s dangerous for women to take over 25mg, you certainly can get results under 10-15mg a day and there’s no need to take more. However, some side effects could develop even under that dose:

  • Menstrual cycle changes;
  • Shorter or longer periods;
  • Clitoris sensitivity;
  • Libido gains;
  • Mood changes.

Other side effects

60 years of Oxandrolone use has proven that other side effects are rare. You’ve got to be genetically prone to it to develop any of them. However, since it’s clinically proven to be possible, you should be aware of the whole list:

  • Libido increase or decrease (yup, expect the unexpected);
  • Diarrhea;
  • Oily skin or acne;
  • Headaches;
  • Difficulty sleeping;
  • Swelling of arms or legs;
  • Depression;
  • Higher blood pressure.

How To Avoid Anavar Side Effects

Have you ever heard that you should take steroids responsibly? Anavar is not an exception. These simple basic rules will reduce risks to zilch:

  • No drugs;
  • No alcohol;
  • Stay hydrated!
  • Maintain a healthy diet: No trans-fats, no fast food, no creamy cakes, no spicy food, don’t eat anything that could give your liver a deathwish;
  • Pay attention to your general health. Drop the cycle in case you notice something wrong;
  • Add supportive supplements: taurine, hepatoprotectors, milk thistle, krill oil, fish oil, NAC;

Beware of fake Oxandrolone! If you notice toe cramps or hair loss – you’re probably on a Winstrol cycle. It’s not a bad steroid, that’s just wrong to take it in anavar protocol and dosage.

Speaking of it – here’s our complete Winstrol guide and all the details you need to know about it.

Personal Opinion on Anavar

With all the great benefits of an Anavar cycle, it has one major disadvantage: it’s expensive as hell.

If your Anavar is cheap, it’s not Anavar.

Of course, it’s not HGH-level expensive, but it can be the most expensive oral AAS available in some areas. Unfortunately, the real compound is just as damaging to your wallet as it is to your liver values. Why does it remain so popular for about 60 years now? Simply because no other gear can be both THAT effective and THAT truly mild on your body.

In the car world, Anavar would be an Aston Martin or a fancy Maserati: it looks like a basic sport sedan, but the devil – and all the luxury – is in the details. It may not catch your eyes on the street, but you understand that every single cent of the price is worth it when you get inside. Yes, Dianabol is faster, and injectables will give you more muscle growth and more attention from the general public. However, no other gear will give you a safe, comfortable, and fancy ride, as an Anavar cycle will. It’s one of those cases when the price is not exaggerated by the market, but defined by the quality.

You can NovoPharm Anavar in its purest form, lab-tested, in our shop — in 20mg/50 tabs packs. It’s more than enough for visible change in your physique in a beginner cycle (or a good half of a PRO cycle).