Dianabol – Cycle, Benefits and Side Effects of The Most Famous Oral Steroid

The gear that made gear a thing. The very first anabolic steroid, created solely for performance enhancement. I can sing praises to Dianabol all day, but you should know that abusing it and careless cycling can make others sing last honors to you. How to touch the history of Anabolic Steroids and not to suffer from the side effects - read in this guide.


Dianabol is an oral anabolic steroid, but there’s much more behind its name. It’s the only oral that could be compared to injectables in terms of power. And outstanding anabolic effect is not the only thing that makes it so unique. There’s a whole Hollywood-style drama behind the creation of this compound.


I personally believe that the history of Dianabol is one of the most inspiring things about the substance. However, in case you’re here for practical details – you can skip it, there’s a complete guide on the substance below.

What Is Dianabol In Medical Terms

The substance itself is called Methandrostenolone or Methandienone. In locker rooms, it’s usually addressed as Methane, or by the first market name – Dianabol or Dbol. It’s a synthetic derivative of natural testosterone that was modified to make a brand-new gear. First, It’s 17-alpha-alkylated to prevent a quick breakdown in the liver. This process is necessary to make oral steroids effective. Also, a double bond was put between the first and the second carbons of the molecule. That’s what makes Methandienone so weak on the androgenic side. These two slight changes turn testosterone into Dianabol as we know it, with all the positive effects.

Benefits Of Dianabol

Fast muscle mass growth

Faster and more significant than you typically expect from an oral. Results come in the first 4-5 days of the cycle and peak to the end of it. You can expect an additional 8-15lbs, and most of it is the fat-free mass that is here to stay after you get all the water out. Note that the numbers are approximate – I don’t know your personal capabilities and stats. Dianabol commands your cells to boost protein synthesis – that’s where all the mass comes from.

Fast strength gains

The keyword here, as you could understand, is fast. Throw an additional 10lbs easily on your bench bar or up to 20lbs for squats by the end of the first week or so. Some athletes report bench weights going up for about 40 lbs on the peak. Dianabol increases nitrogen retention, which allows you to lift more and more with every week of the cycle.

Increased muscle endurance

Dianabol starts the double-energy cycle in your organism and converts muscle cells breakdown into new fuel. That’s called glycogenesis and in simple words, it gives you more power for longer workout and more routine activities after the gym.

Roles Of Dianabol In Your Cycle

You have two main options that use the capabilites of Dianabol best: kickstarting and plateau breaking.

dianabol cycle benefits and side effects of the most famous oral steroid
Dianabol cycle kickstart

You can run Dianabol solo, but probably don’t want to. Like any other oral, Dianabol suppresses your natural Testosterone production. Without an injectable, you would probably get more side effects than real gains.

How to take Dianabol

Dianabol comes in a tablet form, so if you’ve ever taken a pill, you know what to do. I doubt you really need a detailed instruction, but here are some tricky details you can use to your advantage:

  1. The compound has a rather short half-life in your body, just about 4 hours. To maximize the effect, you need to take it according to certain timing and your training style. If your workout is typically short and you prefer to go in high intensity, take the whole daily dose at once, about an hour before the workout.
  2. Dianabol affects blood pressure and this method could be dangerous for your health if you already have blood pressure issues. Try it as an experiment on a low dose at the start and be extra careful in the gym. In worst cases, people are known to faint after just a few reps. Go for it only if you don’t notice anything wrong.
  3. To avoid possible risks, or if you prefer long training sessions and go to the gym more than once a day, break your daily dose in equal parts and take it in multiple administrations. This way you waste some active compounds but keep blood pressure under control.

The best way to find your comfortable timing is to experiment. Buy Apoxar Dianabol from our store to be sure you get lab-tested and high-quality stuff first. Then you can try to take the first half of the dose before breakfast and the second one – in an hour before the workout. Or try the am/pm technique – if you workout at 6 pm, take one half of the dose at 7 am, and the other – at 7 pm. Or 3 times a day before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It’s important to be aware of such details, but not to overestimate them. Steroids are not energy drinks, all those factors affect your results in a minor way, way less than your diet or healthy rest time.

Keep in mind that Dianabol dissolves in some specific fats in your digestive system and works best on an empty stomach. This way you get the whole active compound from the tablet.

Dianabol Dosage And Cycle Duration

Moderate doses are crucial to avoid side effects of Methandienone. The pharmaceutical company behind the compound, Ciba, recommends to take 25mg daily. Most athletes, however, take 40-50mg per day for bulking. Some bodybuilders reported a daily dosage of 75-80mg, but it brought them no significant enhancement in gains compared to 50mg dose and maximized negative side effects.

Another important thing is the cycle duration. Methandienone is liver toxic. It’s extremely not recommended to take the compound for more than 10-12 weeks. The healthiest option is just 4 weeks, but the most popular cycles last up to 6 weeks at a time. It’s vital to give your liver a 6-week rest and time to recover after the Methandienone cycle.

dianabol cycle and how to take dianabol

Dianabol Cycles

Dianabol rarely becomes the core of your cycle. Due to a short half-life and limited duration of use, it doesn’t fit to be the main compound.

There is no such thing as oregano-based pasta in Italian cuisine or ketchup-based hot-dog, right? And there are no Dianabol-based cycles as well.

Instead, you can add it to basically any injectable cycle with great results. The formulae here is simple:

  • For beginners take the minimum dose of 20-25mg daily in the shortest possible time, about 4 weeks.
  • For experienced athletes, the dose should be exceeded to 35-40mg daily.
  • For professional bodybuilders, doses under 50mg daily have a good chance to come unnoticed.

Everything else in your cycle should be built around the main compound. Here are some common stacks:

Beginner Testosterone cycle with Dianabol kickstart

Testosterone EnanthateDianabolNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-4350mg EW25mg ED
Weeks 5-8350mg EW
Weeks 9-10
Weeks 11-1220-40mg ED

Classic bulking Trenbolone Enanthate + Dianabol cycle

Trenbolone EnanthateDianabolNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-4500mg EW30mg ED
Weeks 5-12500mg EW
Weeks 13-14
Weeks 15-1640mg ED
Weeks 17-1820mg ED

Bulking Testosterone Enanthate cycle with Dianabol kickstart

Testosterone EnanthateDianabolAromasinNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-4500mg EW30mg ED
Weeks 5-16500mg EW12,5 – 25mg ED
Weeks 17-18
Weeks 19-2240mg ED

Breakthrough bulking Trenbolone Enanthate + Deca Durabolin cycle with Dianabol kickstart

Trenbolone EnanthateDeca DurabolinDianabolAromasinNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-4600mg EW400mg EW50mg ED
Weeks 5-12600mg EW400mg EW12,5 – 20mg ED
Weeks 13-14
Weeks 15-1840mg ED

Note that you can adjust these protocols to your individual needs. Replace Aromasin with any other Aromatase Inhibitor, Nolvadex – with any other PCT option, and make cycle longer or shorter. You can adjust the dosage as well. The most important thing here is the basic principle of the Methandienone kickstart.

Dianabol Before and After

Let’s talk about expectations. With all the fame around it, Dianabol may be one of the most popular “Oh I’ve tried it and now I’m disappointed” steroids out there. All because of the unrealistic expectations and fake Dianabol before and after pictures on the Internet.

Here’s what you REALLY can expect from a Dianabol before and after cycle:

dianabol before and after cycle results example

Yup, that’s not the monster transformation you’ve probably heard about, right? But it’s still pretty impressive! Take a look at the details here:

  • First of all — the veins. Vascularity is the first thing you’ll notice on Dbol even if you’re not on crazy-low body fat;
  • Pumping — he’s clearly not flexing to the maximum, but the muscles still look hard and high-quality, with no bloating;
  • And finally — the gains themselves. You can see that this is definitely not this dude’s first day at the gym on the “before” picture, but the AFTER one highlights all the results.

Now, important detail: there are zero guarantees that this dude was on Dianabol, and we’re honest about it. We can guarantee premium quality if you buy Dianabol by NovoPharm from our store, yet we need to admit, that to get a real, clear result of Dianabol before and after cycle — we’d need a full medical team, total control, and a perfect storm of conditions, including a super-disciplined athlete. Sounds pretty impossible.

That’s why this guy is here as an EXAMPLE. That’s APPROXIMATELY what you can expect from Dianabol because this is exactly what Dbol effects look like. Of course, you’ll find more impressive Dianabol before and after pics on the Web, but there’s a 50% chance that they’ll be BS marketing.

Dianabol No-Go’s

Some things can mess up your cycle and give you unwanted side effects that you could avoid easily. Here are just 3 of the rules:

Also, do yourself a favor, make sure you’re not a woman before you start the Dianabol cycle. If you notice any signs of being a woman, please, avoid anabolic steroids. Dianabol was created specifically to be mild on the androgenic side, but it’s still dangerous for female hormonal system and general health. Some female athletes still run it on short cycles in moderate doses, but it’s way safer – and more productive – to go with Anadrol, Anavar, or other female-friendly compounds.

Side Effects Of Dinabol – And How To Counter Them

Androgenic Side Effects

I’ve mentioned that Methandienone was created specifically to lower androgenic side effects, and that’s true. Again, to LOWER, not to diminish them completely. In other words, aromatization is still here, even though it’s mild. Moobs, balding, acne – everything demands your extra attention. Gyno is known to develop overnight in really bad cases.

If you notice itchy nipples or a weird sensation in your chest, along with hair loss or general nervousness, immediately increase your dose of aromatase inhibitors.

Aromatase Inhibitors s are the way to counter the remaining androgenic side effects of Dianabol. Get some Aromasin or Arimidex and adjust the dose throughout the cycle.


17-alpha-alkylated compounds are toxic to your liver. Period. Just imagine that something that you can’t stand is running around you for 4-5 hours straight, and you have to deal with it every time you meet, but it always manages to get away from you. Would you be happy? Your liver isn’t that happy about it either. That’s why it elevates the level of enzymes, slowly builds up bile (that is toxic itself) in large amounts, and causes inflammatory effects.

The good news is, your liver probably has more patience than you. The negative effect depends only on your Dianabol cycle duration. It’s totally safe in 4 weeks and relatively safe in frames of 6-8 weeks. Your liver has an outstanding recovery ability. In about 4 weeks after your last tablet of Dianabol, it gets back to normal.

To underline how serious it is, here are some extreme risks of a prolonged cycle:

  • In 4 months you would develop blood-filled cysts in your liver;
  • In a year of non-stop usage, you could even grow a potentially cancerous tumor in it.

I seriously doubt you really want it to happen. To avoid serious consequences, just stay inside the healthy frames.

Water Retention

The most visible side effect of all – and most commonly mentioned. A bloated look, no ABS in sight, and even worse – hardcore blood pressure spikes. To minimize it, follow these simple rules.

  1. Stay hydrated. The more water you drink – the more water you lose. Don’t try to understand how it works, drink some water instead.
  2. No salt. Doesn’t matter how much you like it on your chicken breasts.
  3. No fast-food and junk food. It’s basically 30% salt, 30% sugar, and 40% trans-fat. Avoid it at all costs!
  4. More fiber. It cleans you from the inside and makes the way for water to go.
  5. Sweat as much as you can. A win-win tactic that makes you lose both water and salt. Don’t forget to stay hydrated to maintain a normal mineral balance!

Personal opinion on Dianabol

Dianabol has a certain purpose but brings you, say, specific experience. The easiest way to explain it, in my opinion, is a car analogy. Testosterone in it would be a heavy-duty truck: it’s basic, you totally understand how it works, your grandpa probably used it at your age, and it gets shit done. Anavar is the Aston Martin of steroids: you ride with the comfort of minor side effects, it could be expensive, but the devil is in the details and in every vein that pops out on your lean chest. Methandienone in that analogy is a God damn Top Fuel 11000HP dragster, coming to your veins straight from Sonoma raceway. The speed of your gains gives you a comparable “Oh shiiiiii-” spectrum of emotions. With just one mistake you can hurt yourself badly, and you definitely need a reliable parachute on hands to stop the thing. However, with all caution measures taken properly, Methandienone will boost your cycle like no other gear. Just don’t be one of the «idiots» and do your best to stay on track.


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