Letrozole For Men – Aromatase Inhibitor For On Cycle Therapy To Prevent Gynecomastia

Femara is the most powerful Aromatase Inhibitor on the market. It’s a loyal knight that will defend your chest from the gynecomastia with all honor and dignity it has. How to treat the compound with all the respect it deserves and don’t let it turn the sword back at you - read in this guide.


Letrozole or Femara is believed and medically proven to be the strongest compound of its kind. The elite of Aromatase Inhibitors. This power leads not only to fast improvement and great effects but also to a number of risks for athletes. Take your time to understand how it works – and with a proper administration, you’ll be rewarded with the best available insurance from severe side effects.

How Letrozole Works

Letrozole is a non-steroidal, reversible aromatase inhibitor. It means that the compound intervenes in the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and attacks the enzymes that are responsible for this process. The attack looks like a forceful binding of two substances. However, you shouldn’t imagine it as a battle between two equal compounds. In a microscopical scale, enzymes, being basically proteins, are way “bigger” than the Letrozole molecule. That’s why it forcefully connects not to the whole aromatase enzyme, but to its subunit, called cytochrome P450.

To give you a better picture, imagine Letrozole as a tiny torpedo that enters the enzyme, but instead of causing an explosion, it connects to the core part of it so hard that the enzyme can’t perform its main function.


Yes, that’s one rough and oversimplified explanation, but this is pretty much how it works. Anyway, all you actually need to know is that Letrozole affects some active parts of your hormonal system and deactivates them.

Letrozole Benefits

The easiest way to understand all the advantages is to see what excessive estrogen leads to without it. Here is what Letrozole protects you from:

  • Gynecomastia;
  • Mental changes: mood swings, aggressive behavior, blurred attention;
  • Libido issues: inability to get an erection, zero sexual drive;
  • Skin issues: oiliness, excessive sweating, severe acne;
  • Cardiac issues: blood pressure spikes and hypertonia.

And that’s not even the whole list. We know that you are almost convinced to try it, so before going any further, here is your link to buy the purest Femara on the market, made by trustworthy Apoxar manufacturer. Some notorious consequences need to be covered in better detail since Femara is targeted to fight them directly. Other benefits are:

Gynecomastia Prevention

Letrozole was created for the treatment of breast cancer in post-menopausal women, so it works selectively and concentrates mostly on breasts area.

Yes, men have breast tissue too, it’s just underdeveloped. Excessive estrogen leads to the development of it, but since the process is unnatural, man boobs – or gynecomastia – are likely to get overgrown with cancer cells.

That’s why it’s so essential to prevent Gyno, not just for aesthetical reasons (and not because boys at the gym will ask you to touch them titties).

Limited Water Retention

A shredded 6-pack ABS, lean deltas, and veiny forearms just don’t look well with a round, puffy face. Water retention, or edema, is another result of excessive estrogen in your body. Unfortunately, it happens not only in the face area but also in legs and arms. And we’re talking about a totally negative puffiness that has nothing to do with the pumping effect. It can cause serious pain in the limbs even during your daily routine activities. Femara prevents it as well. Get ready to see your cheekbones and sexy veins again in 1-2 weeks into the course.

Dry Muscle Mass

It is not the direct effect of Femara action, but more of a positive side effect of water retention. Some compounds fight water retention to the “normal” point when you see no difference from your general state, but Letrozole boosts your dryness. Vascularity and shredded look are warmly welcomed side effects, right?

There’s no way you can take an AI ONLY for a dry, lean look, but it comes as a pleasant surprise by week 2 of the course. Especially notable on “wet” compounds.

Letrozole Dosage

Femara comes in 2,5mg pills, so the most common doses are based on the parts of the pill:

Letrozole 2.5mg (The Whole Tablet)

If you’re not a post-menopausal woman with recently discovered breast cancer, that’s a bit of an overkill. Considering that men have 10 times less estrogen than testosterone in their hormonal system, for most, the whole tablet bears a significant risk of complete estrogen shutdown. You can consider this dose in two cases:

  1. You know that you’re a heavy aromatizer;
  2. You are trying to come off a hardcore prolonged cycle.

Athletes who go for 2,5mg of Femara take it every 3 days. Otherwise, it’s just plain dangerous.

Letrozole 1,25mg (Half Of The Tablet)

Easy to break, easy to adjust it to your cycle. It’s the most popular dose for people with no extreme aromatization speed after a common Testosterone Enanthate 500mg weekly dose, or testosterone Enanthate 500 and Deca 400mg for 6 weeks cycle. Still a heavy dose, but you can live with it and see for yourself if you need it every 2 or every 3 days. Some people need it every day, but it depends on genetics.

Letrozole 0,625mg (1/4th Of The Tablet)

The most common dose for those who switched to Femara from a different AI, either Arimidex or Aromasin. Not enough to experience the full power of Femara, but still more effective than the peak dose of 25mg of Aromasin every day. The reasons for this change may vary. For some, it’s depression and other side effects, for others – insufficient suppression of Estrogen that medical tests show. On the positive side, 0.625mg of Femara is not enough to give you all the side effects of the compound.

Letrozole 0,31mg (1/8th Of The Tablet)

Not the most popular dose, but not because it’s too small. 0.31mg is enough for gynecomastia prevention among young beginner athletes or those who are not so prone to it. The reason behind the unpopularity of this dosage is the fact that it’s just hard to divide the tablet into 8 equal parts.

Even the farm grade Letrozole starts to crumble and fall apart in your fingers (as well as under the knife) when you try to cut 1\4th of the tablet in two more parts.

And no, you can’t just turn it into powder and sniff it from a whore’s butt. Badass way to keep your estrogen under control, but absolutely useless. Letrozole has to be taken orally and washed down with plenty of water. So if you can find your way of dividing the tablet into 8 EQUAL parts, go for it – that’s a good beginners’ dose. Also, email me with your secret technic – I would seriously want to learn it.

How To Take Letrozole

Depending on your dosage, it should be taken either every day, every 2 days, or every 3 days. Orally, with plenty of water. It breaks down in your digestive system with a great bioavailability – 99,9% of the compound administers and starts to work immediately, but food can intervene in the process, so Femara should be taken on an empty stomach. So, next time when you buy Letrozole, think twice about your diet.

When To Start Letrozole

That’s a tricky question because many athletes believe that you should start Femara when other options stoped working for you. Just start with Arimidex or Aromasin, and when you realize that the top dose of your AI isn’t working, switch to Letrozole. That’s an understandable approach since Femara is the strongest AI option. One wouldn’t order an airstrike on their enemies without trying to take them out with more conventional weapons, right? It definitely has sense. However, there’s a problem, and this approach doesn’t apply to everyone.

Some athletes are aware of their aromatization capabilities beforehand, either from medical tests or experience, and know that they need the nuclear option to keep their estrogen in check. There’s no need to waste money on Arimidex or Aromasin if you’ll end up switching to Letrozole anyway.

All athletes are different, and on one heavy aromatizer, there’s always be the guy who aromatizes at below-average speed. That’s why I highly recommend getting your Estrogen tested in the first place, to avoid both unnecessary risks and spending.

letrozole for men aromataze inhibitor for on cycle therapy to prevent gynecomastia 3

When To Start Letrozole On Cycle

The answer is in the heading here – exactly on your cycle, along with your main compounds. Letrozole should be taken WITH testosterone (for example), to prevent gyno from developing, not AFTER it. Keep in mind that Letrozole is an aromatase inhibitor, not just an insurance pill. It targets a certain process, aromatization, that takes time to occur.

To give your testosterone some time to build up, add Letrozole on the second week of the steroid cycle. With long-acting compounds, like testosterone Enanthate, drop it on week 2 after the last injection. With short-acting gear, like Testosterone Propionate, drop Letrozole in 7-10 days after the cycle ends.

Letrozole Alternatives

Letrozole is one of the most popular AI options for a reason. However, with all that “the most powerful of its kind” stuff you can mistakenly imagine supportives as a straight line, sorted by power, with Letrozole on top. That’s just wrong – all options on the market act a bit differently. There are different compounds for different targets – and it’s best seen in a direct comparison:

Letrozole Vs Arimidex

Many athletes find it hard to choose between Arimidex and Femara. Two compounds are identical at first sight, but there are some important differences:
Letrozole tends to raise ineffectiveness up to 2,5mg dose, and Arimidex peaks at just 1mg. AlsoArimidex is more likely to cause heart issues and depression as side effects, and Letrozole is tougher for your stomach and CNS. Your hormonal system is not the area for experiments, so choose carefully. Aromasin is out of this comparison because it’s less powerful than both Arimidex and Femara, and also belongs to a different kind of AI’s.

Letrozole Vs Nolvadex

So, what do you want for breakfast – scrambled eggs or to watch TV? Two completely different things, right? The same with Nolvadex and Letrozole. Femara is an AI, and Nolvadex is a SERM. Both deal with Estrogen and especially gynecomastia, but do it in two completely different ways. Never listen to the “experts” that say «Bro, you don’t need AI, just take some Nolva». That’s a surprisingly common approach, and it’s wrong on so many levels. Nolvadex blocks your receptors, it’s a last-minute gatekeeper, and Femara kills your aromatase enzymes in advance, that’s a saboteur agent. You don’t want to go to war with an army of gatekeepers, right? Femara should be taken DURING your cycle, and Nolvadex is reserved for the recovery phase. Please, be careful with some popular wrongful opinions. That’s you who will have to deal with the consequences, not those “I know better” guys.

Letrozole Vs Boldenone

Boldenone is a special steroid that stands out because of its natural ability to lower estrogen. With Femara, the strongest AI available, it can lead to a complete estrogen shutdown. And they should absolutely never be combined. I would like you to take this as something 10 times worse than orange juice & toothpaste, chocolate & pickles, hardcore interracial porn & thanksgiving dinner combined. It’s not only useless but also plain dangerous for your health. Your CNS will suffer from it, your heart, and most of all – your liver. The consequences may send you to the ER room of the nearest hospital. Just don’t take Femara on Boldenone cycle, don’t be a douche to your body.

Letrozole Side Effects

Femara is NOT the mildest compound for your body, it affects a whole complex of processes. However, in a recent study, only 1 out of 10 patients decided to drop the course because of the side effects. Most people run to Letrozole from other AI options exactly to get away from serious side effects. In the case of Femara (just as it is with most other compounds), everything is individual and dose-dependent. Here is what athletes commonly experience:

  • Headaches;
  • Dizziness;
  • Anxiety;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Hot flashes;
  • Sweating;
  • Nausea;
  • Dry lips;
  • Increased cholesterol levels.

Other rare, but medically proven possible side effects, include a whole number of issues that can lead to serious problems in the future. Please, drop the course, switch to a different AI compound, or just be extra careful with your Letrozole dosage, if you notice any signs of:

  • DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis);
  • Tachycardia (or other heart issues);
  • Vomiting and upset stomach;
  • Dyspnea, coughing and troubled breathing;
  • Leukopenia.

A whole different list of trouble awaits those who abuse Femara. Remember that it’s a powerful compound, that can trash your estrogen levels to the point of no return. Cut your dose in half or drop the course completely, if you notice insufficient estrogen level effects, such as:

  • Pain in bones and joints;
  • Immunity decrease
  • Boosted catabolic processes (your gains start to vanish)
  • Depression, fatigue, crashed libido.

Personal Opinion On Letrozole

Let’s face it, you would never consider deactivating a whole kind of your body’s natural substances if you had no real reason to do that. Your aromatase enzymes don’t mean to harm you, little guys just do their job and save your body from excessive testosterone. Unfortunately, they are just enzymes and have no brain of their own to understand the consequences of the process they diligently carry out. Like mid-level managers in a big corporation, they don’t care about the stocks and annual profits, i.e. gynecomastia or acne. Most importantly, they don’t care about your hard-earned gains that are about to vanish. They don’t think in advance, because it’s YOUR responsibility. And sometimes, on a hardcore anabolic steroid cycle, the only decision is to fire the whole department of aromatization. A risky decision? Yup. Do you need extra control over all the processes in your body, when your aromatase enzymes are out of the game? Definitely. However, do you have an alternative at all?

If you’re a heavy aromatizer, or if you had some unpleasant experience with other AI options, Letrozole is your weapon of choice.

Some people think that Femara is the AI that should be put under a glass cover with a huge «IN CASE OF EMERGENCY» sign, but I believe that a nuclear option is still way better than «I don’t need no AI, I’m good like that bro» approach.