Masteron (Drostanolone) Cycle, Dosage, Side Effects

Masteron is a classic muscle hardening anabolic steroid that goes on every cycle, like seasoning. It won't make you bulk, but it will make you shredded - while reducing the side effects of other gear in your stack. How to take it right and how to avoid all the popular mistakes - read in this guide.


What Is Masteron

Aside from all the lyrics about Masteron (aka Drostanolone) being possibly the most-beloved compound that many athletes add in literally every stack, Masteron is a moderate yet powerful DHT-derivative. Here is an easy guide on how to make it: 

1. Take pure DHT and add a tiny methyl group to it. That’s how you get it boosted on the anabolic side and prepared for harmful attacks of 3-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase enzyme; 

2. Add an ester form, Propionate or Enanthate – whatever you like, depending on the half-life needed;

3. Pack the thing in sterile vials, slap a «Masteron» label on them, and that’s it. You’re awesome. 

It’s THAT close to the DHT. In case you have all the equipment, a bunch of scientists, and a fancy lab to synthesize the thing, now you know how to do it. Unfortunately, you’ll be, like, 100th in the line: many companies worldwide already make pharm-grade Masteron. It’s not actually a new thing. 

Getting it pure and lab-tested is also easy: you can buy Masteron right in our store. The stock is always full and we ship all across Canada.

Masteron History 

Masteron is Anadrol and Superdrol’s brother from another mother. Three compounds were first described in the same paper by Syntax – here is the exact article from 1959. The compound peaked on the market 10 years later, when the FDA approved it as a treatment for women with severe inoperable breast cancer. Masteron had been an official prescription drug until it eventually got dropped in 1980. However, the compound didn’t go anywhere – it was already a big deal in the bodybuilding community. When WADA banned the substance in 2005 (late as usual), athletes already used Masteron for performance enhancement worldwide. 

How Masteron Works 

First of all, it’s an anabolic steroidand it does everything you would expect from one: 

  • It goes to your cells and commands them to grow by boosting protein synthesis
  • It promotes red blood cells production and increases oxidation
  • It limits the SHBG and liberates your free Testosterone. 

Besides, several benefits come from the DHT-based nature of the substance. It attracts aromatase enzymes (the bad guys in your body that turn Testosterone into female sex hormone, Estrogen) like real Testosterone, but physically can’t turn into Estrogen. The effect practically means that: 

  • It can’t cause gynecomastia aka moobs; 
  • It can’t cause water retention and acts as a dry compound;
  • It will reduce the number of aromatase enzymes, acting partly as an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI). 

Don’t forget that Masteron was intended to cure (well, at least help with) breast cancer – it also acts as a SERM by blocking Estrogenic receptors in breast tissue specifically. This one-two strike on Estrogen makes Masteron almost a PCT compound, like Nolvadex or Clomid – even though the ALMOST part here is essential. 

Where to Buy Masteron

If you already have a trusted source — reach out to them, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll have Masteron available. If you’re looking for a new source with lab-tested compounds, no fake or underdosed BS, with easy shipping all across Canada — check out our shop. We guarantee that you can buy legit pharm-grade Apoxar Masteron and get it delivered to you in no time.

Masteron FAQ 

I know that such a broad spectrum of properties can be confusing. Many athletes overestimate Masteron and its abilities to lower the side effects – no surprise guys end up on life-long TRT. Here are the most popular misconceptions about the substance: 

Masteron Benefits 

Wonder why a cancer treatment compound from the 50s is still on the market? Simply because it can do wonders to your body if you add it to your stack the right way. Here are the benefits that define the Masteron fanbase: 

Ripped Look 

A dry, shredded, and detailed physique is the primary effect of Masteron. Many Web sources claim that it makes it a perfect stage preparation compound, but I believe that stage-prep is not the limit. Most athletes want to look like they’re on top of their performance all the time, not just before the competition. There are tons of situations when your popping-out muscles would be needed. The effect includes: 

  • Muscle striation (stripy structure gets visible); 
  • Pumping effect (you look like you’re flexing, even when you don’t); 
  • Vascularity increase (your veins pop out); 
  • Muscle hardening (it gets harder to the touch); 
  • More visible details (you can see every single tiny muscle with low-enough body fat). 

Of course, you can still use it as a stage-ready body tool. At the end of a hardcore bulking cycle, Masteron (along with a calorie deficit) can give you a look you need. 

However, we’re talking only and only about lean athletes. If you’re a fatty, don’t expect to see your veins. Lose some fat firs – there are tons of compounds for that – and leave Masteron to those who can truly benefit from it. 

Muscle Growth 

Anabolic activity in Masteron is 4 times bigger than it is in Testosterone itself. The mechanism of action, though, guarantees that you probably will gain less at the same time. The crucial detail here is that Masteron is not androgenic – while other compounds in the stack will give you the quantity, it will take care of the quality of your gains. 

The exact muscle volume you will get depends on a ton of factors, like your stats, age, experience with gear, and personal response to the compound. Don’t think of Masteron as of a bulker – this way, you’ll be glad to see even little gains (which still be there). 

Endurance Boost 

Increased red blood cell production leads to better oxygen transportation in your body, and the more oxygen your muscle tissue can get – the longer they can work with no exhaustion. It’s not the primary effect of Masteron since there are other, purely endurance-boosting compounds, but it still will give you enough stamina to workout on the edge of your limits. 

Synergetic Effect 

Now, the most exciting one. You can run Masteron with other, highly estrogenic steroids, like Testosterone or Dianabol, and it will reduce the side effects. 

No, Masteron will not diminish a single side effect completely. It will just significantly lower them. 

Practically, it means that your blood work will come more normal-looking, without an extreme level of E2 (that’s Estrogen in the medical papers). You may need to lower your dose of Aromatase Inhibitors, which is a good thing since all AI’s have their dose-dependent side effects as well. In addition, it will allow you to take less Nolvadex or Clomid on PCT to get back to normal. 

You STILL need both PCT and AI’s on hardcore cycles to keep your hormonal levels under control. Here you can read more about the PCT and how essential it is in bodybuilding, and here is our complete guide on aromatase inhibitors and how to take them properly. 

masteron cycle and dosage

Masteron Dosage 

Masteron’s effects are extremely dose-dependent, so it’s crucial to stay inside the healthy frames – and avoid any underdosing of the compound. Otherwise, you’ll just waste it. 

Anecdotally, the male dosage of Masteron in bodybuilding is 400-800mg. 

You’ve got two possible ways to find your perfect dose: 

1. Start low and climb up. Start with 400mg, raise it to 500-600 the next week, and if you’re unhappy with the results (there’s a pretty good chance that you will be happy, though), raise it again by week 3. Yes, you can lose some progress of the first weeks and – maybe – cry over your potential gains later, but that’s a safe and comfortable approach for most. 

2. Experienced athletes can skip the experimenting part and simply calculate the dosage – at least, that’s what experts in the community claim. Masteron dosage should be about 1,5 times bigger than your typical Testosterone bulking dose. If you want the effects of 600mg Testosterone, you should take 900mg of Masteron. 

The problem here is that nobody takes 900mg of Masteron (aside from the maniacs), so you can see how limited the effects are. 

You would have to overdose Masteron to get the bulking effect of your comfortable Testosterone dosage.

Practically, with 700mg as the highest safe dose of Masteron, you’re limited to just the effects of 500-600mg of Testosterone. That’s why it shouldn’t be taken as a bulking gear and more as a muscle hardening compound. Simple as that. 

How To Take Masteron 

It’s an injectable steroid, so you will need to get a proper set of needles and syringes. Traditionally, the ones for insulin injections are a weapon of choice for athletes: they’re dirt-cheap, easy to find, and almost painless. 

The compound should be injected in your muscle tissue (aka intramuscularly). There’s no need to hire a special guy for it – you can master the process in no time with a little practice. Here are some general rules to help you make it safe and easy: 

  • Choose big muscle groups – quads, deltas, your butt, or whatever is most comfortable for you; 
  • Push the lever slowly – it will reduce the possible pain to zero and save you from burning in the injection site; 
  • Disinfect everything around you – infection on the needle can cause more damage than any hardcore cycle. 

When To Take Masteron 

Depending on the ester, you’ve got two options: 

  • Masteron Enanthate – twice a week; 
  • Masteron Propionate – every day or every other day. 

The weekly dose should be split: for Enanthate, your EW 700mg should be injected as 350mg on Monday and 350mg on Thursday. 

I know that depending on the half-life, you can take Enanthate just once a week and Propionate – just once in 2 days. However, more frequent injections have several benefits. It will: 

  • Keep the level of the compound in your blood more stable; 
  • Let you lower the dosage per administrations and avoid unnecessary spikes in your hormonal levels; 
  • And give you better control of your dosage and adjust it with better precision. 

The only drawback is obvious: you will have to make injections more frequently. The risk of infection rises, the inconvenience in general rises as well, and you need to spend more money on syringes. 

The compromise here is to stick with Enanthate ester. It will give you practically the same effects, and you will keep the overall level of the compound in your blood higher with less frequent injections. We know where to buy premium quality NovoPharm Masteron Enanthate that will definitely suit your needs, so feel free to check our shop.

Masteron Solo Cycle 

You can run the substance “alone” and get all the effects – just add a mild Testosterone base to it. The dosage is up to you. Here is how a mild protocol would look like: 

WeekMasteron (Enanthate)Testosterone EnanthateNolvadex PCT
1-8400-700mg EW500-800mg EW
11-1220-40mg ED

Yup, it’s simple. Even though it’s possible, I believe that it’s a crime to utilize Masteron this way. It shines best in a stack – so give it one. 

Best Masteron Stacks

The best part of it – Masteron goes on everything. There are only two exception groups: 

  • Other DHT-based gear WITHOUT Testosterone base (like Primobolan); 
  • Orals WITHOUT Testosterone base (Anavar, Winstrol, Dianabol). 

With injectable Testosterone support, you can cycle it literally with anything until your stack is not overloaded with kickstarters, polishing orals, supportives, and so on. 

The easiest option that comes to mind is to use Masteron as an addition to a classic Testosterone cycle. This way, Testosterone acts as a mass growth compound, not just a mere base for Masteron, and Masteron turns into a polishing and strength-boosting gear. All you need to do is just raise your testosterone dose: 

WeekMasteron (Enanthate)Testosterone EnanthateNolvadex PCT
1-8400-700mg EW500-800mg EW
11-1220-40mg ED

To make things even more exciting and your physique – even leaner, you can add an oral (say, Anavar) to the end of the cycle: 

WeekMasteron (Enanthate)Testosterone EnanthateAnavar (Oxandrolone)Nolvadex PCT
1-6400-700mg EW500-800mg EW
7-10400-700mg EW500-800mg EW50-70mg ED
13-1420-40mg ED

The best way to make every cent you spend on Masteron worth it is to use it in a stack that would highlight the benefits of the compound. For example, get the best of the dry effect with other, not-so-bloating gear. Here is a Testosterone+Deca+Masteron cycle: 

WeekMasteron (Enanthate)Deca DurabolinTestosterone (Enanthate)Nolvadex PCT
1-8400-700mg EW350-500mg EW500-600mg EW
11-1220-40mg ED

If you want the bulking effects to kick in faster, replace Deca with NPP (aka Durabolin), which is pretty much the same thing, but faster. 

Remember that those are just examples – you CAN and probably SHOULD change the dosing, length, and timing in these protocols. I have no idea how any of these compounds work for you, whether you need a higher or a lower dose, at which point you get the side effects, and so on. You are the only one in charge of your cycles, and the comfort level is up to you. No need to follow these examples prudently – adjust it to your personal experience. 

Masteron For Women 

Back in the days, when Masteron was a prescription treatment for breast cancer in post-menopausal women, it was praised as an alternative to Testosterone Propionate. Masteron causes less notable virilization. 

Unfortunately, when we’re talking about bodybuilding doses (way higher than the treatment ones in both men and women), the difference vanishes. On high doses of Masteron, female athletes can get all the perks of virilization: 

  • Severe acne; 
  • Facial structure changes; 
  • Clitoris enlargement; 
  • Voice deepening; 
  • Male pattern balding; 
  • Menstrual cycle changes. 

Masteron is NOT the best option for female athletes. Not the worst one, for sure, but there are way less dangerous analogs. I’d recommend sticking with Anavar since it’s way harder to harm your health with it. 

In case you’re a female athlete, and you’re still going to take Masteron, at least keep your dosage on point: 

The female dose of Masteron is 50-75mg EOD (in Propionate ester). Some take up to 100mg 3 times a week, but it rapidly increases the risk of harmful consequences. 

You’re not going to get a 9-inch-long clitoris from a single cycle. Stay moderate unless you want to look like the most muscular she-male in the community. 

Masteron Side Effects 

Even though you escape some of the most notorious side effects, other cruel things are waiting for you around the corner. Here they are – and how to lower them, one by one. 

Male Pattern Balding

That’s the downside of all dry gear. Muscle hardening compounds are harsh for your hair follicles. You won’t get instantly bald overnight but should be ready to shed more on cycle. Some athletes also mention that just one cycle of Masteron can move your hairline notably. What can you do ti avoid it?

  1. Throw away all your concentrated shampoos and conditioners. They can mess up your hair follicles even more; 
  2. Think twice before even starting the cycle. Not all athletes experience the effect. Many escape it with just a few hairs lost, and even more don’t even notice the side effect at all. Your chances to be the lucky guy here depend on your genetics. If you have a balding history in your family and don’t want to follow the tradition yet – maybe stick with other, more bloating – but less dangerous for your hair compounds. 


You get acne from ANY steroids if you’re prone to it, and Masteron is not an exception. For the most severe cases, use Accutane – it’s an acne killer that will leave no chances of pimples on your back. Don’t take it lightly, though – Accutane should be considered a nuclear option. 

Talk to your dermatologist about the issue and keep an extra eye on your hygiene. There are no excuses to skip a shower after a workout. One lazy, dirty, self-indulgence evening, and there’ll be more black dots on your back than dicks you can see in the locker room. 


Your central nervous gets affected by all Dihydrotestosterone-based compounds, but the effect is unpredictable. You can develop a 12-year-old girl’s mood swings, become an aggressive walking TNT box, or don’t feel a thing. 

Anecdotally, it all depends on your pre-existing temper. Are you a depressive guy in general? Brace yourself for suicidal thoughts. Are you usually an asshole? Well, you’ll be an easily irritable asshole now. Luckily, most athletes on Masteron report better mood and improved stamina in general.


Your heart is a muscle, and it gets the effect of Masteron as well. Masteron can lead to literal heart enlargement, and that’s not a good thing. Among the practical risks you can expect: 

  • Blood pressure spikes (yes, even without water retention); 
  • Arrhythmia of all kinds; 
  • Tachycardia; 
  • Heart attack (well, in the MOST severe cases). 

No steroidal fuckery should ever strip you from health. Be proactive, and try your best to prevent it. Here are the measures you can take to feel safer and not panic every time your heart rate raises just a bit in the gym: 

  1. Add some supplements to your diet. Omega-3 is a universal heart health improvement option; extra fiber should do as well; 
  2. Watch your diet. Avoid all the «bad» food and eat healthy. I can give you a lecture on the harm of hamburgers and trans-fats, or asparagus and tuna benefits, but you probably know it all by now; 
  3. Make sure you’re not in the high-risk category beforehand. First, do a thorough genetic research (aka «just ask your parents») on your family’s history of heart disease. Second, go through a detailed check with your cardiologist. 

If your heart is healthy in general, and all your ancestors didn’t die of a stroke, you will be fine. Otherwise, the risk is not worth it, and maybe it’s better to stay away not just from Masteron but steroids in general. 


Like any other powerful gear, Masteron will increase the «bad» LDL cholesterol and decrease the good «HDL» one. As a result, you get additional cardiovascular health risks.

No better option to reduce these risks than to keep an eye on your diet. In a healthy athlete, the risks won’t get to the dangerous point, and your cholesterol will get back to normal shortly after the cycle ends. Also, if you’re not a complete moron, avoid alcohol and drugs on cycle.

Personal Opinion On Masteron 

There are more reasons to use Masteron than reasons not to. The three only legit excuses to avoid it are:

  • The price (some say it’s a bit over the top); 
  • Personal intolerance (aka pre-existing conditions); 
  • Going natural. 

That’s it. If you dive into the world of performance enhancement gear, sooner or later, you will start to stack things and run two or three compounds at a time. Masteron is one of the best stacking options there are, simply because it doesn’t oblige you to anything. It just gives you the dry effects and reduces the bad sides – you still can do whatever you want with your cycle. Without Masteron, you won’t reduce many risks but will miss a lot in terms of aesthetics and looks.

That’s just how it works for me, though. Before you’ll even try to form your own opinion and start your first Masteron cycle, make sure that you can do it with no grim consequences for your health. I definitely think you should do a heart check and ask your relatives about genetic risks. That’s the bare minimum. Only when you’ll be sure that there are no pre-existing diseases to trigger you can give Masteron a try. 


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