Turinabol – Dosage and Cycle for Maximum Strength

Turinabol has the «just right» balance between the crazy Soviet science vibes and effectiveness. It's the only compound on the market that was created solely for cheating in the big sport. How to apply a Cold War-era OLYMPIC doping to your 2020 bodybuilding routine with the best possible results - read in this guide.


Turinabol is the only anabolic steroid on the market today, created specifically for cheating, with government sponsorship. At least, the only one we know about. It’s a product of the Cold War, created in Eastern Germany by Soviet-era scientists. It had to be powerful yet hard to notice. The whole Soviet block reputation was at stake. That’s why they took Swiss Dianabol and turned it into the perfect doping of its time. 

Turinabol vs Dianabol – The Difference

Imagine that you live in the 1960s, and you have only Dianabol to boost your athletes. The most potent oral compound on the whole market gives you insane strength gains, but it’s highly androgenic. Besides, it’s a «wet» compound. You can’t let the gear alter the looks of the athletes – Stalin would be angry, and you would get executed. So, Eastern German scientists in 1965 looked at Dianabol’s androgenic capabilities and said: “Let’s remove it, and no one will notice a thing». And so they did, without even trying to invent something new themselves. The result was Turinabol, as we know it. 

Turinabol is an altered version of Dianabol. Slightly less powerful, but non-aromatizing and way less androgenic. 

It sounds like pure magic but works for over half-a-century now. Turinabol has caused a lot of hysteria in the world anti-doping agencies, and thousands of athletes can relate to the positive experience with the compound. 

What Is Turinabol 

On a more serious note, Turinabol is a potent anabolic-androgenic steroid. Its full name is a natural-born killer of any spelling bee competitions: 


It’s commonly shortened to just CDMT, but you probably will never see that name again. The market name is Oral Turinabol or just Tbol. Simple as that. 

The weird long word, though, tells you a lot about the nature of the compound: Turinabol is nothing but a slightly modified molecule of your good-old natural Testosterone. The hormone that your body produces in the balls was first turned into Dianabol, and then – modified (4-chloro-substituted, to be precise) again, to make it less harmful for the hormonal system and harder to notice. 

On the practical side, this is what makes Turinabol unique: 

The Anabolic-Androgenic ratio of 54 to 6. Again: to God damn 6. It’s just 6% as androgenic as Testosterone. Turinabol is almost a SARM in terms of androgenicity, which means zero-to-none harmful effects on your hormonal system. Including: 

  • No fat gains; 
  • No acne; 
  • No mood swings of a schoolgirl; 
  • No sex drive decrease; 
  • No water retention. 

Secondly, no aromatization. Your aromatase enzymes can’t turn Turinabol into Estrogen, and therefore – can’t mess up your sex hormone levels. Let me remind you what a cruel process you avoid this way. No aromatization means: 

  • No breasts sensitivity increase; 
  • No headaches; 
  • No insomnia; 
  • No anxiety; 

And finally: 

  • No gynecomastia. 

Yes, Turinabol is physically unable to cause moobs. This effect alone can make thousands of athletes, who faced the existential dread of growing male tits, rush to the stores to buy best quality Apoxar Turinabol. And we didn’t even start with the benefits.

Turinabol Benefits

Muscle Growth 

You know the numbers – about 54% of Testosterone in any of traditional ester. It’s not much, it’s weaker than Dianabol or Anavar, but keep in mind that you get this 54% almost «for free» in terms of side effects.

You can expect up to 10-20lbs in the first 4 weeks of the cycle. The effect will be more notable if Turinabol is your first gear. The exact result depends on your personal stats. 

You’re not going to beef up much, but Turinabol is a dry compound, which means that all your gains will be of high quality, with no water retention. You get pure muscle – as dry as it gets. 

Strength Boost 

That’s the first effect that most athletes notice. Strength goes up already by week 1. Depending on your preexisting stats, you can maybe put additional weight on your bar even by day 3. Get ready to see your working weights turn into the warmup ones. 

Pumping Effect

So crazy that it is also a side effect. If you’re not prone to extreme blood gorging in the muscle tissue, you’re going to have a good time in the gym. The first rep blows you up visually, and you feel «on» for the whole workout. Turinabol commands your muscle tissue to retain as much blood as possible and, therefore, stay all pumped for much longer. 

Synergetic effect

This one is defined by Turinabol’s ability to crush SHBG. It’s one of the «baddies» of the bodybuilding world (even though you should understand that it has a role as well). Sex Hormone Binding Globulin works just as it’s stated in the name – it binds (aka deactivates) your sex hormones, like Testosterone. More SHBG means less free Testosterone, and less Testosterone means shitty, barely notable gains. Turinabol lowers the SHBG levels and gives your body extra Testosterone. Every hardcore testosterone-based Anabolic Steroid gets a boost with Turinabol. You can run it with Deca Durabolin, Testosterone Enanthate, or whatever you please – every other compound will give you more than it could ever give by itself. 

Endurance Boost 

You know the classic Olympic motto – «Citius, Altius, Fortius»? It’s Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger». That’s exactly what Turinabol is intended to do. It was created for endurance athletes. Most doping scandals of the time involved swimmers and runners. Quite cynically, now you can use the compound that ruined their lives and careers to do a couple of extra reps on your leg day. 

Other Benefits

As a nice bonus to the gains, pumping, and synergy, you may – or may not – get: 

  • Better mood; 
  • Better sleep; 
  • Better libido; 
  • Better vascularity; 
  • Better muscle quality. 

We don’t have a single medical paper on any of the effects, though. It’s all anecdotal because Eastern Germany – surprise-surprise – never published a thing on its secret doping compound. We didn’t even know how it works until the fall of the Soviet Union. Luckily, nowadays, we have enough experience with the compound to run it properly. 

Turinabol Cycle and Dosage 

That’s one crucial part because no other compound has such a wide range of possible doses. 

You can cycle anything between 10 and 100mg ED, and get all the fantastic results. 

I’d recommend climbing a little ladder here: 

Start with 20mg, wait for the effects to kick in – luckily, with Turinabol, it won’t take more than a week. If you feel that you can take more – raise the dose to 30 mg ED. Keep in mind that high doses should be split into parts to smooth the effects. This is what a perfect first cycle of Turinabol should look like: 

Week Turinabol 
Week 110-20mg ED
Week 220-30mg ED
Week 330mg ED

Give it a little more time – maybe it’s just slower for you
Week 4Still don’t feel a thing?

50mg ED in 2 parts, 25mg two times a day
Week 550mg ED in 2 parts, 25mg two times a day
Week 6 Still no effects? I feel sorry for your wallet, but you kind of have no other option

100mg ED in 2 parts, 50mg two times a day
Week 7-8 Either continue to take 100mg ED in 2 parts, 50mg two times a day


Abandon all your hope and just don’t go higher.  Switch to a more powerful compound. Sorry, you’re too tough for Turinabol. 
turinabol cycle and dosage

Turinabol For Women 

It’s a rare example of a female-friendly anabolic steroid. Turinabol is just as mild as Anavar in terms of virilization, but you should be careful anyway. 

The maximum female dosage of Turinabol is 5-10mg every day. Anything extra, and you’ll look like Caitlyn Jenner – who’s, by the way, a dude. 

In terms of effects, you’ll get everything that a male athlete would get from the highest dose: 

  • Pumping effect; 
  • Boosted endurance; 
  • Slight muscle gains; 
  • Lean vascular looks; 
  • Strength boost. 

One of the most prevalent problems that female gear users face is Turinabol or Anavar. Both are mild, female-friendly, and dry. 

If your goal is to lose as much water as you can, stick to Anavar. And if you want to get more «second breath» in all your exercises and look leaner, choose Turinabol. 

All other differences depend on the side effects that you are more prone to. If you shed hair like crazy, stick to Anavar. If you get sleep issues, go with Turinabol and add TUDCA or Taurine to the cycle. I would recommend to try both and stick to the one you are more comfortable with. The effects will be pretty much the same. 

If you get serious pain in the joints by week 2 – throw the compound away. It’s a Winstrol side effect, and since Winny is much cheaper than both Anavar and Turinabol, malicious shops often use it to fake one of the more expensive compounds. A trustworthy source would never do that, and if they replace compounds with each other, the quality of their gear, in general, is questionable. Good for you, we know where to buy Turinabol by NovoPharm that is as pure as a teardrop.

How To Take Turinabol 

The compound name is Oral Turinabol – which kind of tells you everything you need about the administration. It comes either in pills or in drops. 

I’m pretty sure you know how pills work. With drops, you just should pay extra attention to the dosage. Depending on the source, the amount of the compound in every drop can vary. Injectable Turinabol exists as well, but the only reason to use it is to avoid the risk of liver damage.

If your liver is generally healthy and you don’t have any preexisting problems with it – you can go with oral Turinabol, as most athletes do. 

The half-life of Turinabol is just 16 hours. It’s a rapid action gear – you need to take it every day. 

To save as much hard-gained mass as you can stick to a high-calorie diet, even when the cycle ends. Turinabol is not the most anti-catabolic substance on the market, and you definitely will lose some of the mass, but we’re talking about 2lbs of 10lbs gained, not more. 

You can run Turinabol solo, but it will increase the risk of shut down to the dangerous point. Most athletes run Tbol with a solid Testosterone base – that’s when the synergetic capabilities genuinely shine, and it’s safer in general. However, if you can get the effects on a low dose (say, 10-20mg ED), you can consider yourself the lucky one and try to run Turinabol solo – just pay extra attention to your hormonal levels. 

You can run it for the whole cycle, polish your gains with Turinabol at the end of your blast, or use it as a mild kickstart. The kickstarting thing will work best if it’s your first cycle ever.

Best Turinabol Stacks 

The first one on the list is – traditionally – Testosterone. If you have some time, I’d use Enanthate – it will take about 10 days for the effect to appear. And if you’re in a rush for some reason, a faster Cypionate stack will do: 

WeekTurinabolTestosterone CypionateNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-430-75mg ED300mg ED
Weeks 5-8400mg ED
Weeks 9-10
Weeks 11-1220mg ED

Of course, you can adjust the dosage to your comfort, and I just give you examples. There are no strict rules in this world, except for the «Don’t abuse gear if you’re not a moron» one. 

Now, to use the synergetic effect of Turinabol, you will need a bit more in a stack. If you have some experience with gear, I’d recommend a classic extreme bulking cycle of Testosterone (Propionate) and Trenbolone: 

WeekTurinabolTestosterone PropionateTrenboloneNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-530-50mg ED500mg ED300mg ED
Weeks 6-7
Weeks 8-1120-40mg ED

That’s one powerful stack, and you should not even try to run it if you’re new to the gear world. Note that both Testosterone and Trenbolone are way, way more potent than Turinabol, and therefore – the Turinabol dose should be mild. You kind of need it for synergy-only reasons here, because neither Testosterone, not Trenbolone can’t lower your SHBG. 

One of the most questionable of popular stacks is Dianabol and Turinabol. Somehow, people in 2020 still believe in oral-only cycles. This is plain dangerous. 

If you’re planning a solid orals-only cycle of about 8-10 weeks, consider your lipids destroyed, your liver – dead, and your heart – completely crashed. 

If you (for some weird reason) decide to run two orals at a time, do it in mild doses (30mg top with Turinabol) and on a short term only (4 weeks, max). Otherwise, you’re pretty much fucked for nothing. 

Turinabol Cycle Results

Well, MAIN Turinabol cycle results are on Wikipedia now, in the table of historical results of the major sporting events during the Cold War. Just kidding. Here’s what an average Turinabol cycle results may look like:

turinabol before and after results example

Yup, we took a skinny type dude here on purpose. Don’t expect a decent before-after pic from a PRO athlete, those pictures may be misleading (since a PRO definitely worked out for years to get to the baseline point). Note that it’s an example of dry and lean mild gains, not an actual controlled and thoroughly tracked Turinabol-only cycle. It’s here because Turinabol cycle results will give you:

  • DRY gains;
  • SOME gains, both visual and strength;
  • NO water retention or bloating.

Dude could’ve been a natty all along, but this physique — especially on low body fat — is exactly what a proper Turinabol cycle results look like if you’re a skinny beginner type of guy.

Turinabol PCT and Aromatase Inhibitors

You don’t have many options – Nolvadex in a mild dose (about 20mg ED) or a comparable course of Clomid for 2 weeks will work best. 

Since Turinabol is exceptionally mild and non-aromatizable, you don’t need Aromatase Inhibitors on it. If you run it along with a considerable dose of Testosterone, I’d recommend adding some Arimidex, Femara, or Aromasin to the cycle. 

Turinabol Side Effects

Unfortunately, MILD does not mean «absolutely safe». Turinabol is still an anabolic steroid, even if it significantly smoother than other compounds. This is what you can get during the cycle: 

Pumping Effect

While it’s definitely a good thing in the gym, it’s a big no-no for some athletes. Those prone to OVERpumping (if it is even a word) can experience pain during the workouts and get occasional pumps during the daily routine. Imagine taking out the trash, and BANG – your back and arms are all flexing to the painful point. 

Don’t even think about any cardio or endurance exercises on Turinabol if you are prone to painful pumps. Lower back pumping is a bitch, but with Turinabol, it’s a bitch that will not leave you for the whole weekend. 

Luckily, it works like that not with everyone, and most athletes can enjoy the boosted endurance without the feeling of their muscles tearing apart from the inside. Remember that Turinabol was created for Olympic athletes in the first place. 


Some anecdotal reports mention severe sleepiness. It typically occurs by week 3, and can mess up your daily routine – let alone the desire to go to the gym. You can either lower the dose by that time (which, I believe, would kill the whole cycle, and therefore – should be taken as a last-resort otion) or take the challenge and flex your power of will as hard as your muscles. 

Hair Shedding 

By all theoretical means, Turinabol should NOT make you lose hair. Ironically, that’s exactly what it causes in some athletes. Yeah, typical Soviet stuff. You won’t get bald in a week, but your shower will need a bit of cleaning. 

Not all athletes are prone to this side effect, and those who are – lose hair from all dry compounds. If you’re the unlucky one – avoid any «aggressive» shampoos and conditioners during the cycle. They can cause even more damage to your hair follicles. 


This one is for the ladies. Even such a mild anabolic steroid as Turinabol can turn you into a cheap version of She-Hulk. If you will be ignorant enough to run it in male doses, this is what you can expect: 

  • Voice changes (the first one you will notice – it will get rough and raspy); 
  • Face structure changes (stronger jaw and eyebrows); 
  • Skin elasticity decrease (wrinkles everywhere);
  • Clitoris enlargement (without sensitivity increase); 
  • Mental changes (you turn into a kind of psycho). 

Take any female Eastern German Olympic athlete between the 1950s to 1980s. Say, Andreas Krieger or Mergitta Gummel. All the «weird» stuff in their looks was – most likely – caused by Turinabol alone. And this is what you can do to avoid looking like that: 

  • Run female-only doses; 
  • Stay in the safe frames in terms of cycle duration; 
  • Watch out for the red flags and catch the effects early – if you lose the point of no return, the changes can be irreversible. 

Other Turinabol Side Effects

Here is a list of other areas you should stay extremely cautious about. None of these effects are Turinabol-only, but as an Anabolic Steroid, it hits them as well: 

  • Hepatotoxicity – it’s 17-alpha-alkylated, which means that your liver gets hit; 
  • Kidney Damage – because filtering the thing out of your blood is a problem; 
  • Higher blood pressure – watch out for your heart and drop the thing if you feel any pain, it’s NOT ok; 
  • Tremor – mostly manifests on doses over 75mg only. It’s a red flag that means that you’ve missed your sweet spot.
  • Mental effects – aggression or depression, depending on your personality.

You probably think, «Isn’t it a bit too much for a «mild» compound?» and I get your point. However, look at the list again – most of the things are not the «heavy artillery» of the side effects. You miss all the tough stuff and get only things that many athletes would call insignificant. Luckily, you can dodge them as well. 

How To Avoid Turinabol Side Effects

«Almost side-effect-free» sounds fantastic, but the «almost» part kills the mood. It would be just great to get rid of any possible harm that the compound can do to your body, right? Here is what you can take: 

  • TUDCA – aka Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid. It sounds weird, but it’s a natural thing. It can help you combat the mood, stamina, and sleep issues; 
  • NAC – aka N-Acetyl cysteine. Powerful anti-oxidant, to deal with all the additional damage that AAS leftovers can do all-around your body; 
  • Milk thistle – to protect your liver and give it additional support. The guy takes all the damage, it deserves a little care; 
  • Taurine – the thing from energy drinks. In pure form (as a supplement), it can kill your fatigue and counter any low energy issues; 
  • Psyllium husk – basically, fiber. And fiber is good for you, both in terms of health and in terms of bulking. 

These helpful substances and compounds are not limited to Turinabol cycles – you can run them with any anabolic steroid. However, with Tbol, they can help you eliminate the «almost» part and laugh in the face of any possible body damage. 

Personal Opinion On Turinabol 

Turinabol is a crime, that bunch of grumpy scientists, in old laboratories somewhere in Eastern Germany, intended to make. They were ordered to cheat the Olympics and get the Soviet Block the victory at all costs. All the good sportsmanship was abandoned and forgotten; the soul of the Olympics was stomped on. 

That’s what a moralist would say, and I’m not a one. I’ll just remind you that Turinabol is a derivative of Dianabol. The compound that we now know as Dianabol was created in the USA by John Ziegler for the same reason: to cheat the World Championship. That’s just how «sporting excellence» works. Should we care about it in 2021? Is there at least a single reason not to say «Nah, fuck it» to the history and just use the compound for personal goals in the gym? It’s not like we’re all Olympic athletes here.

Let’s put all the moral shit aside. For regular bodybuilding, Turinabol is nothing but a precise tool. It’s like a small city car: you don’t buy the 6,4 HEMI monster daily driving in endless traffic jams. You want a simple, reliable, and economical car, just to go from point A to point B safely and with the most possible comfort. That’s what Turinabol is all about. Most negative comments on it come from the guys that expected more than Turinabol could ever give. Don’t join the «disappointed snowflake» club, and if you do – look for the problem in your expectations, not in Turinabol itself. 


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