Proviron (Mesterolone) – Dosage On Cycle and Why You Should Not Use It As AI

Proviron (the market name of Mesterolone) is an excellent support gear that everyone seems to use for their own reason. For some, it's a euphoretic mood improvement. For others - unreal synergy with other gear. Many athletes take it as a steroidal Viagra for non-stop sex marathons. And the dumbest part of the audience runs it as an aromatase inhibitor. What Proviron can give you and how to use it wisely - in this guide.


What Is Proviron

First things first, let’s get rid of a little misconception – just to make sure that we’re talking about the same substance. 

Many sources on the Web claim that Proviron is one of the oldest steroids in the world and that it was invented in the year 1934. It’s not true.

In 1936 (not 1934), a Swiss company Schering brought to the market a substance, called Proviron. Today you know this substance as Testosterone Propionate. It was one of the first, rough esters, in no way close to Mesterolone. The real Proviron (as Mesterolone), was introduced in 1966 for medical purposes, so it’s not THAT old. 

The little history problem doesn’t make Mesterolone less remarkable. It’s a unique SHBG-blocking, aromatase-lowering, gear-boosting, and side effects-abolishing gear.

Some athletes can’t imagine ANY cycle without Mesterolone and you can join them if you buy Proviron online in Canada from our store. It’s one of many, but a guaranteed way to get high-quality compound.

Here is what it is – and how to use it. 

proviron cycle and dosage

How Proviron Works 

Technically, Proviron is an anabolic-androgenic steroid. It’s extremely weak on the anabolic side and powerful on the androgenic one. It was brought to the market as a treatment for hormonal issues, including: 

  • Male fertility; 
  • Sperm count decrease; 
  • Erection issues; 
  • Depression; 
  • Mood swings. 

That’s why Proviron also acts as an anti-depressant and gives you Cialis-like effects. It is DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) derivative by nature, and it can’t turn to Estrogen in your body. One of the primary purposes of Proviron in bodybuilding is lowering the estrogenic side effects of other gear. The issue, however, deserves a bit more attention.

Proviron As Aromatase Inhibitor

Behold, one of the biggest fails of bodybuilding bro-science.

once and forever: You CAN NOT use Proviron as an Aromatase Inhibitor. It may act like one, but it is not meant for that. And never was. 

Most athletes seem to know that Proviron is not an AI, but only a few can say why exactly. Articles on the Web cut the reasoning out, bring it to you in an incompetent or a complicated manner. The best explanation that I’ve seen is on a small forum, in a year-old subject, with about a dozen replies. It’s hard to find, but the issue is not THAT hard. Here is the explanation. 

proviron as an aromatase inhibitor

First of all, the basics: Your body produces a unique enzyme called Aromatase. It connects to Testosterone in your blood and converts it to Estrogen. The process is called aromatization. When you have too much Estrogen, you get a ton of shitty estrogenic side effects. 

And here is how it works with Mesterolone – in an overly simplified (to the humiliating point) version. Sorry for that, but I want it to be as simple as it gets: 

  1. Aromatase enzymes are blind but picky: they connect to anything that resembles Testosterone molecule, but will not convert it if it’s not real Testosterone. 
  2. Proviron (from the aromatase enzyme point of view) is tempting but sticky: it fits so damn well to them (even better than Testosterone itself – as it’s been medically proven here), but the connection is irreversible, so the enzymes get stuck. 
  3. Since Proviron is DHT-based, it does not convert to Estrogen. Aromatase enzymes connect to it anyway and can’t get out. This deactivation process, in medical terms, is called inhibition. 

That’s the problem: Proviron is not aromatizable, and it inhibits your Aromatase. Technically – it does.


When Mesterolone molecules get in your blood and see that Aromatase enzymes try to convert them, they get confused and angry: «that’s not my fucking job, get off me, prick», they say, and rush to your muscle tissue to give all the synergetic effects, to your SHBG to lower the amount of it, and so on.

Proviron COULD be an Aromatase Inhibitor, but it has better things to do. It is an OCCASIONAL “aromatase inhibitor”, and therefore – a WEAK one. You can’t count on it. 

Real Aromatase Inhibitors – Femara, Arimidex, Aromasin – are like a NAVY SEALS squad, trained precisely for this job. Fearless, professional, and motivated for just one process: to stop the aromatization. They are natural-born aromatase killers and have no other duty. You can count on them. And this is why it is better to buy Proviron for completely different purposes and entrust the work to professionals.

Aromatase Inhibitors ARE MADE for the job that Proviron JUST HAPPENS to be able to carry out. 

That’s why Proviron is used to LOWER the estrogenic side effects of other gear and not completely get rid of them. That’s pretty much why you should not use it as an aromatase inhibitor. 

Proviron Benefits 

Instead of misusing the thing, run it for any of the following benefits that make this not-so-cheap substance worth its price. 


The whole synergy (aka mutual boost) thing revolves around the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. Basically, it’s a protein that roams around In your blood and deactivates all the Free Testosterone that it meets. Free Testosterone is the only one you need to get massive. It’s responsible for all your gains. The more Free Testosterone you have (regardless of its nature, whether its from gear or natural) – the more muscle you can build. Therefore, SHBG – is a bad guy. Of course, it has a vital role in your body, and it’s not a 100% Hollywood villain, but bodybuilding-wise – it’s not for you. 

Proviron has a high binding ability with SHBG. It binds to the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and liberates the Free Testosterone. I know that it may sound weird and complicated, but the practical result is simple: With Proviron, every steroid you run is unchained and able to give you more than it would be naturally. 

Muscle Growth

Proviron is by no means a bulking steroid. It will not give you any extra mass gains by itself. It just was never meant to do that. The reason behind the low anabolic activity is in its core nature: 

When Proviron gets to your muscle tissue, it gets quickly destroyed by a thing called 3-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. 

It’s another enzyme that is essential for muscle growth. To keep it simple, it just doesn’t like Mesterolone. Whatever chemical processes are behind the effect, the result is unfortunate: the substance doesn’t survive in your muscles long enough to give you any anabolic effects. Luckily, instead, it works in a quality-over-quantity manner. 

Muscle Hardening 

Due to a cascade reaction, your muscle tissue gets notably harder on Proviron. If you have a low body fat level, expect a leaner look and more aesthetic physique in general, along with improved vascularity, especially on your forearms.

As if it was not entirely obvious, you need to exercise to get the effects on your muscle. At least this is what common sense (and this study on mice) tells us. It works the same way with cardio as well. 

Pumping Effect 

You look like you’re flexing all your muscles when you’re actually relaxed – isn’t it amazing? Proviron improves your blood flow, and more blood – with more red blood cells, necessary for the effect – can reach the muscle tissue. According to many anecdotal reports, your skin starts to look thinner because of all the muscles that pop out. The pumps on Proviron are so powerful. Some athletes even call it an uncomfortable side effect. However, most bodybuilding maniacs love the feeling of every muscle cell exploding on the last rep. 

Better Mood  

Proviron is euphoric in terms of mood changes. Most anecdotal reports note that it makes you more energetic, gives you a positive attitude on things, makes you happier in general – even if you were a grumpy piece of sad shit before the cycle. It’s been proven (in this study, or in another one here) to cure clinical depression. Of course, the effect is limited since we’re talking about a severe mental condition, but the effect is still there. 

The feeling of being «on» is exactly what makes athletes turn to Proviron, instead of other supportive alternatives. Some even note that its the most potent effect of the compound. Or at least the second most powerful – after the libido boost. 

Libido Boost 

Proviron is the only compound in the whole class that boosts sexual drive to the point that athletes complain about it. I couldn’t imagine a grown-ass man unironically whining on the Internet about having TOO MUCH sex before I’ve seen some of the forums on Mesterolone. The complaints are absolutely hilarious – take a look. I swear I don’t make it up – the struggle is real: 

  • You can’t look yourself in the eyes after your 6th jerk off in one evening; 
  • Your taste in porn changes because you always need to watch new, wilder, dirtier, and more bizarre stuff; 
  • Your dick gets bigger, and it feels uncomfortable on cardio; 
  • Your wife or girlfriend gets used to the improved sex life and the enlarged dick, so she will be disappointed with your “natural” performance by the end of the cycle; 
  • Your erections get so hard, it’s hard to hide them; 
  • Your dick feels sore after all the daily non-stop sex marathons you will be able to perform.

I’d pay to see those guys sharing their problems with, say, a guy with severe hypogonadism, or somebody with the chronic Deca Dick. The intense effects are quite logical because Proviron was explicitly created for male infertility treatment, and it was proven to be effective even in small doses. I’d recommend you to use all the opportunities and join the absolute madmen from said forums: 

Add a small dose of Cialis to your Proviron cycle, lock yourself up in the bedroom with your wife, girlfriend, cousin, sugar daddy, or whoever you can find. wait for the effects of both compounds to kick in, and have the time of your life. Thank me later.

How To Take Proviron 

The compound is oral and comes in pills. The most popular forms are dosed 10, 25, or 50mg in each pill, so it’s easy to take the correct amount. 

Given the 12 hours half-life, you need to take it twice a day. You don’t need to set the alarm – simply take one in the morning and one in the evening. 

Proviron cycle duration should never be over 5-6 weeks. It’s not THAT dangerous to do otherwise, but you probably don’t want to play games with your cholesterol on such a mild compound. Besides, your body needs a little rest at that time. 

Some athletes run Proviron for years non-stop, but I don’t recommend it. Especially if you’re new to the gear world. Start with a mild cycle, see how it works, and if you’re lucky and don’t mess up your liver values – do whatever you’re comfortable with. Just don’t forget about some extra blood works – you NEED more control over it on cycle. 

Proviron Dosage 

That’s one compound that people rarely abuse. Not because it’s dangerous or harmful – just because overdosing Proviron is, quite frankly, retarded. It has no sense at all. You can take an extra aspirin tablet when you’re sick, but you’ll never take the whole blister to get rid of the starting cold «more powerfully», right? It even sounds dumb. 

The most popular Proviron dosage is between 25 and 100mg every day, in two administrations. 

The exact dose depends on your personal aromatization capabilities. Some men are heavy aromatizers, and they certainly need more. Others don’t get the aromatization at all (at least, that’s what many anecdotal reports say), and they probably need the bare minimum. 

Proviron Cycles 

You can run Proviron with pretty much anything. It works great with both orals and injectables, with hardcore bulking gear and soft polishing compounds. Dry or wet, for a blast or on a cruise – Proviron will boost it. We have 3 purposes, where Proviron shines best: 

  • For a synergetic boost of other Anabolic Steroids; 
  • For anti-catabolic purposes on cutting; 
  • On PCT. 

Here are the details for every purpose mentioned:  

Best Synergy Steroids For Proviron 

As you already know, the compound lowers the SHBG and boosts whatever Testosterone-based gear you run along with it. The most popular options are: 

These compounds let the synergetic effect of Proviron open up best. You can expect extra 10-20 Lbs ON TOP of your expected gains in one cycle. Here is how the protocol – say, for Testosterone Propionate – would look like: 

WeekProvironTestosterone PropionateNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-450mg ED400mg 
Weeks 5-6400mg
Weeks 7-8
Weeks 9-1020-40mg ED

Of course, you can adjust the dosage to your personal preferences, and prolong the cycle as well. Here is another example, with a longer Testosterone ester (Enanthate) and a classic oral kickstart, Dianabol: 

WeekDianabolTestosterone EnanthateProvironNolvadex
Weeks 1-450mg ED500mg EW50mg ED
Weeks 5-8500mg EW
Weeks 11-12
Weeks 13-1420-40mg ED

Note that you don’t need PCT after Proviron (obviously), but definitely need it after Testosterone. And no, I’ve never heard of athletes who used Proviron BOTH on cycle and during the PCT stage.

Proviron On PCT 

Back in the days, Proviron was believed to be a great post-cycle therapy option. The reasons are pretty evident since Proviron can give you: 

  • Increased sperm count; 
  • Increased levels of LH and FSH (aka Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Luteinizing Hormone); 
  • Somewhat lowered Estrogen. 

Nowadays, we have Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) and Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) – they get you all the post-cycle therapy effects and don’t mess up your cholesterol as Proviron does. If you still want to use Proviron the old school way, you can add it in a mild dose to the classic Nolva PCT: just run 20mg ED for 2 weeks, and add about 25-50mg of Proviron. This way, you can avoid the higher dose (40mg) of Nolva, and keep the PCT short (2 weeks instead of 4). 

Here is how the Proviron boosted PCT looks like after the typical «hard» cycle of Testosterone Propionate and the King of Steroids, Trenbolone: 

WeekTrenbolone EnanthateTestosterone PropionateProvironNolvadex
Weeks 1-8400mg EW300mg EOD
Weeks 9-10
Weeks 11-1225-50mg ED20mg ED

On a side note, I would add Aromasin or Arimidex to the cycle – AI’s are vital with hardcore gear, like Trenbolone. And no, again, you can’t just add Proviron instead. 

Proviron On Cutting 

Not the most popular purpose, but some athletes believe that dieting without Proviron is suicide for your physique. Muscle tissue is known to burn first, and if you want to get ready for the summer with some new fancy diet, you need extra support. Proviron can help you save your mass, stay hard, and maintain your lean look while losing weight. 

Proviron Side Effects 

Mesterolone was never marketed as a side effect free compound. While it helps you combat them on the estrogenic side, it can give you a bunch from other directions. Here they are -and how to counter them. 

Cholesterol on Proviron

One of the biggest dangers of Mesterolone and the reason behind all my extra-cautious stance on long cycles. Long story short, Proviron can increase your “bad” cholesterol, and decrease the “good” one. The “bad”, aka LDL (low-density) cholesterol, can cause a bunch of nasty things: 

  • Heart diseases; 
  • Heart failure; 
  • Clogged arteries. 

Depending on your lifestyle, heart health, and genetics, high LDL can be lethal – or barely notable. I would not play with the devil, though, and added regular bloodwork to your schedule. That’s the only way to learn about the possible danger before possibly chronic effects occur. 

How To Improve Cholesterol On Proviron Cycle 

It’s a lifestyle and dietary thing, so basically, you just need to follow simple, common-sense rules:

  • Avoid trans fats (fried food, margarine, and so on)
  • Eat more saturated fats (cheese of all kinds, red meat); 
  • Add green fruits and nuts to your diet; 
  • Eat more fish (the healthy one, like tuna or salmon); 
  • Eat more rough, whole grain stuff. 

There’s not much you can do about your cholesterol in terms of medication – most drugs are made for severe cases treatment. However, I would not underestimate the power of the diet changes above – they are sufficient for most athletes.

Prostate Issues 

Proviron can’t lead to any serious consequences (if you don’t run a 150mg dose for, like, a year), but can give you some discomfort. Some anecdotal reports note that it’s literally painful to pee on Proviron. The nasty effect is rare, and I would take it as a red flag if you get it. If your prostate can get hit with something as mild as Proviron, it needs your attention.

Other Side Effects 

Since Proviron is a DHT derivative and powerful on the androgenic side, it can be merciless on the side effects. It all depends on your body’s response to them: you can get all the benefits «for free» and don’t experience a single side, OR you will get a random mixture of the following: 

  • Acne; 
  • Hair strength decrease; 
  • Balding; 
  • Dry skin; 
  • Pain in your joints. 

It’s a game of chance, and there’s no way you can control the outcome. Most people win the game and report zero-to-none side effects on Proviron. Others suffer through all the androgenic nightmares.

Yes, it doesn’t sound good and mild. However, let me remind you what you escape on Proviron – not just from the compound itself, but from other gear as well: 

  • Gynecomastia; 
  • Water retention and bloating; 
  • Muscle cramps; 
  • Mood swings, anxiety, or easy irritability and aggression; 
  • Fat gains. 

In addition: Proviron is NOT 17-alpha-alkylated, even though it’s oral. You get zero liver damage. 

No one ever told you that Proviron is perfect – in that case, it would be approved for TRT. It wasn’t exactly because of the androgenic side effects and cholesterol issues. Still – as for me – it’s the lesser of two evils. The one that kind of plays by your side.

Personal Opinion On Proviron 

Depending on which world is closer to you, you can think of Proviron either as a video game companion character or that one loyal friend you take to the bar to help you get laid. It won’t do much by itself, but it will give you extra points to achieve your goals with other things. As for me, a loyal friend example is much closer to reality. It will hang around till the moment you will give him a sign to leave, it will nod to all your unrealistic lies if you need it, and it will help with any girl you will talk to this night. Video game companions are mostly dumb, and they rarely do anything but stumbling around and blocking narrow passages until you start to yell in a fury and smash the shit out of your keyboard. Proviron is definitely not dumb. Which gear you will improve with it is entirely up to you. Quite the same, as it works with the girls in a bar: you have plenty of them around – but only one loyal buddy for the wingman role. 


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