Winstrol – Oral Cycle Results, Gains and Side Effects


Winstrol (aka Stanozolol, or just Winny) is a powerful anabolic steroid. It is one of the most popular pre-contest «dry» compounds on the market. Winny, as it’s known in the locker rooms worldwide, exists both in oral and injectable form, for any taste and targets. Here is all you need to know to use it for the best possible gains — and see the Winstrol cycle results you deserve. 

What Is Winstrol

In case you care about medical details, it’s a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone – your natural Testosterone’s brother from another mother. Winstrol is also 5-alfa-reducted, so it’s immune to your body’s natural enzymes. 

Here is what it gives you practically: 

  • No aromatization (conversion to female sex hormone, estrogen); 
  • Better anabolic-androgenic ratio (it’s 320% as anabolic, as Testosterone itself, and just 30% as androgenic); 
  • Even faster protein synthesis. 

While DHT-based steroids have their downsides as well, I’ll cover the subject a bit later in the text.

Winstrol Benefits 

Here is why Winstrol is one of the most popular anabolic steroids ever.


In the development stage, Winstrol was meant to combat a thing called Hereditary angioedema. It’s a disease that gives you severe edemas (swelling, caused by water retention). The FDA approved Winny as a treatment because it was pretty effective in «drying out» said edemas. In a few years, athletes found out that they can benefit from the compound as well. This is what practical benefits it can give you: 

  • Overall leaner look; 
  • Better physique detailing;
  • Notable vascularity – popping out veins will turn your hands and quads into a roadmap; 
  • Striation – on enough low body fat, you will be able t see the «stripped» structure of your muscles. 

Winstrol shines best on a low fat level. You will get a more «toned» looks even if you’re a fatty, but don’t expect a ripped six-pack to pop out over your round belly.


Synergy – aka mutual boost – is probably the best effect of Winstrol. You take two compounds and get benefits of both of them – in a more extraordinary form that you could ever get from them solo. Winstrol is a perfect synergetic compound because it crashes on your SHBG in full power. SHBG is the thing that limits your Testosterone – both natural and the one you get from gear. 

When your SHBG is limited, all other compounds in a stack get a chance to act at maximum force and give you the extreme anabolic effect. It works great with practically all esters of synthetic Testosterone (Enanthate, Cypionate, Propionate, and so on), and all kinds of Testosterone-based gear. 

Muscle Gains 

Wonder why it’s so low on the list, given the 320% anabolic activity from Testosterone? Well, because bulking is NOT the specialization of Winstrol.

Don’t get me wrong, you WILL get a notable amount of muscle on, no doubt, but we have much more potent compounds on this, even among orals. For example, Dianabol will give you more in terms of pure muscle growth, but it will make you bloated along the way. Winstrol is more of a polishing compound – it will give you a little less gains, but will drain all the extra water away from your body. 

You CAN use it for bulking up, but it’s like using a butter knife to dig a hole in your garden. It works, but don’t you have a damn shovel for this?

We have just a few potent polishing compounds and a massive number of bulkers. Don’t waste a powerful «dry» cutting Winny on bulking – it’s not where it shines best. 

Winstrol — Why the Low Price

Winstrol is way cheaper than all other orals, including Dianabol and especially – Anavar. It does NOT mean that Winstrol is worse – it’s just easier to produce and more common. 

It’s better to cycle “expensive” Winstrol in the best possible quality and from a reliable source than waste the same amount of money on cheap, shit-grade (and probably fake) Anavar. Speaking of reliable sources, you can buy Winstrol in our store with shipping all across Canada. We guarantee the quality.

winstrol cycle and dosage

Oral Or Injectable Winstrol – Which Is Better? 

It’s a long-standing question that, for obvious reasons, remains open. Why obvious? Because we’re talking only about the administration way, the compound’s capabilities remain practically the same. Your personal preferences play a crucial role in the choice between oral and injectable forms. Here is an easy comparison table so that you can base your choice on some facts: 

Oral WinstrolInjectable Winstrol
ConvenienceEasy as all pillsNo
Liver damageNotable (due to 17-alfa-alkylation)Zero
Time To Kick In1-2 weeks1 week top
Half-life9-12 hours24 hours

There’s one more thing, but it’s so subjective that I didn’t even include it in the table: pain during the injection. 

Some athletes claim that Winstrol injections are the most painful among all AAS. It depends on your tolerance for pain in general, but no other steroid has so many complaints on this subject. That’s possibly another reason why most athletes stick to oral Winstrol. 

Winstrol Dosage 

Regardless of the administration way, your dosage stays practically the same. The healthy range is between 25 and 100mg per day. Here are the most typical doses and their use. 

Winstrol 25mg 

Beginner’s dose, or the one you will need on a hardcore cycle with other gear. It won’t cause any severe damage (even with prolonged use) and will be enough FOR MOST to feel all the benefits. Side effects will still be there to some degree. 

Winstrol 50mg 

Mostly the same as 25mg a day, but more powerful. QUite obvious, for sure, but FOR SOME athletes, there’s a vast difference between these two doses. In addition, 50mg is a solid dose for a solo cycle with a medium testosterone base. 

Winstrol 75-100mg 

More popular as an injectable dose (just because stuffing yourself with pills is not that convenient). I don’t recommend running anything over 50mg of Winstrol while you’re on a cycle of a more powerful stack. Use it alone with a mild base, or just make the cycle length as short as possible. You will also need supportive compounds at this point. 

Winstrol Cycle Length 

The most typical cycle is about 4-8 weeks long, depending on your target. At that time, you will get all the benefits you can and will practically reach a plateau of the positive effects. Side effects will continue to develop, though. Keep in mind that you NEED a testosterone base, and you will need a proper PCT afterward. 

You can prolong the cycle to 10 and even 12 weeks, but you have to lower the testosterone base in that case. 

Best Winstrol Cycles And Stacks

Speaking of your possible targets: Winstrol is a long-standing compound, so we know exactly when it shines best. It can play 3 main roles in your performance enhancement. Here they are: 

Winstrol Kickstart

Winny is one fast compound, and you will notice the effects in about a week or two into the cycle. That’s the exact time long-acting substances – say, Testosterone Enanthate – take to give you any notable changes. With Winstrol kickstart, you can start getting the benefits of your cycle beforehand. In that case, you will only need 4 weeks. Here is how the protocol would look like:

WeekWinstrolTestosterone EnanthateNolvadex PCT
11-1220mg ED

Easy as that, but note that you will need PCT after any Winstrol cycle – and especially after Testosterone in any ester, even though I’ve chosen such a mild dosage of it here. You can adjust the protocol to your personal needs and experience – it’s here just as an example. 

Winstrol Cycle Finish 

Nothing says «polished looks» like dry and highly detailed muscles. When you get extreme gains from other «wet» compounds with high water retention, you can basically melt everything you don’t need off by the end of the cycle. To get the ripped looks, include Winstrol in the last four weeks of your primary compounds cycle. Here is how it would look like – with, say, the same Testosterone Enanthate and Dianabol kickstart:

WeekDianablTestosterone EnanthateWinstrolNolvadex PCT
20-40mg ED

It’s a questionable stack, but you can vary all the compounds, doses, and lengths to your personal preference. My point here is perfectly simple – polishing your gains has a sense only in the last weeks of the cycle.

Winstrol Main Cycle – aka Winstrol Solo Cycle

Winstrol alone can give you excellent results, especially if you have a lean body naturally. In case you need n extra bulking and no fast results, you can go for almost a solo cycle: just Winstrol and the necessary base compound. The most popular one is Testosterone Cypionate in mild doses. With a low enough dose of Testosterone, you can prolong the cycle to 10-12 weeks. Just keep an eye on the side effects – the scheme will work best if you’re not prone to any of them naturally. Here is how it works: 

WeekWinstrolTestosterone CypionateNolvadex PCT
11-1220mg ED

Winstrol Cycle Results

Now — to the visual representation of what you can expect. Since Winstrol — with all other properties taken to account — still acts as a good beginner’s steroid, here’s a beginner’s results picture:

winstrol before and after cycle results example 1

A few things to highlight:

  1. We’re not saying that this guy was EXACTLY on Winstrol. Could be on it, could be natural, could be on Anavar. You can’t believe everything on the Internet nowadays;
  2. We’re not saying that YOU will look like this after a single Winstrol cycle. You can (and probably will) have more notable gains or less fat-burning effects.

This picture is here as an EXAMPLE, not to give you any crazy unrealistic expectations. This is why it’s a good example of a Winstrol cycle result:

  • Not THAT much gains — Winstrol is not a monster compound, and you won’t get insanely big on it;
  • Still, the mass growth is notable — especially in the shoulders and traps. Because Winstrol is still anabolic;
  • Finally, look at the weight loss. It clearly shows that this dud was on a cutting cycle, which goes perfectly with Winny.

That’s pretty much what a beginner can expect from Winstrol cycle results. Might be more, might be less, but don’t set the bar too high — disappointment is not what you need.

When To Take Winstrol 

Depending on the form, you have either 9-12 hours half-life (with pills) or 24 hours (with injections). Practically, you can take it once a day in 3-4 hours before the exercise, and it will work perfectly. 

In case you are extra worried about liver toxicity of oral Winstrol or suffer from the side effects – you can turn to a “milder” protocol. Say, 5-2 (5 days on, 2 days off). However, most athletes opt for the everyday scheme. 

Winstrol FAQ 

Winstrol has been around since the ’60s, and so are the same basic questions on forums or in the community. Here are the answers to the most popular ones.

Winstrol For Women 

Yes, if you’re a woman, you CAN take Winny and get all its benefits. Just follow these simple rules to avoid any consequences: 

  1. Run it in female dosage – 5-10mg ED, and don’t even think to exceed over that. 
  2. Run it in a short, 4-weeks long cycle; 
  3. Be ready to drop the compound ASAP if you notice any of the side effects. 

In addition to the side effects that manifest regardless of gender, these are the female-only side effects: 

  • Clitoris enlargement; 
  • Voice changes; 
  • Face structure changes; 
  • Breasts size decrease; 
  • Skin elasticity decrease; 
  • Overall masculinization. 

Virilization is a cruel mistress. It can make you look like Iggy Pop faster than cocaine addiction. Keep in mind that some of the effects are irreversible – you can fuck your whole life up with just one wrong cycle. However, there’s no need to panic – if you stay in reasonable frames and don’t try to cycle Winstrol in male dosage, you will most likely be okay. 

Winstrol Side Effects

I’ve mentioned them many times by now, and it’s time to give all the bitter details. Unfortunately, Winny is by no means a «side effects-free» compound. Quite the opposite – it has a ton of them. 

The good news is, we know how to counter them. While the general rule would be «do not overdose, or you’re fucked», some more targeted methods will be given to each bad guy. Here they are, one by one:

Dry Joints On Winstrol 

«Dry joints» is the most notorious side effect of Winstrol. The worst thing about it? We have no idea how it works. I believe that it somehow manifests through the synovial liquid, but we don’t have any strong medical data on the subject. 

In anecdotal reports, the pain is often described as “sand in the joints”, “crusty elbows”, and so on. It manifests primarily in your elbows, knees, fingers, and toes. Yes, it’s even worse than it sounds. If you are prone to it – welcome to Hell. However, NOT ALL athletes report it. Many even call it a hoax.

There is so much “dry joints” buzz around Winstrol that people start to believe it and trick their brains into feeling actual pain.

I can’t claim that thousands of athletes in the last 60 years lied or exaggerated the effect. However, I would recommend starting thinking about it only and only when you feel it – not beforehand. Take it as a hoax, and leave a room for some unpleasant surprises. They may not ever happen. 

How To Avoid Dry Joints With Winstrol 

Pray to Jesus, for that’s the only side effect you can’t escape completely. You can make it way less notable, though. First of all, apply some basic rules for combating joint pain: 

  • Maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet; 
  • Treat ’em right – no unnecessary pressure; 
  • Apply hot and cold therapy (it can do miracles). 

You can ask your grandma for better methods, or go for supplements and vitamins. The most popular ones are: 

  • Vitamin D; 
  • Omega-3; 
  • Calcium; 
  • Glucosamine (or Chondroitin) sulfate. 

Liver Damage 

This one works ONLY with oral Winstrol. It’s not even a Winstrol side effect – it’s the result of the 17-alfa-alkylation process. Without it, no oral steroids would be possible. 

The amount of damage here depends on you: If you abuse Winny, it will give you blood-filled cysts and jaundice. If you take it in moderation, you’ll be alright.

Here is how to avoid – or, at least, minimize – the damage your liver will take: 

  • Apply hepatoprotectors (I’d ask your doctor about them, or go for TUDCA – it’s the only more-or-less «universal» option); 
  • Keep your diet on point (no junk food, no fat, no sugar coma recipes); 
  • Keep track of your liver health and drop the cycle if you feel some real discomfort. It’s not natural, even in high doses. 

The ultimate option, of course, is to stick with injectable Winstrol. It causes zero damage to your liver. Luckily, your liver is one tough guy, and it will recover from any damage in about 2-3 weeks anyway. Your only target here is not to lose your mind, avoid abuse, and not let the problems turn chronic. 

Mental Side Effects 

Imagine the scale, where 0 is “I feel like total shit”, and 100 is “I want to rip the guts out of everyone I see”. With Winstrol, you can land anywhere in between.

The compound’s mechanism of action defines the uncertainty. Winstrol, as a DHT derivative, binds to the progesterone receptor. Progesterone majorly affects your central nervous system. Among possible mental side effects, you can get: 

  • Aggression; 
  • Easier irritability; 
  • Mood swings;
  • Feeling down, depression;
  • Reduced concentration;
  • Stamina decrease. 

…or literal nothing. Mental side effects never depend on the compound itself. Your personality plays a significant role here. If you’re more prone to sadness and depression beforehand, you’ll get a boost in this side. The same works with short temper and aggression. The only way to counter mental side effects is better self-control. 

Hair Loss

More of a faster shedding, not instant overnight balding. When you’re on cycle – avoid any «toxic» shampoos and hair conditioners. Your hair gets thinner because of the follicle health damage. Avoid anything that would hurt them even more. 

Crashed Lipids

The classic story:

  • LDL goes up; 
  • HDL goes down; 
  • You get a ton of «bad» cholesterol instead of the good one and get the whole bucket of cardiovascular side effects.

To avoid anything serious, keep your diet on point during the cycle, and pay extra attention to liver values. Some NAC would improve the situation as well. 

Sleep Issues

You don’t get real insomnia, but it gets notably harder to wake up. Don’t even dare to let the “just 5 more minutes” shit put you back to bed in the morning – a panicking wake up by lunch is guaranteed. 

Personal Opinion on Winstrol 

This time, the cliche “Nothing personal – just business” works the other way around. It’s ALL personal with Winny. You’re either an absolute fan or a pure hater, and your position gets clear in the very first cycle inevitably. You either enjoy the vascular roadmap in the mirror or feel the Devil trying to rape your knees and elbows with a rusty fishing spear. You either get closer to the physique of Rock in mass or baldness. You either get the concept, or 10 additional examples won’t help me express the thing. Anyway, Winstrol is worth giving it a try with a cold head, but only if you’re dry enough beforehand.