Winstrol Only Cycle — and Why it Does Not Work


Winstrol is one of the most popular anabolic steroids on the market. However, you can’t get massive on JUST Winstrol. You need to add at least a solid Testosterone base to it. Here’s all you need to know about your Winstrol only cycle to avoid it and never cry about your long-lost T levels.

First of all — some basics. Winstrol is a brand name for the anabolic steroid Stanozolol. It has been used in medicine for decades now, as well as in locker rooms worldwide. It’s a classic oral anabolic steroid. 

Winstrol comes in different forms such as tablets, injectable (though it’s absolutely NOT popular), or transdermal patches (which are harder to find than the meaning of life or the reason your calves don’t grow). The oral form is the most common now. 

How Winstrol Works

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, which means that it promotes tissue growth. Namely, muscle tissue. It does so by increasing nitrogen retention in the body, which leads to protein synthesis. In short — it commands your muscles to grow. 

You can learn more about principle of its action by reading articles and watching YouTube videos, or, you can just buy top-quality Apoxar Winstrol online in Canada and test it on you right away.

Winstrol Benefits

Basically, you can read the full Winstrol guide in our main article on Winstrol. Now — just a brief reminder, why do people even feel tempted to go for Winstrol only cycle: 

  1. Winstrol has an extremely low androgenic ratio (about 5 times lower than T), which roughly translates as “less side effects fuckery”; 
  2. It’s not prone to 5-alpha-reductase. This means that it’s safer for your hair and prostate; 
  3. It’s a DRY steroid — it won’t cause water retention, won’t bloat you, won’t make you feel and look like a God damn water balloon, as “wet” compounds would; 
  4. Winstrol does not aromatize (aka convert into estrogen), so you’re not going to get itchy nipples, aka the beginning of gynecomastia, or moobs, overnight; 
  5. Winstrol is RELATIVELY mild in comparison with other gear. It has specific side effects, it’s not a monster gear, like Superdrol, but it still gives you the gains — with rather low health risks (as long as you cycle it properly). 

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Winstrol Side Effects

Winstrol side effects aren’t severe, but they can be annoying. Aside from all the typical stuff, like increased BP that leads to hypertension, possible chest pain, nosebleeds, painful pumps, it has one more notable thing: joint pain. 

At first — you might be surprised because we have studies that praise Winstrol as an effective arthritis medication, a compound that can literally restore cartilage tissue. Like this one study on Winstrol medication here. The only issue with this Winstrol and arthritis study is that it was conducted on sheep.

We’re not trying to start a revolution here, nor do we try to “wake you up” to see the hidden truth, but chances are — you’re NOT a sheep, so some studies are not that relevant for you.

Winstrol, anecdotally, is harsh for your joints, your synovial liquid, and it feels like having a handful of sand in your kneecaps and fingers. Annoying, absolutely not a comfortable feeling. Luckily, it goes away as soon as you finish your Winstrol cycle. 

Winstrol-only Cycle Guide

Finally — to practice. One thing to note here: 

The Winstrol-only cycle you probably think about, with full dosage, is a myth. A dangerous, dumb misconception. 

The Winstrol-only cycle can last ONLY 4 WEEKS and you should keep your doses low all this time. Anything over it will be suppressive, with all the consequences: 

  • This means that you’ll lose all the gains you’ve made during your Winstrol-only cycle;  
  • The recovery time for this is quite long, to restore your natural function — get ready to wait for months of cruising on low T
  • Low Testosterone effects that include loss of libido, reduced anabolic response (less effects of your workouts), mood swings, temporary erectile dysfunction, depression, and all other shitty things. 

You’re literally ruining it all if you’re doing anything more than 4 weeks of Winstrol-only. 

Why Do You Need a Winstrol-Only Cycle? 

Honestly? We have no idea. There are just two reasons for doing a Winstrol-only cycle: 

  1. You’re really, really, REALLY afraid of needles, to the point that you faint when you see one, can’t sleep because of nightmares about pinning, and write “I Hate Needles” on every wall you pass by;
  2. You like completely pointless things and enjoy everything mediocre, prefer to opt for the worst possible available option and proudly keep a local masochistic club membership card in your wallet. 

These two are the ONLY explanations because you will NOT get any significant gains from your Winstrol-only cycle. Winstrol is popular exactly for being a MILD compound. It can give you gains ALONG with other gear, but it won’t give you a lot by itself.

The gains you can get from a low dosage Winstrol-only cycle are incomparably less notable than the gains you would get from a Testosterone-only cycle. 

It would be understandable if Winstrol was 100% safe for your body and you would trade potential gains for health safety, but it’s just not the case. Winstrol is 17-alpha-alkylated — which means that it’s harsh for your liver. It can do a lot of damage to your body’s natural filter and it will take time to restore its full functions. Luckily, your liver CAN regenerate and regain full control over its functions even after the worst stress, but it doesn’t make Winstrol safe. 

Alternatives to a Winstrol-only Cycle 

The best alternative would be the same Winstrol cycle — with Testosterone. OR just pay a bit less and switch to Anavar — it’s an even safer oral compound (safe enough for female athletes to take it). You still need testosterone with it though, especially if you expect some gains and go for a normal dosage, not trying to baby-dose it for safety reasons. 

You don’t need a lot of Testosterone — just enough to support the suppressed one. Anything over a classic TRT dose will do. It’s just a base, not your main compound, in this case, so you can keep your Testosterone dose as low as 200mg EW. 

1-610-30mg ED200mg EW
7-820mg ED

Simple as that. You can go for a more complicated cycle, maxing out Winstrol in the beginning and switching to just Test later. Like this: 

1-330-50mg ED200mg EW
4-8350-500mg EW
9/10-11/1220-40mg ED

You have multiple options for PCT here because we don’t know which Testosterone ester you will use, both long-acting Enanthate and short-acting Propionate are good for this cycle. You’ve got to let your body get free of the majority of the steroids in your blood t start the PCT. With Enanthate, it can take up to 10 days, with Prponate — just 3-5 days will do. 

Best Ancillaries for Winstrol Only Cycle 

If you still want to put all the stress in your liver — you have to apologize in advance and use all the available supportive compounds to help it survive the cycle with the least possible damage. You have multiple options for it: 

  • TUDCA; 
  • NAC; 
  • Milk thistle. 

Now — all of them in better detail: 


TUDCA (aka Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, try to pronounce it) is one extremely helpful compound. WHile it protects your liver from the 17-alpha-alkylated substances, it also has no side effects. It doesn’t cause nausea, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, or headaches. It doesn’t even make you burp often (yes, this is a problem with some other supportives). 


NAC (aka N-Acetylcysteine) is another option. It is a precursor to glutathione (GSH) and has been shown to prevent GSH depletion that occurs with oxidative stress you get from AAS. Without fancy words — it just minimizes the damage your liver has to withstand on Winstrol only cycle. 

Milk Thistle 

Milk thistle is a popular herb that offers liver support. While milk thistle is not as well-known as NAC, but it still can be useful (and you can take it with NAC at the same time). The substance contains silymarin and silibinin, vital flavonolignans that basically help your liver regenerate faster. 

Personal Opinion on Winstrol Only Cycle 

As one guy on Reddit said — “If I see one more idiot suggesting or asking about oral only cycles, I’m going to slit my throat.” We’re in the same boat with this dude. Winstrol, being a classic oral, just has no sense in a solo cycle. 

Even if you do it out of pure protest, with small doses — it won’t give you any gains but will give you liver damage and joint pain.

If you’re going to take full dosage — you’ll gain some muscle mass, but you’ll lose it all when the cycle will end, and you’ll lose your sex life as well. It just has no sense. Winstrol is an excellent compound, it just shines best with Testosterone. If you still wondering where to get those of great quality — say no more and buy Winstrol NovoPharm in our shop to check out what superior quality means.