Max the Benefits of Your Oxandrolone Cycle — The Perfect Case Scenario

Athlete with well defined muscles after oxandrolone cycle
Oxandrolone can do wonders to your physique

Oxandrolone — also known as Anavar — is one of the most popular orals on the anabolic steroids market. It won’t give you any notable gains, but it will give you something that no other gear will: the ripped look. And it’s available in all decent steroid shops in Canada, like the one we have right here

What is Oxandrolone

First of all — some basics. Initially, oxandrolone was developed for the treatment of medical issues:

  • For weakened HIV-infected patients; 
  • People with Turner syndrome; 
  • Anemia;
  • For recovery from burns;
  • For strengthening bones, and so on.

Pretty soon, however, it began its way in bodybuilding. 

Even though it’s popular among athletes, Anavar is NOT what you need for muscle growth. The Anavar cycle is recommended for people who have sufficient mass and a moderate lean physique, to give the muscles a more detailed look and reduce subcutaneous fat. 

Oxandrolone Effects

In short, it’s a fine grain polishing for your looks. While it’s God damn cold outside, let’s daydream a little about the summer: here’s a situation in which Anavar will shine best. 

It’s late in May, and you know that by June-July you’ll go to the beach pretty often. Parties, just sunbathing, whatever it is that you enjoy — and where you want to showcase your body. 

You worked hard in the gym all winter, you HAVE gains to show, but there’s a little problem: they’re all covered by a thin layer of fat. 

By the crazy amount of sweat under the biceps curls machine you KNOW that your hands are now well-detailed and look actually damn good, but you can’t see it. 

To get those gains you cycled powerful, yet bloating compounds, like Deca or Testosterone itself. 

This is where Anavar kicks in: you start taking it, start a mild, MILD cruise on Testosterone alongside, and reduce your calorie intake. You drink ungodly amounts of water and reduce sodium to lower the water retention. 

In the beginning of June — you introduce Anavar to your cycle. It gives you the effects: 

  • Decreases subcutaneous (aka the hardest to get rid of) fat; 
  • Boosts your strength gains; 
  • Visually «dries» your look and polishes the hard-earned gains. 

In 6 weeks or so you’ll have what you need: a lean, beach-ready, detailed and shredded body. And most importantly — zero to no side effects or consequences, thanks to the overall mild nature of Anavar. 

Replace beach with a competition, and you get the idea:

Anavar works best when you HAVE gains but need to highlight them. 

Is Oxandrolone Good for Weight Loss?

Despite popular opinion, Oxandrolone is NOT a cutting steroid. 

There’s a big difference between pure cutting and polishing. On cutting, you want to get rid of BIG amounts of fat. Cutting requires a strict diet, calorie intake decrease, hardcore cardio. You can significantly reduce the amount of body fat you have on cutting. 

With Anavar — we’re talking about polishing. It’s NOT directly a weight loss compound. It’s too precise as a tool for it. 

Anavar destroys the fat that otherwise would be extremely hard to get rid of: subcutaneous fat. It acts in two ways to achieve the «drying» results: 

  • Enhances hepatic ketogenesis. Here’s an Oxandrolone study from 2008 (relatively small one with just 18 participants, but still relevant) that shows how effectively Oxandrolone can act even on a short cycle. 
  • Directly interfering in one’s metabolic processes. Here’s another study on Oxandrolone and weight loss, from 2004, that shows fat-abolishing effects in older men. 

Now, all these guys from the studies were NOT athletes — imagine the possibilities with regular hardcore workouts. 

Oxandrolone — The Side Effects

Unfortunately, even polishing doesn’t come for free. While knowing that Anavar is probably the safest anabolic steroid on the market, you STILL should be aware of the side effects. None of them manifest n los dosage (that’s why women take Anavar as well), none of them are dangerous for your life (of course, if you don’t abuse the substance), but they can come — and you should be ready: 

  • Elevated blood pressure. Not to the point of fainting and nosebleeds, but some red face and hot flashes are definitely possible; 
  • Liver damage — because Oxandrolone is 17-alpha-alkylated, and it’s a harmful thing for your liver. Luckily, in small to medium doses, your liver will regenerate pretty easily, and high doses of Anavar just don’t make any sense (they won’t give you any extra benefits); 
  • Testosterone suppression. Anavar is just MILDLY suppressive, but still suppressive. You still need PCT aka post-cycle therapy after it), you still need SMALL Testosterone base with it, and you still need to stay cautious and d your blood works (especially E2, aka Estradiol). 

To continue your research on Anavar — you can check our full-scale compound review on Oxandrolone, it has more links to relevant studies and will definitely help you get the full picture.

The Conclusion

Oxandrolone might be a bit expensive, but it’s totally worth it, if you understand how it works and what it does. It’s not a cutting gear, but it’s good: you can always lose weight on other compounds, like Clenbuterol, or just by dieting. For polishing — Oxandrolone is one of the few (if not the only) relatively harmless option.