Apoxar Reviews — Support Compounds Edition

Apoxar Reviews — Support Compounds Edition
Apoxar Reviews — Support Compounds Edition

We all know that steroids are great, but they are nothing without proper diet, hard work and supportive compounds. Additional drugs help to fight side effects to gain only muscles without problems. 

Apoxar has never been in the scam detectors list. They pay extra attention to each batch of their drugs whether it’s steroids or additional compounds. Here’s a guide for their sup compounds along with reviews of professional bodybuilders.


Nolvadex or Tamoxifen is a form of estrogen receptor modulator used primarily in the treatment of breast cancer and to help improve symptoms for postmenopausal women. In bodybuilding it is used as an anti-estrogen agent to counter AAS’ side effects during post cycle therapy. 

“I use both Clomid and Nolvadex for my PCT. Don’t recommend using them ON the cycle, they are great afterwards. Never had any issues with this supplier, quality of products etc.”

— hightower_01

Apoxar sells only lab tested drugs, so their Nolva will definitely successfully complete your steroids cycle and help you to avoid long-term negative consequences. You can buy Nolvadex here if you are in Canada to restore your health ASAP.


Clomid is a synthetic anti-estrogen drug that was primarily used to treat ovulation disorders and infertility in women. The other name is clomiphene citrate and it is widely used in sports to treat hormone issues after steroids’ cycles.

“I agree that Clomid is the weakest PCT option. If you have blasting high doses of Test, its esters or other powerful steroids, I’m sure it won’t do much ALONE. It is better to use it along with Nolva or to use it when you are new to steroids. So far I’m pleased with its action but can’t say that I use it often”

— honktonk

Clomid Apoxar is 3rd party lab-tested and has an independent authenticity proof. Despite the fact that it is one of the mildest compounds for PCT it still gets the job done. Buy Clomid and save your natural testosterone levels as well as your health. 


Femara belongs to a group of medicines called aromatase inhibitors. The other name is Letrozole and it is one of the most hardcore options on the market. If you are on the AAS cycle or just planning to have one, we recommend buying Femara in advance. 

“When I was young and stupid I tried my first cycle. I didn’t really thought it through. That’s why I almost ruined my results as well as my libido. Luckily there were guys who explained what to do and advised me to use Femara cause in my case it was the only option. And it really saved me!”

— Acooler54

Letrozole can be a lifesaver especially during hardcore steroids cycles. Still it is recommended to see a doctor before and after AAS cycles as well as to check your hormones. 


Aromasin is a potent third-generation aromatase inhibitor. It is primarily used in breast cancer, as well as other less prevalent indications such as hereditary angioedema and gynecomastia. Aromasin was developed to have lower estrogen activity to avoid an increase in uterine endometrial cancer rates seen with other aromatase inhibitors. And that’s why it became so popular in the men’s world to counter estrogen derived side effects.

“I can’t say that Aromasin is my only option. I like to experiment, that’s why I tried a lot of variants. When you take Aromasin you should pay attention to your cholesterol levels, in other cases it is a great option that really helped me to save my gains and made my body leaner.”

— wakesimba_87

You can easily buy Aromasin for about 70$ and receive premium pharm grade quality guaranteed by Apoxar and 3rd party lab check. 


Arimidex is used in conjunction with other medications and before exercise to eliminate the possibility of feminizing effects on athletes. It is also used as an aromatase inhibitor, when taken orally locally or systemically, to reduce estrogen levels and increase testosterone levels.

“Tried Arimidex during my last cycle. 1 tablet daily did a really great job for me. It is for a reason Arimidex is well-known trusted compound, definitely recommend”


When buying steroids, think ahead and buy Arimidex Apoxar in a 50 tabs package. We are sure that it will come in handy.


Cialis has been shown to decrease muscle pain during exercise by regulating muscle blood flow and reducing the production of certain chemicals in your body that cause pain and discomfort. These effects have been confirmed by several studies conducted on the topic. 

“Decided to try just to increase my emotions and improve sexual drive after steroisds cycle.. The drug costs a penny, why not try it? I took a pill and waited for the effect. After 3-4 hours I noticed movement in the right direction. I’m not the only one who was pleased with it.”

What is more, other study results have confirmed that Cialis helps increase testosterone levels, which assists in improving athletic performance as well as general stamina levels. It is a great idea to buy Cialis and try it out no matter what your problem is.


Accutane is a prescription drug that contains the active ingredient Isotretinoin. The drug helps to treat severe acne in those who are unresponsive to other treatments. In sports it is widely used by those who use steroids since estrogen derived steroids’ side effects are always accompanied by acne. 

“I have been taking accutane for only the 2nd month, but I already have a very cool result, I am delighted! The skin has become smooth, beautiful, inflammation has practically ceased to appear – this is happiness! Haven’t experienced any side effects yet. Finally I can show off my results and flex my muscles on the beach”

— BobbyY1988

Accutane was originally approved by the FDA in 1982 and has been prescribed for more than 30 years. It’s typically taken as a pill once a day, with or without food, for 15-20 weeks to clear up acne completely. You can buy Accutane in Canada and forget about acne for a lifetime.


Sildenafil is a medication with powerful properties for treating erectile dysfunction. It works by facilitating the production of cGMP, which is necessary for maintaining an erection in men. This drug was originally used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and it later became widely used by men with erectile dysfunction after some studies demonstrated its effectiveness in this particular case. In sports it can be used after the steroids cycle if an athlete has some libido problems.

“Viagra works perfectly. You take it an hour before the workout and enjoy sweet pumps.”

— banana_slam

Currently, sildenafil is available as a generic medication that can be purchased without prescription or over-the-counter at many pharmacies and retail stores worldwide. You can buy Viagra here in Canada and experience completely new emotions.

Final thoughts

Supportive compounds are crucial for any steroid cycle. There is a great variety of them for use on the cycle, after it or to fight particular side effects. Apoxar compounds are known as the purest on the market and 3rd party lab tests guarantee it.