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Testosterone Enanthate – Cycles, Side Effects and Gains

Nothing says Anabolic like Testosterone. In any ester form, it can transform your whole workout experience. With Enanthate ester, the longest one available, you can achieve it by just a couple of injections a week. How to use testosterone Enanthate right to get all the benefits and avoid any possible consequences - read in this guide.

Testosterone Enanthate is one of the most popular anabolic steroids, one of the oldest – and well-researched – esters on the market. It gained popularity back in the 1950s and used today by athletes worldwide for extreme muscle and strength gains. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. to understand, how the substance works:

Testosterone is what makes you a man. The primary male sex hormone, naturally produced in testicles. It causes you to have facial hair, deep voice, and muscle dominance. Simple as that.

Enanthate – is an ester of testosterone. In other words, the modification of it. It’s the same substance that your body produces, but some atoms were added to the molecule.

Originally, testosterone «lives» in your body for about 4-8 hours. That’s not enough to give you extra results at the gym. Enanthate ester exceeds this period to a week.

There are various other esters, such as propionate or cypionate. The difference between them is just in one carbon, and the effect is pretty similar. The main difference is the half-life, which defines injection frequency. Enanthate is one of the most popular esters exactly because of its long half-life, compared to cypionate and propionate. And here is what it can give you:


Muscle Mass Growth

Testosterone enhances protein synthesis, and with intensive workout it all goes for building muscle tissue. Enanthate form, suspended in oil, releases testosterone slowly, which allows you to get as big and massive as you want.

How much EXACTLY you will gain depends on many factors, such as your diet, performance, basic stats, metabolism, experience with gear, etc. There is no way I can tell you the exact numbers, because everything is strongly individual.

We have tons of anecdotal reports, but in this major study, you can find a reliable example of the results. It was concentrated exactly on the controlled use of pharma-grade Testosterone among young athletes. Their results are significant: 125mg resulted in additional 7,5 lbs of fat-free mass in 20 weeks, 300mg – in 11,4 lbs, 600mg – in 17 lbs. That’s just approximate numbers, but it gives you a sense of what to expect. Medical study – even though it’s almost 20 years old – is still better than advice from a random guy in your locker room or Reddit posts.

To take your physique to a whole new level, combine Testosterone injections with a proper diet, intensive regular workouts and a good sleeping schedule.

Strength Growth

Testosterone lets you get over your natural top and lift even more. There are 3 main aspects, in which Testosterone will affect to your body:

  • It triggers muscular hypertrophy. You get more muscle – your weights go up.
  • It boosts neuromuscular connection. Stimulates your central nervous system to give more powerful impulses, using all the potential of your core muscles.
  • It causes water retention that is vital for glycogen in your muscle tissue. The substance that fuels muscle endurance. More water results in better weight gains.

Pay extra attention to your joints on the test cycle. at some point, your muscles will be able to lift more than your connective tissue can stand.


Highly visible veins, especially on arms, quads, and deltas. The effect is caused by enhanced blood work and boosted red blood cell production, but since testosterone enanthate also causes water retention, don’t expect your veins to appear on week 1 or 2. Typically if you’re on a cutting cycle it happens around week 4 or 5.


Rock-hard muscles that explode in the gym. This effect is caused by enhanced hemoglobin production and boosted red blood cells. By the end of the course you’ll probably get a notable pump effect in your calves after walking on the stairs.

Other Testosterone Enanthate Benefits

Some effects are, to say the least, not exactly what you expect from a steroid cycle. It’s getting bigger and stronger what you think about, physique and aesthetics, not peace of mind. But testosterone enanthate in reasonable amount is beneficial to your mental condition and your general health as well. Here are some positive side effects that many athletes notice as a pleasant addition to performance gains:

  • Improved sleep
  • Better concentration
  • Confidence boost
  • Improved sexual life, libido gains
  • Relaxed state of mind.

Where to Buy testosterone Enanthate?

Given that it’s an extremely popular ester, you can buy it pretty much everywhere. However, finding a trustworthy source might be a bit harder than it seems. To avoid wasting time — feel free to buy Apoxar Testosterone Enanthate in our shop. It’s a lab-tested, pharm-grade quality compound, with simple delivery in Canada.

How To Take

Testosterone enanthate (just like all other testosterone esters on the market) is injectable. You need to put it directly into muscle tissue. Here’s a small guide on how to make that procedure simple and safe.

For more detailed instructions look up any official medical source on intramuscular injections, as in this guide from the University of Michigan.

One of many reasons behind Testosterone enanthate’s popularity is long half-life that lets you inject it just once a week. That might be crucial for those who feel uncomfortable with injections, but it results in a more notable hormonal swing. For a smoother cycle it’s recommended to cut the dose in half and inject it every 3-4 days. This way it’s contributes to more stable blood work and helps you to avoid hormonal spikes.

Testosterone Enanthate Doses 

Dosage of testosterone enanthate varies to a great degree and depends on your experience with gear, goals and basic health stats.

  • 100-150mg – it’s a TRT dose, testosterone replacement therapy. Great overall improvements, but you can definitely add more to your cycle on a limited amount of time;
  • 200-250 – typical beginners dose, or the one that you add in a stack to maintain testosterone levels;
  • 300-400 – a sweet spot for those, who don’ want to risk getting the whole spectrum of side effects and still want significant gains. Or for “heavy aromatizers”;
  • 500-600mg – the most common dose among experienced athletes. Full-scale side effects that you have to counter, but fantastic gains in exchange.
  • 750mg – a bit over the top, but still a common dose for experienced athletes.

Gym maniacs exaggerate their weekly dose up to 1500mg, but everything over 1000mg is unhealthy, it would probably give you more general discomfort than satisfaction from gains and results.

Aside from main side effects, high doses trigger constant sweating, oily skin, aggressive behavior, constant nervousness, and painful erections, even at night.

Some «athletes» brag on the Internet about cycling testosterone enanthate in enormous doses of 5000mg, but that’s just plain stupid. It would cause your body to produce so much estrogen, you’d immediately shut down, grow a size 5 moobs, a clitoris on your forehead, and would go to Gucci bags sale instead of the gym.

The best way to find your comfortable dose is to start experimenting from low to high and enhance it moderately.

Testosterone Enanthate Doses For Women

Nope. Jost nope. There’s no such thing as testosterone injections for women. If you’re a woman, just stay away from testosterone. It can cause:

  • Facial structure changes;
  • Fat gains;
  • Clitoris hypertrophy;
  • The endocrine system disbalance;
  • Trashed menstrual cycle.

Medical studies like this one or another full-scale survey here, suggest that women are likely to go full psycho on anabolic steroids or develop a deep manly voice. Some women go for it, but there’s simply no way back.

If you’re still sure you need steroids, stick to less harmful and more popular female options:

  • Anavar for a lean body;
  • Clenbuterol for cutting;
  • at least Primobolan, which is way less androgenic than other options.

Remember to take adjusted doses (to a significantly less amount, in comparison to the male cycle).

How To Use Testosterone E

Now, back to male athletes. The first thing you need to know about testosterone is that it should be included in almost every steroid cycle. So it will be a good thing to buy Testosterone Enanthate by NovoPharm and always have a few ampules on your shelf. I hope it is not a surprise for you that anabolic steroids suppress your natural testosterone. Your body doesn’t produce enough of it for you to simply live a normal life, not to mention muscle mass growth. Suppressed testosterone without external support means serious health issues and absolutely zero results at the gym.

Testosterone Enanthate Solo or in a Stack

All options are on the table. You definitely can run testosterone enanthate solo, it’s a common first cycle for beginners (in moderate doses of 250-400mg per week). You definitely can run it in a test-based cycle as well.

Testosterone enanthate has a synergetic effect, meaning that it boosts other compounds.

At the same time, it prevents you from shutting down, keeps overall testosterone levels in your body above the normal point.

Testosterone Enanthate for Cutting or Bulking

Since testosterone enanthate is a modification of your natural hormone, it’s totally flexible. Basic anabolic effects let you run testosterone both for cutting and for growing muscle mass. Your dosage stays basically the same and your target is adjusted by diet, calorie intake, and training intensity.

Though it’s important to remember that testosterone enanthate causes water retention and on the first 3-4 weeks of cutting you will hardly notice any results. It will appear later, along with enhanced performance and fat-free dry muscle mass.

testosterone enanthate cycle

Testosterone Enanthate Cycles

You can stack testosterone enanthate with pretty much anything, but depending on your experience with other compounds doses and duration of the cycle may vary. Here are examples of common test-based cycles that you can adjust for best results.

Beginner solo Testosterone cycle

Testosterone EnanthateNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-8250-400mg EW (in 2 administrations)
Weeks 9-1020-40mg ED

Testosterone + Deca Durabolin cycle

Testosterone EnanthateDeca DurabolinArimidexNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-8400-500mg EW200-250mg EW0,5mg 2x a week
Weeks 9-10400-500mg EW0,5mg 2x a week
Weeks 11-12
Weeks 13-16
20-40mg ED

Bulking Testosterone cycle with Dianabol kickstart

Testosterone EnanthateDianabolNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-4500mg EW30-40mg ED
Weeks 5-12500mg EW
Weeks 13-14
Weeks 15-1820-40mg ED

There could be way more cycles, but there’s no need to write every single one down. I can as well write a hundred instructions, like “How to eat spaghetti bolognese”, “How to eat spaghetti carbonara”, “How to eat spaghetti aglio e olio”, and so on. What’s the point, if just one “How to eat a damn pasta with sauce” instruction will do? With other, complicated compounds, Testosterone will be just a base – neither the dosage nor the protocol will change much. You don’t need a guide for every single possible steroid stack. You just need to follow the basic rules:

  1. Adjust the dosage. Never take 2 in the maximum possible amount;
  2. The more powerful compounds you cycle – the longer and harder PCT you need;
  3. The longer your cycle is – the more potent Aromatase Inhibitors you need.
  4. Testosterone works as a great base compound for any cycle when your primary gear is suppressive;
  5. Cutting or bulking, the key is not even in the dosage and “dryness” of the compounds in your stack – the key is in your calorie intake.

Testosterone Enanthate Cycle Results

Here’s a thing: it’s absolutely impossible to predict your personal gains on Testosterone Enanthate. Two reasons for it are:

  1. Testosterone Enanthate cycle results are flexible and adjustable. Use it for cutting, for bulking, for body recomposition, as a base or as a TRT compound — the visual result will always look slightly (or not so slightly) different;
  2. Your personal response to Testosterone, aromatization capabilities, body stats, and experience with gear play a big role in forming the final physique. Two athletes with the same dosage but different genetics will look completely different by the end of the cycle.

To give you an inspiring picture to keep in your head and an EXAMPLE of what Testosterone Enanthate cycle results may look like — check out this guy:

testosterone enanthate before and after example

Thanks to a sneak pic — you can see the “after” result blurry, but with no extra flex or posing. Note that it specifies 10 months between the pics — it’s not a result of a single 8-week cycle. It’s about 40 weeks of hard work here. We’re not sure that the guy was exactly on Test E and not anything else, but this picture is a great illustration of a Testosterone Enanthate cycle result. Here’s why:

  1. Bloating — something you can’t see in the majority of Testosterone before and after pictures on the Web. Most of them give you a clean, sexy, “selling” picture. This is, however, what a full-scale Test E cycle would look like in terms of face puffiness and water retention;
  2. A lot, A LOT of mass gains. This kind of result can’t be achieved without a hardcore surplus diet and regular high-intensity workouts. And, of course, anabolic steroids, if you want it to happen faster.

We also should note that the guy is fairly young, so his body — due to naturally peaking Testosterone levels and high GH — is capable of such a transformation in a relatively short term, while guys over 40 can only dream about anything like this. Still, this is a good Testosterone Enanthate cycle results picture.

PCT After Testosterone Enanthate

Post-course therapy is necessary after your testosterone cycle if you want to keep your gains and get back to normal after obvious suppression. The two most popular compounds for PCT are Nolvadex and Clomid. Take 20-40mg daily, depending on cycle length. Start PCT in 10 days after your last testosterone injection, when your organism gets clean, and in 3-4 weeks your own natural testosterone production will be back to stay. In addition, here you can get our full instruction for the PCT cycle and substances.

Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects – And How To Counter Them

Testosterone enanthate is highly androgenic and causes aromatization. It means that your testosterone at some point will convert to estrogen – female sex hormone. Common side effect include:

  • Gynecomastia (from itchy nipples to moobs)
  • Balding
  • Voice changes
  • Prostate issues
  • Shrinking testicles

Sounds bad, right? Why is it still so common then, and why do you rarely see experienced athletes with bad cases of gino or acne? Because all those side effects are dose-dependant. The bigger your dose is – the more is the risk of getting bald. Don’t exceed over a reasonable amount per week, and you’ll be pretty safe.

To counter estrogen you can take aromatase inhibitors. These drugs created exactly to counter estrogen-related side effects. You can’t stop production of estrogen in your body (since you need it in a small amount to function normally), but with Aromasin, Arimidex or Letrozole you can block your androgen receptors. It still will float around in your body, but will not work and will cause no harm. Here you can read our guide on proper AI use in your cycle.

Unfortunately, aromatization is not the only side effect of testosterone. Here is a list of other well-known sides and some ways you can counter them.

Water Retention

Higher testosterone doses mean more water retention, more blow, and, in simple words – a bloated look. How to fight it?

  • Avoid sodium;
  • Avoid trans fats;
  • Add more potassium to your daily ratio;
  • Adjust your diet to minimize pre-packed, grilled food, snacks, chips;
  • Add more fruits (especially kiwis and bananas) and vegetables.

You can’t completely avoid water for obvious reasons, but you can limit its concentration in your organism.


More testosterone means worse suppression of your «good» cholesterol, HDL. The solution is partly in your diet (eat more olive or coconut oil, fish and vegetables regularly), and partly – in combating «bad» cholesterol, LDL. Various options for that, such as Lopid or Zocor, are available. However, the right diet would be enough since testosterone enanthate is not one of those steroids that trashes your lipids completely.


Yes, you inject testosterone in your muscle tissue precisely to avoid interaction with the liver, but in a less harmful way, it’s still here – on the way out. Some mild hepatoprotectors would ensure your liver’s safety.

Cardiac Issues

Testosterone makes your body produce more hemoglobin and more red blood cells, and your heart wasn’t ready for that extra work. Pay more attention and check your blood pressure more frequently. Drop the course immediately if you get uncomfortable with it. Almost all athletes note higher blood pressure while on testosterone, but rarely it evolves to real chronic problems.


Usually developed by people who are prone to it beforehand. If general hygiene, like more frequent showers, doesn’t work, use one of many available drugs for combating acne, such as Accutane, during the cycle.

Testosterone Enanthate No-Go’s

You probably want to go to the gym after your first injection, not to the hospital. Here is a list of things that would certainly destroy your plans:

Obviously, you should not drink alcohol and don’t take drugs while you’re on testosterone cycle.

Avoid testosterone enanthate (and other esters), if you are currently on:

  • Insulin
  • Diabetes medicine
  • Blood thinners (Warfarin, Coumadin, etc)

Avoid testosterone enanthate (and other esters), if you have:

  • Any form of cancer
  • Any prostate-related issues
  • Any heart-related issues
  • Hypercalcemia
  • Liver diseases
  • Diabetes

If you’re unsure about the safety of testosterone interaction with your prescribed medicine or have a chronic disease that wasn’t mentioned above – you better google it or look it up in the instruction.

Personal Opinion on Testosterone Enanthate

A rare example of gear that needs no special introduction. Testosterone is everywhere in fitness culture. Injectable esters are the most common form of it, and Enanthate – is the most popular ester there is. The tool is so basic due to natural origin, flexible and capable of so many roles, that at some point you will have to face it – there will be no better option for your needs. For me, Testosterone has always been the essence of what it is like to go on gear. You know that it is demanding, especially in terms of planning and discipline, and you know what is at stake. You’ve got to have big mental balls to risk your real ones on route to perfection. At the end of the day, if you have enough control and awareness not to fuck up in the process, it’s totally worth it.

ROIDS101 M.D.https://roids101.com
My little mission is to give all the information you need about underground bodybuilding in a well-balanced mixture of scientific approach and practicality.

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