3 Best Quick Bulking Steroids For an “Unexpected Photoshoot”

best quick bulking steroids
3 Best quick bulking steroids you can find on the market today

We’re not perfect, and not all of us are really good at planning. With all the hassle of modern life, it’s easy to forget to bulk up for a photoshoot and remember that you have to be ripped and shredded in just, like, a day or two before getting in front of the camera. 

The good news is — quick bulking steroids are just MADE for situations like that. Dianabol, Anadrol, or Superdrol can save the day, but it’s way more complicated than that. 

Is Getting Massive in a Day Possible? 

Ok, realistically speaking — there’s no way to bulk up significantly in 24 hours. We hope you understand it and don’t expect miracles. 

Bodybuilding PROs dedicate years and decades of sweating in the gym on a daily basis to look the way they look. We guess Ronnie Coleman or Arnold wouldn’t waste that much time on workouts if there was a way to gain the same mass in a day or two. 

How Fast Are Anabolic Steroids? 

There are 2 ways to talk about REAL effects of quick bulking steroids:

  • How fast do they kick in?
  • And how fast can you expect the results to get visible? 

It’s important to understand the difference between the two. There are NO steroids with immediate effects, but it doesn’t mean a thing for your final results. 

How Fast Steroids Start Acting

With the first part, the answer is truly simple: IMMEDIATELY. Ok, it’s even slightly longer with oral compounds, because they have to travel through your digestive system. However, we’re talking seconds, maybe a few minutes in the worst case. 

Anabolic steroids start to work right after the administration, when they get to your blood. 

How Fast Can You Expect the Effects

Now, this is a more difficult part. With the majority of quick bulking steroids, the answer is — 1-2 weeks. It’s not a general rule of thumb in any way and it depends on what do you mean by “effects”: 

  • Visual changes, such as increase in muscle mass, will most likely occur by week 2;
  • Endurance and pumping, everything related to elevated blood pressure and increased red blood cell count, may get notable in an hour or a few hours;
  • Performance effects, like a strength boost, would be hard to miss by the end of week one in the majority of cases. 

By the way, ironically enough, the worst SIDE effects, including the mental ones, can occur right on the day of the first injection or pill of your quick bulking steroids. 

Unfortunately, the majority of athletes — especially the beginners — understand the “effects” as extreme visual changes they can easily spot in the mirror. Popping out tiny muscles, increased vascularity, lean mass growth, getting bigger, and so on. 

In order to achieve these effects, you should give steroids at least 2 weeks to start the process: bind to androgen receptors in your muscle cells, use protein to build muscle tissue, basically repurpose a large part of your hormonal system and let the increased numbers of modified sex hormones do their job. Little by little, the results WILL appear — it just never happens in a day. 

Quick Bulking vs Slow Bulking

It’s another important thing you should understand in order to get the best out of quick bulking steroids. Everything’s relative, and both “fast” and “slow” in this question are no exception. 

  • FAST bulking is: 1-2 weeks to notice the first positive visual changes;
  • SLOW bulking is: 1-2 MONTHS to see the difference, or from 4 weeks and more. 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy aka TRT can make you massive (and healther) as well, but it will take over 2 months for you to notice the changes. Human Growth Hormone aka HGH cycle should last A YEAR if you want to get the effects that won’t disappear. In comparison with these two — anything under 2 weeks is fast. 

By the way, we didn’t even mention working out naturally. in this case, the result — and how fast you will see it in your physique — will depend 100% on your genetics. Even if we take 2 guys and put them on similar programs, with a similar training schedule, number of sets, the weights, and so on — one of them will achieve the results faster than the other. And both will — most likely — take over 2-3 months. It’s just how it works. Quick bulking steroids are notably faster than that. 

Best Fast-Acting Anabolic Steroids Available Today

It’s all, of course, individual, but we have a little top of compounds that are equally close to being the fastest anabolic steroids on today’s market: 

  • Dianabol;
  • Anadrol;
  • Superdrol. 

Note that this is not a Number One, Number Two, and Number Three: it’s just top-3, with no apparent leading compound. It’s just impossible to name one because these are different substances structure-wis and they obviously work differently for different people. If you ever see anyone seriously claiming that Dbol is definitely better than A-bombs FOR EVERYONE — that’s 100% marketing and not a real bodybuilding advice. 

With all that said, Now — let’s take a look at each of them in better detail. 


Your time-tested and reliable quick bulker, the oldest trick in the book. Methandienone has been around for half a century. It’s a child of the Cold War, first imagined and created by the legend of the bodybuilding world, Montana Jack. 

Dianabol is mostly popular among pro athletes as a tool that jumpstarts your cycle with more time-demanding compounds, so when you finish the first few weeks after the first administration — you already feel all the effects, and other bulking steroids just boost it. It doesn’t mean that it’s not good by itself. You just can’t take it alone, since oral anabolic steroids require at least a moderate Testosterone base to avoid the complete shutdown. 

There’s no hard data on it, but anecdotally, you can expect the first results in the first 2 weeks of the cycle. 

Dbol, as it’s mostly called in the locker rooms, is an oral compound, so you just take it as a regular pill. The perfect dosage for a quick bulk would be between 20 and 70 mg. Of course, if you’re a beginner, we recommend starting as low as you can, and gradually raising the dosage, week by week. 


Dbol’s main rival, Anadrol is almost identical to it in terms of timing and visual effects. You can expect: 

  • Rapid muscle growth;
  • Endurance boost;
  • Strength improvement.

It’s a never-ending derby, because both Anadrol and Dbol are perfectly good for quick bulking, both are great kickstarters, and both are oral. Ana drop might have a slight bigger fan base when it comes to specific tasks, like breaking through a plateau, but Dbol is more popular in general. Maybe because it’s older, maybe because it’s the creation of Montana Jack (whose real name, by the way, was John Ziegler), or maybe just because it’s a bit cheaper and easier to get. 

Anyway, the dosage is basically the same as it is with Dianabol — 20-60mg, the administration is identical (orally, in pills), and the final choice depends solely on your body’s individual response to both compounds. You’ll get your quick bulk with both of them, just choose the one you like more. 


Now that’s a whole different story. Sdrol is one of the most powerful monster compounds on the market. It’s not as old as Anadrol or Dianabol: even though the  first experiments started in the 1950s, the formula remained largely unnoticed until the year 2007. That’s when Superdrol entered the market, first as a dietary supplement (a crazy misconception), and then — as a designer steroid. 

Intense lethargy, hardcore mental side effects, natural testosterone suppression — that’s the price you pay for a truly rapid mass growth. 

Superdrol is the compound you just SHOULD start low. In doses under 20mg it’s something you can tolerate (not talking about comfort here), but if you get more OR take it longer than 2-3 weeks — you’re playing with the Devil. It IS powerful, and it’s quick: 2 weeks are enough to get the insane lean muscle mass with a notable strength boost. It’s a quick bulking steroid for those who seek quick bulking at all cost. 

The Final Word on Quick Bulking Tips

As you can see, quick bulking in a day or two is impossible. However, it IS possible to get more muscle mass in 2 weeks or so. Given that naturally it would take you several months, that’s EXTREMELY quick. In case you literally have a photoshoot tomorrow — you can’t do much: workout right before it to get the pumping effect and pray. Most likely, your photograph will do the magic with the light and maybe a little photoshop on post-production, so you’re good anyway.