Superdrol Before and After Cycle, Dosage and Side Effects


Of all the fucked up orals, Superdrol (aka Methasterone, or just Sdrol) – is probably the most fucked up one. The human body is just not made for this compound. It’s TOO POWERFUL, even though some tolerate it pretty well. 

What Superdrol can give you, how to get the best out of your Methasterone cycle, and what kind of Before and After progress you can expect – read in this guide. 

What Is Superdrol 

Short answer — it’s pure madness in a pill. Extremely potent 17-alpha-alkylated anabolic steroid, derived from DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). 

Superdrol is 400% as anabolic as Testosterone itself, but just 20% as androgenic. This ratio makes it one of the most powerful bulkers on the orals stage. 

Superdrol History

The first experiments with Methasterone started in the 1950s. It was a compound to fight tumors in the human body. Well, it was supposed to be one. It never came out. They’ve synthesized it and forgot about the whole thing. Here you can check the first description of Methasterone from 1956.

Syntex — the company that gave us Masteron — had better things to push to the market at the time. Methasterone didn’t really fit well into the market of its time.  

In the early 2000s, Methasterone had its second coming as a «Designer steroid». It means that the compound was never meant to be officially commercialized, approved by the FDA or other institutions. It went straight to the black market for bodybuilders and fitness maniacs. 

In 2004 Superdrol was marketed over-the-counter as a dietary supplement by Designer Supplements LLC, and it’s an insanely fucked up misconception. 

Selling Methasterone as a supplement is like selling a SWAT anti-riot water cannon in a kids pool toys section.

It has flown under the radars of all regulatory institutions until it was finally banned (here’s the first heads-up warning note by the FDA on Superdrol from 2006). Few years of legal distribution, however, brought it a significant fanbase. All thanks to provident lawyers and specialists in DS LLC that labeled it a prohormone and not an anabolic-androgenic steroid. 

Frame 667 1
Something in this pic is not right

Nowadays, of course, it’s just as illegal as Tren or Deca: you can buy it, use it (at least in Canada), but you can’t sell it or run it before getting on stage. 

Superdrol Benefits

Here’s the list of things that got the compound its well-deserved fame in the bodybuilding world.

Muscle Growth 

Not just your average wet ass bulking, when you get 70% water and maybe 30% of muscle mass (that still disappears in a month or two after the cycle). 

Superdrol gives you a lean mass growth, and the result is not going anywhere (unless, of course, you plan a little catabolic starving). It is as dry as it gets. 

Your exact gains are defined by a shit ton of personal stats and variable factors, but anecdotally, one Superdrol cycle can give you extra 20-25lbs. If you think it’s not that much — remember that we’re talking about PURE muscle gains, no water retention included. 

Now, what can define it and how to get the best possible result? Here’s a couple of tips:

  1. Your first Methasterone cycle is more important and more effective than the second, the third, and all cycles up to the 10th combined. It truly shines only when you lose your Superdrol virginity. This is why Superdrol — if you plan to use it — should be your first cycle under the «hardcore» label. It probably should go before Tren Ace, Deca, or NPP. 

    If you DON’T plan to use Methasterone (which is totally understandable and means that you have a basic survival instinct), here you can check our guide on Trenbolone Acetate or a complete review of Deca Durabolin. These are two other insane compounds that are not THAT insane. 
  2. Don’t waste your Superdrol cycle on shits and giggles. Every minute of the cycle counts. If you want to get the absolute best results — you should plan everything ahead. Consider even not-so-obvious factors, such as a good night’s sleep and a high protein diet. 

There are no minor things when it comes to cycling hardcore gear. You take a risk and – we assume – want to get the biggest possible prize. 

Strength Boost 

We won’t talk about «your record weights turn into warm-up» here, even though it’s close to the truth. The whole thing is dramatic enough. We won’t even talk about the anabolic properties of all steroids and Sperdrol in this context, even though it’s pretty obvious. Here, you can check a study of Testosterone anabolic effects. Let’s talk pure numbers

  • 3 days from the beginning of the cycle — this is when you’ll feel the first effects; 
  • 1 day — enough for the new Methasterone dose to kick in and push your results even further; 
  • 8-12 hours — the time needed for Superdrol to disappear from your body, and the time it gives you all the results; 
  • About 30% — pretty much what an average athlete can expect in terms of weight gains; 
  • Some anecdotal reviews mention up to 50lbs on a 5RM bench press, but it’s really nearly damn impossible to predict your exact outcome.

You should know that with great strength comes great injury risk as well. You get an insane strength boost in a short time. Even though your muscles are probably ready for it — your joints and ligaments are not. 

Joint pain due to overpressure is one of the most common Superdrol side effects. To ensure your progress safety and avoid a month in a hospital bed with a catheter in your insanely pumped arm, raise your weights slowly. The last thing you need on Superdrol is a rotator cuff tear. 

Superdrol Before and After

While it’s impossible to say what YOUR exact results will look like in a Superdrol before and after, we know that they will be pretty massive. Let’s take a look at the key features. After a proper Superdrol cycle, you will look:

  • Bigger (in terms of muscle mass);
  • More shredded (since Superdrol is a dry compound);
  • With more details in the physique (we’re talking vascularity, more pronounced small muscle groups, extreme pump, and so on).

This is an EXAMPLE of the changes Superdrol can give you. Again, an EXAMPLE of a Superdrol before and after. There’s no way to be sure that this guy was on this exact compound. He could’ve been natural all along, just extremely genetically gifted. Anyway, this type of transformation is exactly what you can expect:

superdrol before and after

Pay attention to the pose here — don’t let this or any other Superdrol before and after pictures fool you. The guy is clearly posing to make the physique look better. Still, notice the pump and the veins here — this is pretty much what it looks like.

Superdrol Side Effects

Now, this kind of power never comes for free. Here’s what you should know about Methasterone side effects — and how to counter them. 

Liver Toxicity 

Superdrol is insanely liver toxic. Like, all orals are. 17-alpha-alkylation is essentially the process of making a compound too toxic for your liver to filter out. 

As the result of liver toxicity, you can get: 

  • Abdominal pain; 
  • Nausea; 
  • Vomiting; 
  • Swelling in the arms and legs; 
  • Liver cysts. 

The good news is — your liver is totally capable of dealing with the damage it gets. It naturally regenerates faster than any Hollywood superhero will ever do. Your liver is probably tougher than you are in real life, and if it were a person — it would laugh at all the problems one can face. 

With oral anabolic steroids, there’s just one thing that can seriously damage your liver to the point of no return: prolonged exposure to high doses. 

Stay in the lower part of the dosage scale and make sure to have all the ancillaries on hand. We mean things like: 

  • TUDCA; 
  • NAC; 
  • Milk thistle; 
  • Hawthorn berry.

Not necessarily all at once, but at least one from the list should ALWAYS be a part of your Methasterone cycle. You don’t want to be an enemy to your liver, right? If you still want to give it a temporary (it takes about a month for your liver to get completely back to normal) damage — at least take something to protect it as well. 

Luckily, most of the time, the right Methasterone dosage calculated with caution and not exceeding the healthy cycle length is enough to avoid any severe consequences. 

Heart Issues 

There’s a thing called vasoconstriction, and it’s a bitch. In short, it means that all the muscles in your blood vessels go «ughhh» (like your biceps in the curl machine in the last rep) and get narrow. 

Unnaturally narrow blood vessels that have to work with the usual amount of blood in your veins — sounds already bad. Now, consider that Methasterone promotes red blood cell production, and you get MORE blood. It’s a positive effect because of a better oxygen supply to the muscles (and better endurance as a result), but it’s also a dangerous thing. You get more blood than your blood vessels can deal with. The results can be harsh: 

  • Hypertension; 
  • Red face; 
  • Nose bleeds; 
  • Sweating like crazy; 
  • Fainting (in the most severe cases). 

Sounds bad? Probably because it is. You should never run Methasterone (just as any other anabolic steroids) if you have heart health issues. 

It’s good to go crazy in the gym, live the dream of getting massive and bigger than you could ever imagine, but a heart attack (which is a real possibility for those who run gear with unhealthy heart) can, like, literally kill you. 

We can debate life after death all you want, but one thing is certain: you can’t lift in a coffin. Please, stay away from anabolic steroids if you have preexisting heart conditions. 

Now, what if you don’t have any issues and your heart is healthy enough to pass all NASA tests required for an astronaut? Are you 100% safe? Fuck no. With steroid abuse, you can easily GET issues — brand new, chronic, and life-long. 

Here’s what you should do to significantly lower the risk of developing ANY kind of heart health problems on Methasterone: 

  1. Your Methasterone dosage should be low. You’re paying with monster gear, and the best way to show it some respect is NOT munching on the pills like it’s a bag of candies; 
  2. Your diet is one of the biggest keys to success — as always. Low sodium, no trans fats, no junk food, definitely no alcohol or drugs on cycle; 
  3. Stay hydrated. It’s beneficial in all aspects, and this one is not an exception; 
  4. Talk to your doc. Even if they’re not the type of person that tolerates anabolic steroids use, you still can talk to them about means of protecting your heart. After all, heart protection is not necessarily steroids-specific: you can tell them that you have a competition soon and plan on working out really hard. Chances are — it will be something as simple (yet effective) as fish oil. 

Don’t try to trick your doctor into writing you a prescription for some specific stuff. All you need is a good personal recommendation on some general protective compounds suitable for YOUR health. It’s all individual. 


Most commonly described as a lack of stamina and sleepiness, lethargy on Methasterone is a whole different thing.

superdrol lethargy

It hits everyone to a different extent, but anecdotally – it can progress to an absolutely unbearable desire to sleep all the time. Like, literally, ALL the time, and especially – after meals. 

A piece of cake can send you to an uncontrollable nap in the middle of the day. There’s no wrong time to sleep on Superdrol. 

And unfortunately, there’s no way you can counter it. No, Red Bull is not an option, just as an extra cup of coffee. These guys will elevate your blood pressure even more. 

Other Superdrol Side Effects 

Remember when we said it’s too powerful for your body? Well, it has ways to show it. Here’s what else you can expect on the Superdrol cycle. Not all of these effects are guaranteed, some are pretty rare, but still — there’s a chance you’ll get one of them: 

  • Acidic reflux; 
  • Appetite Suppression; 
  • Dizziness. 

Also, some people don’t benefit from Superdrol’s low androgenic properties at all. It is – for some unknown reason – highly androgenic in terms of side effects for them. And the list of practical things includes: 

  • Balding; 
  • Hair health decrease and shedding; 
  • Acne; 
  • Prostate issues; 
  • Extreme mood swings; 
  • Nervousness to the panic attacks point; 
  • And hell yes – the worst of all – gynecomastia, also known as moobs or (a more elegant term) bitch tits. 

It is unknown how it works and why SOME people get mild side effects while others suffer from the whole spectrum. Methasterone is a relatively new compound (at least on the market), so we don’t have many studies for it. We have enough research to say that it works, enough to say that it’s RELATIVELY safe (not a poison), but no scientific breakdown of every «why the fuck» Methasterone can give you.

Superdrol Dosage and Administration

In short, your sweet spot is probably somewhere between 10 and 50mg a day. Methasterone dosage, however, is tricky and strictly individual. 

It’s not even a question of «effectiveness» or «best results/risk balance». It’s simply a question of how many side effects you can physically withstand. How bad should you feel to drop it immediately? 

With 40-50mg, you will 100% know the answer by the end of the first week. You’ll either be alive at this point, or you’ll be questioning all your life choices that led to the decision to try Methasterone in the first place. 

Methasterone dosage is an existential search with no general answer. A simple way to find YOUR sweet spot is starting low and climbing your way up, slowly and gradually. 

Another thing about Methasterone dosage is that it’s one fast-acting compound, so whatever your dose is — you better spread it through the day and cut it into 2, sometimes even 3 parts. 1/3 of the dose in the morning, 1/3 right before the workout, and 1/3 afterward. 

superdrol cycle and dosage

Superdrol Cycle 

Cycling Methasterone is like fucking a grizzly bear in the ass. 

Why? Who knows. You could avoid it, but you decided not to. 

Will you enjoy it? Maybe yes, maybe no. Some people on the Internet say they do. 

Will you get a fascinating result (ability to tell your friends you fucked a bear and show some pics, or, with Methasterone, insane muscle and strength gains)? Hell yes, you will. 

Both processes are not so popular among the general folks, are dangerous for your health, and are not approved by the FDA or Health Canada. There are more similarities than you probably thought. 

superdrol cycle

Now, I’m not an expert in fucking grizzly bears, but I’m pretty sure you want the process to be: 

  1. Quick. No cuddling, no foreplay, straight into action, finish as fast as you can; 
  2. Safe. Who knows how dirty grizzly bears are. Better get some protection; 
  3. Effective. What’s the point if you can’t prove it or don’t get anything out of it (the process, not the bear)? 

The same goes for Methasterone. Calm your imagination down and check these general rules: 

  • Never go for more than 6 weeks. Reducing cycle length to just 4 is also a great idea because the side effects will most likely kick in by week 3; 
  • Protection, in this case, is not a condom but a bunch of ancillaries you take daily. TUDCA, NAC, whatever it is that you prefer, scroll back to the benefits section for a bigger list or check our guide to 5 best compounds to counter side effects
  • Don’t UNDERdose it, don’t OVERdose, find your sweet spot, and enjoy it. Don’t waste your risky cycle on poor dietary choices that will hide the results, and get a suitable stack for the compound.

Speaking of cycles. Here’s a protocol for Superdrol «Solo» cycle. Solo is in quotes because it is: 

  1. Oral; 
  2. DHT-based. 

Two things mean that it will lower your natural Testosterone, give you hypogonadism, and won’t make up for it. You need an injectable Testosterone base with Superdrol.

So the protocol will look like this: 

WeekSuperdrol (ED)Testosterone Enanthate (EW)Nolvadex (ED)

Maybe an HCG will be a good idea as well, but only if you’re more than usually prone to Testosterone suppression. 

With stacks — the general rule is simple: take compounds that will let Superdrol shine, not try to overshadow it. it’s impossible. A good example will be EQ, aka Equipoise, aka Boldenone. Here’s our full guide to Boldenone. And here’s an extended protocol for it with Superdrol kickstart and a nice Anavar finish:

WeekSuperdrol (ED)Testosterone Enanthate (EW)EQAnavar EDNolvadex (ED)

Read more on Anavar in our review for Oxandrolone (the same compound, different name) for more details on why we use it as a polishing gear in this cycle. Also, it will complement the whole thing due to low side effects. 

You can play around with doses, stack it with other compounds, add HCG or add ancillaries to the table. Basically, do whatever you want, but don’t abuse Superdrol — that’s one angry grizzly bear. 

Personal Opinion on Superdrol 

If you checked other articles, you know I’m more into soft and simple car metaphors, maybe comparing steroids to planes and stuff. This time – with Methasterone – we’re talking about anti-riot water cannons, coffins, and fucking a grizzly bear in the furry ass with no consent. This fact should give you an insight into my personal thoughts on Superdrol. 

It’s inhumane. It’s way too powerful for an average bodybuilder. It’s in the «maniacs only» zone. Yet — it’s popular, and it’s effective.

Methasterone will either mess you up completely or give you the mass and looks no other oral will ever do if you dare to face it.


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