Trenbolone Acetate aka Tren Ace — Before and After, Stacks and Side Effects

Now, we're talking about the most popular Trenbolone ester. It's the fastest form of the monster injectable, and it can either give you insane gains - or mess you up completely. How to take it and what side effects to expect - read in this guide.


What Is Trenbolone Acetate 

Trenbolone Acetate (aka Tren Ace, Finajet, or just Tren A) is a quick-acting ester of Trenbolone, one of the most potent anabolic steroids on the market, if not THE most powerful one ever. Here you can read our guide on the whole Trenbolone family, and in this one, I’ll give you the details of the exact ester. First – a little basics. 

In medical terms, Trenbolone Acetate is a derivative of Nandrolone, which you may know under the market name Deca Durabolin (or NPP). Because of different action mechanisms, they are just distant relatives, so a Trenbolone and Deca stack should not give you any Alabama-style cousin-banging vibes. One of the most remarkable features of Trenbolone Acetate is its unique history. 

Trenbolone History

First of all, it was never meant to be taken by humans. It’s a veterinary compound made to increase the meat volume in cattle. It was made for literal God damn cows. 

The more muscle a cow has – the more it will cost after the slaughter. To make cows as muscular as possible, the industry uses steroids – and Trenbolone Acetate is one of the most popular of them.

The thing started in the late 1960s when Trenbolone Acetate was released to the market under the name Finaject. It has quickly gained popularity among athletes since it was the perfect gear for effective body recomposition and extreme muscle gains. In about 20 years, it was sold to a different company and re-entered the market under the name Finaplix

The most confusing part here is that Finaplix comes in special pallets for non-stop administration in cattle in the last two months before the slaughter. You can’t apply these pallets to human skin. Technically, you can, but it would be a literal pain in the ass. With cattle, they use special guns for it. That’s why Trenbolone Acetate is thriving on the black market in an injectable form, but you won’t get it in a regular pharmacy. 

Trenbolone Acetate Benefits 

Trenbolone Acetate doesn’t give you any unique perks, but it pushes all the benefits of other steroids to the absolute limit. Here is what you should expect: 

Muscle Growth 

500% anabolic activity means that Trenbolone can give you extreme muscle growth during the cycle – about 3-5 times more than Testosterone itself ever would. 

Practically, it connects to the androgenic receptors in your muscle cells and alters them to promote hypertrophy. Boosted growth happens way faster than any catabolic (muscle destruction) processes can, and you get more massive as a result. 

With Trenbolone Acetate, things happen fast. The ester part is supposed to slow down the compound’s release in your blood to maintain a high level of it for longer. Trenbolone Acetate liberates and starts acting in just two days. On the positive side, you will get faster results. As a drawback, you’ll need to inject a new dose more frequently. 

Strength Gains 

Weights go up, and the face doesn’t get all puffy, thanks to zero aromatization properties. Practically, the effect is comparable to Anadrol, but with no water retention and edema. 

No, I won’t give you the exact numbers of your possible progress, and I wouldn’t trust those who promise you anything on this subject. Your pre-existing stats define the practical result, along with a ton of other aspects. There’s no way one can predict your gains. 

Endurance Boost 

For some, Trenbolone seems to work as pure energy in a vial. In medical terms, Trenbolone increases red blood cell production in your body and boosts the oxygen supply to your muscle. The more oxygen your muscle get – the more efficiently they can work. 

You obviously can get an unhealthy increase in RBC that will result in health problems, but anabolic steroids – including Trenbolone Acetate – rarely cause this effect.

Inside the healthy frames, increased RBC count in your blood means: 

  • More reps per set; 
  • More exercises per workout with no exhaustion; 
  • Less rest time needed between exercises; 
  • More efficient cardio (you can run longer before the second breath is needed); 
  • A better technique in the last reps. 

Practically, increased endurance alone can give a significant boost to your workouts. To get muscle growth, you need to work out – even on gear. With extra oxygen supply to your muscle, you can do it with better efficiency. Get ready for more intense workouts, and be sure to have a towel on your hands – you WILL sweat like crazy.

Other Trenbolone Benefits 

All the elements of effective body recomposition that I mentioned above are not the only benefits of Trenbolone. Here is what else it can give you as positive side effects: 

  • Confidence Boost – through a cascade reaction, Trenbolone makes you feel like a «Golden God», as some athletes call it. Some even call it a side effect because you are way too sure about things that you are doing. 
  • Faster Recovery – Increased RBC and faster muscle cell growth mean that you will feel no pain in the morning after the leg day. You still may get some discomfort since all the aggression in the gym will make you train more, but the effect will be less notable. 
  • Libido Boost – more male sex hormones mean that you will get a significant boost on your libido. You’ll be able to have more sex, and each time you will be able to last longer. The best part of it is that you will want to have as much sex as you can. Sometimes to the point that it can get uncomfortable. 

Where to Buy Tren Ace?

Simple as that: buy Tren Ace in our shop. Apoxar or NovoPharm, with 100mg/ml dosage, in pharm-grade quality. It’s lab-tested, so you don’t need to worry about the quality: it is exactly what it says. Pure, safe to use (if you follow the instructions, like with any other steroid), and dosed just right.

Tren Ace Before and After Cycle

To cut a long story short — here’s what a Trenbolone Acetate Before and After cycle pictures can look like:

trenbolone before and after example 1

Even though it’s clear that the guy in the picture:

  1. Wasn’t a beginner, and it probably wasn’t his first steroid cycle (or he’s just a gifted natty);
  2. Didn’t take part in any controlled studies with Trenbolone-only cycle under full-scale supervision;

It’s still possible to say that a PRO can expect this level of changes from the Trenbolone Before and After cycle. Here’s why:

  • Extreme DRY gains —look at the size of his arms and the level of details;
  • Details got more visible — look at the vein on his shoulder, for example;
  • Overall physique got leaner and the gains are the high-quality ones — look how wet he is in the “Before” picture.

Trenbolone before and after pictures can be tricky, there are zero guarantees that you’ll get the same level of changes. In this example — we definitely see a result of a good discipline in terms of diet, some tanning, some posing, and other factors. However, pretty much THis is what one can get from a Trenbolone before and after.

Trenbolone Acetate Dosage 

It all depends on how much of a maniac you are. Since we’re talking about a veterinary compound, the official dosage is calculated for cows and doesn’t apply to you. Anecdotally, the range is as wide as it can get: 

Male athletes take from 75-100mg daily to 1-1,2mg per week. Every injection can contain from 75 to 150-200mg of the compound. 

It’s important not to overestimate your body’s capabilities here. Through the years, I’ve never seen a single athlete who would run more than 1-1,2g of Trenbolone Acetate weekly and would say that he will go on ding it. Many get into that zone because of pure curiosity, but the most popular impression is «never again». 

Find your sweet spot between 300 and 800mg per week (about 100mg ED or EOD with 1-2 rest days) and stay in those frames. The side effects – especially mental ones – are dose-dependent and strike you hard when you cross the red line. 

trenbolone acetate cycle and dosage

How To Take Trenbolone Acetate 

Depending on your source, we’re either talking about pure injectable black market Tren Ace or the real veterinary Finaplix in pellets for cattle. 

How To Injectable Trenbolone Acetate

As simple as it gets with any other injectable, you just take a syringe, disinfect everything, stick the needle into one of your major muscle groups (traditionally, it’s deltas or buttocks, but it’s up to you), and slowly push the thing into your body. It will get into the blood flow quickly. 

The half-life of Trenbolone Acetate is just two days, so you’ll need to inject it every other day. Many athletes break the EOD dose into two parts and take it daily, though. 

With Finaplix pellets, the process is way more complicated. You have to actually brew the injectable form yourself. Here is how it’s typically done. 

How To Make Trenbolone Acetate From Finaplix Pellets 

First of all, you’ll need a bunch of stuff: 

  • Something to ground up the pellets (some say that a regular coffee grinder will do, or you can do it by hands); 
  • Sesame oil; 
  • Filters (again, regular coffee filters are suitable for it); 
  • Vials; 
  • Benzyl alcohol; 
  • Something sterile to close the vials (a crimper, cap, or whatever). 

Now, here is an overview of the process:

  1. Ground up the pellets to dust; 
  2. Microwave your sesame oil a bit; 
  3. Reconstitute Finaplix dust with that oil;
  4. Let the dusky thing sit for a while; 
  5. Maybe heat it again to let Finaplix dissolve better;
  6. Run the whole thing through a coffee filter; 
  7. Add a little benzyl alcohol;  
  8. Put it in sterile vials;
  9. Close the thing. 

That’s it. The final result should be a weird brownish, oily mixture with about 70-80mg per ml of pure Trenbolone Acetate (or less, if you use Finaplix with a different dose). 

Wonder why I don’t give you any numbers, exact doses of the ingredients, and so on? It’s simple: 

You’ve got to be a moron to try to brew your injectable steroids at home without at least semi-professional supervision or a few years of experience under your belt. 

I mean, you want to inject something that you make in a fucking coffee grinder? Really? I know that A LOT of athletes are desperate enough to actually go for it. However, I do NOT recommend doing it. 

It’s OK when you reconstitute your peptides with bac water because it’s a simple process that has a ton of instructions and guides on it. However, it’s not OK to set up a makeshift meth lab in your kitchen to make a substance that happens to be the most potent anabolic steroid ever made for the market. 

If you STILL want to make your own Trenbolone Acetate from Finaplix, at least try to find a decent guide on it on the Web. For example, here is a step-by-step one with a «Magical solution» and a little different technique. I still don’t recommend it and won’t give you exact numbers and doses. This is some serious illegal shit in several countries. 

Trenbolone Acetate Gel 

Another way to make your own Tren Ace is to turn pellets into an epicutaneous cream-like thing. It has one major disadvantage, though: you will smell like garlic after a Tren Ace gel. The process includes reconstituting your Finaplix powder with DMSO (aka Dimethyl sulfoxide) that gives the unforgettable strong odor. Have some mercy on the other guys in the gym, and don’t even try. 

Try to find a reliable source of the injection-ready pure Trenbolone Acetate on the Web instead of fucking around with a «Fun chemistry for kids» toy set in your kitchen, risking your life.

Yes, maybe the first two or three shops will sell you bunk gear or underdosed bullshit; maybe most of them are even brewing it through the same coffee filters that you could use. It’s still safer! Those guys mostly know what they are doing – and you most probably don’t.

Trenbolone Acetate Stacks 

Trenbolone works great with all kinds of gear, so I’ll give you just a few examples. 

The easiest thing that comes to mind is a body recomposition stack of two compounds with a similar half-life. Here is what a simple Trenbolone Acetate and Testosterone Propionate stack would look like: 

WeekTrenbolone AcetateTestosterone PropionateNolvadex PCT
1-8200-600mg EOD (100-300mg ED)300mg EOD
10-1120-40mg ED

This stack is quite universal, so you can make it a cutting cycle on a calorie deficit or a mild bulker with feasting on dozens of eggs and protein daily. On cycle, you’ll also need Caber and supportives for your lipids. If you’re prone to hypogonadism, HCG in the last four weeks of the cycle will help as well. 

Now, let’s talk bulking. Anecdotally, the best stacking option for Trenbolone is Anadrol. A powerful oral bulker can make trenbolone Acetate effects shine because you will not need any more frequent injections and will get all your high-quality gains with a mild dose of it.

You can run Tren in a relatively small dose and still get the insane mass growth with the A-bomb.

Here is a Trenbolone Acetate+ Testosterone Propionate+Anadrol (aka Oxymetholone) protocol: 

WeekTrenbolone AcetateTestosterone PropionateAnadrolNolvadex PCT
1-10200-500mg EOD (100-250mg ED)300mg EOD50-100mg ED
Week 11-11/5
20-40mg ED

Note that you don’t need to wait for two whole weeks after the cycle to start PCT. We’re talking about two short-acting compounds: Anadrol has a half-life of just about 8 hours, and Trenbolone Acetate «lives» no longer than two days in your body. You can wait for 3-4 days (that’s what 11/5 stands for), and hop on the increased Nolvadex PCT with a clean body. 

Don’t even think about skipping PCT. Side effects of trenbolone Acetate alone can crush you with no chances to get back to normal without extra support. 

Trenbolone Acetate Side Effects 

Of all the things Trenbolone Acetate is not, the most important one is that it’s definitely not a side effects-free compound

  • Trensomnia is a bitch;
  • Tren Dick can drive you crazy with no sex for months; 
  • Tren Cough will make you wish for that COVID tests; 
  • Direct effect on CNS can give you anxiety and panic attacks
  • Progestional activity can cause moobs that no AI’s will counter. 

You can read about all these effects and ways to counter them in the main Trenbolone 101 and Trenbolone Enanthate guides. Here I’ll give more details about the effects that get more dangerous with the short form. 

Androgenic Side Effects

500% anabolic activity in Tren is accompanied by 500% androgenic activity, and it can give you a whole spectrum of uncomfortable effects: 

  • Acne; 
  • Oily skin; 
  • Hair loss; 
  • The hair on your back (and ass); 
  • Higher blood pressure and BP spikes; 
  • Mood swings; 
  • Easier irritability. 

With Acetate form, they will kick in rapidly, so you should be prepared. I know that all these nasty things are in no way Tren-only effects. With Tren, you have to multiply your Testosterone androgenic sides by 3, so you can imagine the possible damage. 

Testosterone Suppression 

Tren is outstandingly suppressive. A prolonged cycle on high dosage without supportive compounds or other steroids can turn your balls into literal raisins, and that’s the main danger of Tren. While you’re on cycle, you can enjoy the hyper-sexuality, but when the compound wears off… oh boy, you’re not going to see your semen for some time. Unless, of course, you take your time to counter it: 

  • PCT is crucial (you’ll need a high dosage of Nolvadex or Clomid for three weeks or more, if necessary. Here is a detailed guide on all PCT options
  • AI’s (aka Aromatase Inhibitors) are mandatory as well. Consider at least 12,5mg of Aromasin per week; 
  • HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) – usually taken in case of emergency, it can be your last chance to get back on track after the Trenbolone cycle. Here is our complete guide on this last resort of post-cycle therapy; 
  • Equipoise (EQ) – it’s just another steroid, but in a stack, with Trenbolone Acetate, it can reduce the harm to your sexual drive by the end of the cycle. 


On most AAS, you get more «bad» cholesterol LDL and less «good» cholesterol HDL. It’s been proven by trials like this one multiple times. 

According to anecdotal reports, on Tren, your LDL can skyrocket up to 2 times from the normal level. 

To minimize the harm: 

  • Keep your diet on point and avoid junk food; 
  • Add more fish oil and Omega-3 to the ratio; 
  • Take some light medicine (Lipitor, Livalo, Crestor, or whatever is available in your region).

Sex Life 

You wonder, how can sex be a side effect? When it overshadows literally everything else in your life – it is far from a positive thing. 

  • Have you ever jerked off 9 times in a row in one evening? 
  • Offered your wife a threesome with a random trans you just met Online? 
  • Ever wanted to fuck so hard, you turn gay for a night just to get laid with something alive, warm, and not your hand? 

Nope? Well, with Trenbolone, you can get a ton of new experiences. On high doses, the part of your brain that is responsible for sex gets all the power. 

Luckily, the real madness starts only on a REALLY high dosage, like 0,8mg-1g, if you’re not prone to the effect naturally. Keep your dose moderate, and you won’t get a lifetime of shame after trenbolone-induced sexual adventures.

Personal Opinion On Trenbolone Acetate

Here I’ll just give you one more side effect. Possibly, the most adverse and dangerous one. 

It’s awesomeness. 

And I’m deadly serious. You’re fit on Tren Acetate; you gain muscle like crazy; you look fantastic; your sex life is a heaven; your attitude on things is the attitude of a Champion. You feel like you’re banging Ms. Universe and single-handedly defeating ISIS at the same time, while your school crush is watching and visibly getting wet. Oh boy, unless you are prone to anxiety, Tren feels awesome. 

However, you know what else feels awesome? Fucking Cocaine. 

And now, I guess, you get my point. When you hop off the Tren cycle, you need to have the willpower of a lion. Some men get so depressed, suppressed mentally (and physically) that they cry every night in their pillows. They want to get the Almighty God the Emperor feeling back!

If your willpower is at least half as trained as your muscles, you’re going to survive the urge to hop back on the cycle. Otherwise, you risk becoming a junkie-like Tren addict. You’ll look like the most ripped and massive junkie of the block, no doubt. You will just live about 20 years less than you could, and the constant fear of being off will haunt you till your last day. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not your supervisor. I won’t tell you to take – or not to take – Trenbolone. It’s on the market, it’s everywhere, and it probably won’t kill you unless you abuse it. 

Just think of Trenbolone as of a mere sneak peek into the world of bodybuilding euphoria. It’ll help you unleash the hidden potential that you ALREADY have without it. You can achieve it with other, less-monstrous gear and even going natty. Tren will give you a fast and vivid sample of it and here you buy Tren Ace by NovoPharm