Anadrol Cycle Guide — Dosage, Benefits & Cycle Advice

Some athletes call Anadrol "The king of Anabolic Steroids", and they're not that far from the truth. Unreal gains that Anadrol can give you are absolutely royal. However, if you insult its Majesty with abuse or improper protocol - it will order to put your head on a stick in the castle backyard.


Anadrol (aka Oxymetholone, Adrol) is the most powerful oral anabolic steroid you can get. It’s 3 times more anabolic than testosterone, and it can give you a fantastic visual blow up in the shortest time possible. Here is how to take Anadrol right and how to minimize the risks it bears.

How Anadrol Works

So, WHY is Anadrol so unique and why it beats Anavar, Winstrol, and Dianabol in terms of efficiency. Anadrol is a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone, but the substance is not just 17-alpha-alkylated (like all other orals), it also has an additional 2-hydroxymethylene group. This modification triggers an enzyme, called dehydrogenase in skeletal muscles, which promotes muscle hypertrophy.

Didn’t understand shit? Don’t worry, let me explain:

In simple words, Anadrol just «sits» in your muscle tissue and makes you grow directly, with 300% efficiency of Testosterone, instead of just floating around. It also boosts your red blood cells production, which gives you a whole number of benefits.

Sounds good? You can buy Anadrol in pharm-grade quality by Novo-Pharm in our shop. The authentic compound is available in 50mg/50tabs packs.

Anadrol Benefits

Muscle Growth

Anadrol is the heavy artillery of bulking. There is a reason that many athletes describe the effect as a «blow up». It makes you full even on a calorie deficit, and (in case you’re not prone to water retention) will make you notably leaner by the end of the cycle. Otherwise, it just creates an excellent base for a recomposition cycle or for cutting.

Strength Gains

That’s what makes Anadrol so much better than other orals. Anavar will never blast your strength up that fast. Anadrol is the only oral AAS that can give you extreme weight gains in 4 weeks (yes, Dianabol is on the second place in this). I’m in no position to give the exact numbers here (everything is personal, duh), but expect to get the «oh, boy» feeling when you will add more and more on the bar by the end of week 1.

Endurance Boost

Anadrol promotes the production of red blood cells. Those little guys are responsible (if we oversimplify the thing) for oxygen transportation in your body. The more oxygen your muscles get during the workout – the more reps with more speed you can do. You can make your workouts longer, raise the intensity and effectiveness of each exercise. If that’s not «performance enhancement», I don’t know what is.

Pumping Effect

Another result of the boosted RBC production. More blood means better pumps. The ones that last outside the gym for several hours, but don’t occur out of nowhere on your rest days. Expect to feel your arms and legs exploding (in the sweetest possible way) during the workout by week 2. Some anecdotal reports mention ridiculous inability to drink water during the workouts because biceps are so pumped that the arm with the bottle can’t reach the mouth. And don’t forget about crazy vascularity, it starts to occur in the very first days of the cycle.

Appetite Effects

This one occurs in different forms in different people. For some athletes, Anadrol is an appetite killer. It suppresses hunger, and you just don’t want to eat that much. These athletes have an exclusive ability to use Anadrol as a cutting compound. On a slight calorie deficit (which is much easier to maintain when you just can’t look at food), you can build lean and hard muscle.

However, for other athletes, Anadrol – ironically enough – promotes appetite. You eat like a family of 3 and get enough energy to grow muscle like five natural athletes. Numbers are made up for the sake of the metaphor, but I believe that you already know how vital appetite is for bulking.

Either way, Oxymetholone has a win-win effect on your appetite, and the way you will use it depends only on your targets and your body’s reaction to the substance. In general, Oxymetholone is everything you would expect from an Anabolic Steroid. It gives the feeling of being «ON», blows you up visually, gives you strength and stamina. And here is how to take it «just right».

anadrol cycle and dosage

Anadrol Usage – Forget About Solo Cycle

With all these fantastic effects, you may want to ask me, «Why don’t we run just Oxymetholone, if it’s so convenient, powerful, and can give you everything you need? Why don’t we run it all the time and need Dianabol, Anavar or other orals?»

It’s a fair question, but the answer is simple: you can’t run Oxymetholone for more than four weeks. Yes, I’m deadly serious – the cycle is THAT short.

4 weeks is the absolute most extended cycle of Anadrol you should ever have!

It’s not like you’re going to die by Monday morning on week 5, but the risk of getting severe – and chronic – side effects rises in a geometrical proportion from that moment. Anadrol is just as toxic as it is powerful, and that’s the major downside of «King of bulking steroids». Such a short cycle duration limits it to just two specific uses. Here is where Anadrol shines best:

Anadrol for Kickstarting

You know those gigantic ass Air Force cargo planes, C-130 «Hercules»? They can carry tons of stuff, but the problem is, they need an ungodly long runway to gain enough speed to take off. To make the take-off possible even on extremely short runways, the army engineers now mount the thing called JATO system on these planes. That’s essentially eight literal God damn rockets. JATO accelerates «Hercules» into the sky to a safe attitude in a matter of seconds. This is how it works:

anadrol cycle guide steroid dossage benefits usage in bodybuilding 5
Anadrol Kickstart

And yes, THIS is what Anadrol does to your cycle. With a half-life of just 16 hours, it rockets your gains up. By the time your main, long-acting compounds – say, Testosterone Enanthate – will kick in, you’ll be already bulked up. The progress will have a higher starting point; you will have rapid results, and the Testosterone level will be balanced by the injections.

Anadrol for Plateau Breaking

You sweat your ass off at the gym, maintain a perfect schedule, stuff yourself with as much food and protein as you can, but muscle growth has just stopped? Your weights remain the same for months, and it looks like your body has developed a tolerance to all your workouts? Yeah, this is a plateau, and it sucks. You’ve got two options:

Keep on going on the edge of your limits and pray to Jesus to get an extra Lbs or two of muscle before you burn out;


Get yourself a plateau buster and break through this shit.

There are many plateau breakers out there, but Anadrol is the most potent option available among oral steroids. In 4 weeks, you will remind your muscle tissue what extreme growth is and what all these workouts are about.

How To Take Anadrol

It’s oral, so you take it as a regular pill. WHEN to take Anadrol is a more relevant question. Most athletes take it simply an hour before the workout to get the best of the effects at the right time. Yeah, and it’s recommended to avoid 1 hour before and 1 hour after food. Some specific fats can damage the compound, and it will drop in effectiveness.

Anadrol Dosage

Back in the days Anadrol was a drug for patients on chemotherapy. Those guys really need to maintain body mass and muscle tissue like no other people. For them, a safe and sufficient dosage was around 25-50mg a day.

For performance enhancement, athletes rarely take less than 50mg daily. That’s believed to be the sweet spot with mild-to-none side effects and significant benefits. However, depending on your response, even 25mg a day may be enough to make you massive. I’d recommend to start low and raise the dose slowly to see your limits for yourself.

Some athletes don’t just stop at that – practically, the dosage can go up to 150mg a day, but I would strongly advise not to exceed over 100mg. Even that dose is seriously harmful to your liver. Again, just one pill a day is enough to experience Anadrol at its best.

Anadrol Cycles

Finally, off to the practical part. For beginners that, for some weird reason, have decided to sacrifice their AAS virginity to Anadrol, this one is the safest way to go:

Anadrol EDTestosterone Cypionate 2x a weekNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-225mg250mg
Weeks 3-450mg250mg
Weeks 5-8250mg
Week 9-10
Weeks 11-1220mg
Anadrol + Testosterone Cypionate Cycle

No long esters to jump off quickly in case of emergency and still get extreme gains if everything will go as planned. Even though I would recommend going on testosterone solo for your first time, you’re the one in charge, and the final decision is up to you.

Given that Anadrol is a perfect jump starter, THIS is how a basic cycle of it would look like:

Anadrol EDTestosterone Enanthate EWNolvadex PCT
Weeks 1-450mg500mg
Weeks 3-8500mg
Week 9-10
Weeks 11-12

Anadrol Kickstart + Testosterone Enanthate Basic Cycle

Doesn’t look like rocket science, right? This way, you get rapid gains in the first 4 weeks, and by the time Test E finally gives its results, you can safely drop Anadrol and go on Testosterone solo. Or add Deca or Tren. This is how it would look like (keep in mind that other compounds demand some severe counter-measures. Like, you WILL need HCG at this point:

Anadrol EDTestosterone Enanthate EWTrenbolone Enanthate EWAI (Aromasin)HCG EWNolvadex PCTCabergoline
Weeks 1-250mg300mg250mg1mg
Weeks 3-450mg300mg250mg12,5mg 2x a week1mg
Weeks 5-8150mg250mg12,5mg 2x a week250iu1mg
Week 9-10
Weeks 11-1220mg
Hardcore Anadrol Kickstart + Testosterone Enanthate + Trenbolone Enanthate + Anavar Finish

With plateau breaking, it works the same way, but depending on the part of the cycle you’re stuck on, you just add Anadrol to it for 4 weeks. Of course, on moderate dosage – just not to be a dick to your body. Some of the sides you can get with Anadrol are legitimately nightmare fuel, especially if you abuse the thing.

Anadrol Side Effects

Anadrol – as I’ve mentioned above – is a powerful and dangerous compound. It can damage multiple systems of your body. This is where you should expect the punch and what you should do to get ready for it.

Androgenic Side Effects

A tricky thing about Anadrol is that it is NOT directly androgenic. It can’t convert to Estrogen (because it’s already DHT-derived), but it can convert to another substance in your body – Mestanolone. Aromatase Inhibitors won’t save you this time. This bad boy, even though it is just a by-product of Anadrol, is androgenic as fuck. This is what it can give you:

  • Acne;
  • Gynecomastia;
  • Hair thickening;
  • Low stamina.

That’s why PCT is absolutely vital after the Anadrol cycle of all dosages. You can read more about the PCT phase and how the main substances for it work.

Testosterone Suppression

Being a powerful Anabolic Steroid, Anadrol suppresses your natural testosterone production to below the freezing point. It can cause hypogonadism, which turns your whole hormonal system into a mess and turns your balls into raisins. It’s a DHT-derivative, so the pills do not fill the gap that suppression causes. The thing is, you can’t avoid suppression with steroids. Cycles as mild as a 100mg Testosterone for five weeks are proven to cause acute suppression. Just don’t skip on your SARMs and add a low dosage of HCG, if you feel that it’s necessary.

You should NEVER run Anadrol solo. Jump from the roof, crash your car into a tree, join ISIS and blow up in the name of Allah, choose any other comparable way to wipe yourself out of existence, but DON’T RUN ANADROL SOLO.

You need other Anabolic Steroids to maintain the testosterone level during the cycle. The best option here is always injectable testosterone itself.

Liver toxicity

Anadrol is a 17-alpha-alkylated compound. In medical terms, it has been modified to survive your liver’s natural filtering. Basically, it fucks your liver up. You can’t avoid it, because, without the alkylation, no oral Anabolic Steroids would be possible, they would just fall apart in a matter of minutes after the administration. Here are some ways to minimize adverse effects:

  • Take vitamin C;
  • Introduce N-Acetyl Cysteine to your cycle;
  • Take more milk thistle (in any form);
  • Add more coffee (yes, it IS good for the liver), tea, or beetroot juice to the diet.


Like most Anabolic Steroids, Anadrol crashes your lipids. It happens, starting from a specific dosage (50mg), but it’s unlikely that you will ever take less than that, so you should be aware. LDL goes up, HDL goes down, and the balance is ruined. There’s not much you can do about it, just maintain a proper diet. Eat more Omega-3, eliminate trans fats, swap your red meat with something else (like chicken breasts), add more fruits.. just eat healthy stuff and you’re most likely to be OK. I’d also recommend going through regular blood works to make sure that the LDL level is not through the roof; a bit of extra control gives you an ability to take counter-measures right on time.


Anadrol promotes red blood cell production. You get more blood in your veins than usual. Anadrol is exceptionally potent on that, so you get A LOT more blood than usual. See the problem? Along with better oxygen transportation and boosted endurance, you get significantly higher blood pressure. Please, stay away from the substance, if you have pre-existing problems in that area, like hypertonia. Anadrol can give you hot flashes, turn your face red (especially during exercises), and – according to multiple anecdotal reports – severe nose bleeds. Small blood vessels in your nose just can’t stand the pressure.

Now, you may be the lucky guy and NOT get the nose bleeds. It doesn’t mean that you’re entirely safe. Even regular coughing or sneezing can turn your nose into a bloody fountain. Pay extra attention to it, drop whatever you do if you fill dizzy, and get vertigo. One of the popular was to lower the BP is Cialis, you might want to have it around for some «worse than the others» days.

Water Retention

Anadrol seems to «order» your kidneys to keep water in the body. I say that it «seems to» because we have no clear understanding of Anadrol-induced water retention yet. However, we have hundreds of reports that describe it as a «wet» compound. In other words, it bloats you up. Not severely, like Dianabol, with mild-to-none face puffiness, but edema is still there to some degree.

Unless, of course, you keep your diet is on point, or you’re genetically resistant to it. To minimize the effect, avoid salty food, and drink as much water as you can. The more you drink – the more your body releases the liquid.

Notice that painful swelling of your arms and legs is NOT the regular water retention we’re talking about here – it’s an allergic reaction that means that you should drop the cycle ASAP.

Mental Side Effects

Anadrol just seems to shorten your temper significantly. It’s not a necessary side effect that you will get 100% of the time, but it’s been reported numerous times, and so it is there. There is a chance you will get more easily irritated, will have «I’m invincible»-like thoughts, and to keep it short – will lose your shit more frequently, despite being a reasonable and calm person in general. Four weeks of being a bit nervous is not a reason to go to the psychiatrist for new pills, so just extra questioning of your thoughts and actions will keep you safe.

So, to sum the thing up, this is an incomplete list of all the side effects you can get from Anadrol:

  • Balding;
  • Acne;
  • Mood swings;
  • Hypogonadism
  • Withdrawal syndrome;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Hypertension;
  • Nose bleeds;
  • Aggression;
  • Elevated liver values.

Anadrol Chronic Side Effects

This part has just one and only purpose: to prevent you from abusing Anadrol. Yes, it gives you amazing effects. Yes, a pill is way more comfortable than an injection. However, THIS is what is waiting for you around the corner, if you will lose your mind over this gear and will try to run it on a long cycle:

  • Liver cysts. Little blood-filled cysts that become chronic and require a surgical operation to remove. Can you imagine how much gains you ill lose in the hospital?
  • Increased bilirubin. It naturally goes down by the end of week 4, but if you go on… the thing called cholestatic is not a joke, and it has a chance to transform to permanent liver damage, jaundice.
  • Heart attack. Yes, Anadrol will give you more and more RBC with every extra week, up to the point that your heart just can’t cope with the volume of blood in your veins.
  • Gynecomastia. Yes, I’ve mentioned it already, but did you know that it can develop overnight and be an irreversible thing? No SERMS or AI’s will be enough at some point to save you from moobs development, and you will have to remove them surgically.
  • Brain damage. Not like you will get dumb, but you may end up in a wheelchair. Some extremely prolonged cycles (up to 10 weeks) can explode some blood vessels in your brain tissue.

It’s THAT important not to abuse Anadrol and not to exceed over reasonable cycle length. The compound is powerful, and it’s never a free lunch. It would be amazing to be able to run it regularly, blast and cruise on Anadrol, but it’s just impossible and plain dangerous for your health.

Personal Opinion on Anadrol

Everyone knows that Anadrol is both powerful AND toxic, so the cycle duration is limited. Yet, so many athletes (especially young and unexperienced) think that they can «hack» the system and take Anadrol «just» for a few weeks more. Nobody likes cheaters. Anadrol is not an exception. In case you are going to cheat – get ready to be banned. Banhammer, in this case, hits your internal organs.

Don’t try to be a smartass; pay for the power of the compound with an honest acknowledgment of the cycle limits.

Unless you have some sort of personal intolerance (which is an exceptionally rare thing), you will get all the honest benefits of the most powerful Anabolic Steroid that comes in pills. Yes, there is literally no way to put a more powerful performance enhancement gear into the pill form. So far, this is the limit – and this fact pretty much sums up Anadrol. If it sounds convincing enough, feel free to buy Apoxar Anadrol and start pushing through your limits today.


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