Exemestane Dosage For PCT & On Cycle Treatment – Prevent Aromatization & Gynecomastia

Suicide Inhibitors have nothing to do with sad love stories with no happy ending and religious guys from the desert with bomb vests. Aromasin - being the most popular one - is here not to destroy, but to save you… by destroying the thing that can cost you all the hard work and gains. When you REALLY need it and how to apply it to your cycle right? Read in this guide.


Aromasin is the brand name of Exemestane, one of the most popular and effective aromatase inhibitors on the market. It’s designed to deactivate specific enzymes in your body, called aromatase, and lower your estrogen levels. Exemestane is a steroidal and irreversible AI, which makes it unique in comparison with other AI options, such as Arimidex (Anastrozole) and Femara (Letrozole).

How Aromasin Works

Exemestane is called a «suicide inhibitor» for a reason. To understand it, you need to know how aromatization works in general. To cut a long story short, when your testosterone levels rise during an injectable cycle, aromatase enzymes in your body start to convert it to female sex hormone, estrogen. They do it all the time, but after injections, they have more material to work with – and they’re quite enthusiastic about it.

Aromasin molecules fit in your hormonal system and mimic the testosterone to «fool» aromatase.

When aromatase enzymes connect to Exemestane, they cling to it and… can’t get away. That’s it, the aromatase enzyme is caught and deactivated. It can’t continue the conversion process and connect to real testosterone. The Aromasin molecule can’t get away from it as well. Both float around until it’s their time to leave your organism. This is why Exemestane is called a suicide inhibitor. I need to warn you that it’s a rough and oversimplified explanation, but it gives you a general picture. Now multiply this microscopic process by thousands, and you can imagine the effect of every Aromasin pill that you take.

Exemestane Benefits

Most athletes take Exemestane to lower estrogen levels and fight aromatization, but no one really cares about the numbers in the medical tests alone. Real-life effects of decreased estrogen are the ones that matter. Here is what Exemestane has for you:

Gynecomastia Prevention

Unless you’re a fan of drag culture or consider transitioning to a sexy drag queen, I can assume that having huge breasts is nightmare fuel for you. Gyno, or hyperdeveloped male breasts, is the notorious effect of raised estrogen levels. Aromasin lowers your estrogen by about 80% in the first 24 hours after the administration and significantly decreases your chances to develop moobs.

Weight Loss

To be precise, that’s not a real fat loss. Exemestane is not a cutting drug and it doesn’t affect your fat tissue. Lower Estrogen levels just mean that you retain less water. Unless you eat pure salt for breakfast, «old» water will go away with the sweat, and «new» will not stay longer than your organism needs it. That guarantees a dryer look, but keep in mind that your body fat percentage will stay the same and you still need a well-balanced diet.

Decreased Puffiness

Another result of decreased water retention, but less visual now. The puffy, bloated face is not the only effect of fluid build up in your body: joints, arms, and legs suffer from it too. Some «wet» compounds can even lead to pain in your limbs, and that’s exactly what Aromasin helps you to avoid.

Along with general estrogen decrease-related effects, the Aromasin can give you some additional positive results. This is what else you can expect:

Increased IGF-1

That’s more of a side effect, but Aromasin is proven to increase IGF-1 levels. It’s the ONLY aromatase inhibitor that does it, which makes Exemestane so unique. Increased production of the Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 boosts your gains, both in muscle mass and strength, and stimulates your sex drive. Not a Viagra-like effect, but many athletes still note it as a positive side effect.

Decreased SHBG

It’s not just another weird abbreviation, it’s a boost to ANY compound on your cycle and testosterone in general. To understand it, you need to know that you have 3 forms of Testosterone in your body:

  • Free testosterone;
  • Testosterone bonded to Albumin (in short, that’s a protein);
  • Testosterone bonded to SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin).

The one that matters most is free testosterone. Two other forms are roughly «blocked testosterone». It can’t work, it can’t be administered, it can’t give you any of its benefits. The decrease in SHBG that Exemestane triggers mean that you have fewer compounds in your body that could deactivate your testosterone. With this chain reaction, Aromasin is clinically proven to give you more free testosterone. Depending on your needs you can buy Aromasin or other options, we guarantee that whatever you buy in our shop will be delivered ASAP and has the best quality on the market.

Aromasin Dosage

A top healthy dose of Aromasin is 25mg daily, that’s exactly one pill. For most athletes, that’s absolutely enough, but if you’re a heavy aromatizer and find the effects insufficient, it’s better to switch to a more powerful compound, like Letrozole (Femara). With anything over that dose, you will suffer from more side effects and won’t get any additional results.

How To Take Aromasin

Like all other AI’s, Exemestane is oral and comes in pill form. The best time to take Aromasin is on an empty stomach in the morning, before breakfast, since some fats in your food can prevent the pill from administering properly.

Exemestane Gynecomastia Prevention

It doesn’t matter if you’re about to start your 10th blast or is it’s your first anabolic steroid cycle ever, you probably know that steroids that you’re going to take will trigger aromatization. You are very well aware that increased estrogen after this process will turn your face into a swollen reddish mess and your chest – into a magnet for thirsty trans lovers. You don’t want that to happen, right? I’m sure that you just want to work hard for your gains without wondering, whether your gynecomastia will manifest today, or will it happen tomorrow.

With 7 easy steps, you can TRACK your estrogen level, PREVENT any bad effects of aromatization, and AVOID most side effects of Aromasin overdose:

Keep in mind that the dosage here is the most common, but you have to adjust it to your own cycle and individual response. You can start with 25mg (which, to note, I wouldn’t recommend) or take 12,5mg as your highest dose and start with 6,25mg. Just pay attention to your body and try to find your own sweet spot.

Exemestane Gynecomastia Treatment

This option is reserved for those who have already – let’s be honest – fucked up. You wake up one day in the middle of your blast, scratch your itchy nipples, chug on your protein shake, go to the mirror, and BANG – you notice that your right nipple is bigger than the left one. Or vice versa. Or both. It doesn’t matter, you panic anyway. It’s a deeply traumatizing, but still surprisingly common situation for many athletes, especially for beginners. At that horrible moment, you actually don’t need to think of all the plastic surgeries that you will have to go through and all the jokes from your gym buddies. Instead, you need to think of Aromasin. It’s perfect for dealing with emergencies like this one. Here is how to get rid of gyno with Aromasin in 3 (yes, 3) steps:

  1. Without changing your cycle, take 25mg (the whole tablet) Aromasin every morning.
  2. Pay extra attention to the symptoms. On that nuclear dosage, they should start to vanish in a day or two.
  3. When your chest area starts to look and feel normal, switch to 12,5mg of Aromasin every second day. Drop it in a week after the magical cure, you’re officially OK and moobs-free.

After such an unpleasant experience you would like to travel back in time to give yourself some advice on how to avoid it, but since time travel is not a thing, I’ll give it to you now. ALWAYS check your Estrogen by medical tests. As frequently as your schedule and budget let you. We are sure that you’ll have some money left after you buy Exemestane in our shop, since our prices are very reasonable, especially if you consider the quality we guarantee. Aromasin can effectively fight gyno on early-to-middle stages, but in some severe cases, surgical removal is the only option. It’s way more expensive than routine weekly blood work tests at the nearest hospital.

Do your future self a favor, take your time to do regular checks, and don’t take anabolic steroids in ungodly doses without Aromasin or any other AI.

Aromasin No-Go’s

With some preexisting conditions, your body may react badly to Aromasin. The best option is to individually discuss the course with a professional physician before you start it. In case you are not going to do that, at least check if you have any of these contraindications. Don’t take Aromasin, if you already have:

  • Any liver function issues;
  • Any kidneys function issues;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Recent heart attack or other heart issues;
  • Hypersensitivity to exemestane or any other component of the drug.

Aromasin Side Effects

Most athletes tolerate Aromasin well. Side effects rarely manifest even on 25mg dose, the reaction is strictly individual. However, you still should be aware of the full list, and here is what should not surprise you:

  • Nausea;
  • Insomnia;
  • Headaches;
  • Depression;
  • Dizziness
  • Hot flushes;
  • Fatigue.

In some severe cases of personal intolerance you can get:

  • Vomiting;
  • Anorexia;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Diarrhoea;
  • Rash;
  • Edema;
  • Swelling of the legs.

These are not the effects you wanted and not the ones you should cope with. If you notice any of these red flags, drop the Aromasin course. It might be not the cheapest and not the easiest compound to find, but your health is definitely more important in any situation. Either drop AI’s at all (it’s better to do it along with your main cycle compounds) and start a mild Nolvadex or Clomid PCT, or just switch to a different AI option, like Arimidex, and pay extra attention to the side effects.

Personal Opinion On Aromasin

Exemestane is not the most powerful AI on the market, Femara beats it at that. And it’s not the most flexible option, like Arimidex. But two insignificant (at first sight) chemical reactions that Exemestane triggers in your organism make it the most beneficial AI of all. IGF-1 production enhancement and SHBG decrease make it a unique compound that not only lowers your estrogen, but also boosts your whole cycle in general. In my opinion, the worst thing about Aromasin is how challenging it might be to find it. In every other aspect, Aromasin is at least worthy of giving it a try. The shortest possible half-life of 9 hours gives you an ability to jump off quickly in case of emergency anyway, so the risk has all the chances of being rewarded.