Trenbolone 101 – Cycle, Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

Tren will either crush you to the ground or will give you the "Golden God" feeling with insane body transformation. No third option is available. Here are all the details and not-so-obvious side effects you need to know about.


Trenbolone (aka Tren) is not just “one of the most powerful”, it IS the most powerful Anabolic Steroid of the classic injectables. It has a reputation of a pro-level gear, even though athletes can benefit from it at all progress stages. This bad boy is unforgiving, merciless, and complicated, but it’s totally worth it. 

What Is Trenbolone

Technically, Trenbolone is just a modified version of Nandrolone. However, Tren is much more than just Nandrolone 2.0. Back in 1967, scientists intervened in the classic Nandrolone formula and managed to create an extra bond between two carbons that blocked its full potential. They’ve also added a tiny 17-beta-Hydroxyl group to slow down the release of the compound in your body. As a result, nowadays, we have the substance that is:

  • 500% as anabolic as Testosterone;
  • 500% as androgenic as Testosterone;
  • Not aromatizable at all (does not convert to Estrogen);

The similarity with words like «training» has nothing to do with the name of Trenbolone. It is defined by the chemical formula of Tren, which looks like this: Estra-4,9,11-trien-17Beta-ol-3-one. What a nice little touch, huh?

It’s the only cute thing about Tren, though. In everything else, it’s an absolute monstrosity of the gear world. 

Trenbolone Benefits

Ironically enough, the first myth that has to be busted about «the monster steroid» Tren is that it’s NOT purely a bulking steroid. Of course, it CAN and WILL give you extra mass gains, but it’s just not what it’s mostly used for. 

You can hammer a nail in the wall with a fridge door, but would you? You’ve got better tools for it – just like you have Test, Deca, and Dianabol for pure muscle growth.

Trenbolone in any ester has a different function:

Trenbolone Body Recomposition

THIS is where Trenbolone shines best. Recomp means simultaneous fat loss AND muscle hardness enhancement. Pure transformation of your body. Tren needs so much energy that it feels like you’ve been given an indulgence for cheat meals by the Pope himself. Sure, you’ll get the best results if you will stay in your diet frames, but that’s the time «no one will notice». 

During the cycle, this is what you can expect: 

  • Muscle Growth – boosted protein synthesis and more liberated Free Testosterone (since Tren lowers the SHBG) lead to significant muscle hypertrophy – aka God damn gains. 
  • Strength Gains – get ready to see your weights shoot through the sky. You don’t just get more muscle visually – every new muscle cell will get you closer to the dream weight on the bar. 
  • Muscle Hardness – Tren doesn’t just give you the mass. It gives you DRY mass – the non-aromatizable nature doesn’t let you bloat on cycle. No puffiness and water retention – just lean muscle. 
  • Fat Loss – not because of some fat-burning effects – there is better gear for it, and Tren is not a cutting option by any chance. It just dries you out – meaning that you will LOOK more shredded without all the excessive water in your body. Vascularity and extra pumps come in the same package. 
  • Boosted Endurance – enhanced Red Blood Cell production (in the healthy frames) leads to better oxygenation of your muscle tissue and mitochondria growth (new ones grow faster, old ones live longer). More oxygen basically = more second breath during extensive cardio AND extra reps on every exercise. 

Trenbolone is believed to be a pro-level gear partly because it shines best on a lean body. You need to look dry before the cycle so that Tren can take it to a whole different level. Bad news for fatties – you’ll get all the strength boost but won’t magically lose your belly. 

Other Trenbolone Benefits 

In addition to all the great things you would expect from a monster gear, it can give you several positive side effects. Here is what anecdotal reports mention as the most frequent ones: 

  • Libido Boost – some guys take Trenbolone purely for the sexual Endurance and maybe – some extra points in the gym. It won’t just make your erections easier to maintain (and easier to trigger) – it will let you use all the endurance benefits in bed as well. Sex-marathons get a huge chance to become your favorite form of rest. 
  • Self-Confidence Boost – sometimes referred to as “The Golden God” feeling, a sense of unusual ability to accomplish anything is one of the best things about Trenbolone. Just stay cautious and never forget that it will end by the end of the cycle – make sure not to get used to it. Some athletes do, and boy, that’s one horrible hangover they have to go through on PCT. 

Trenbolone Esters

You cant’ take JUST Trenbolone – it comes in 3 major ester forms: 

  • Trenbolone Acetate (aka Finaject);
  • Trenbolone Enanthate (aka Trenabol);
  • Trenbolone Hex (aka Hexabolan).

In basic terms, Ester is an addition to the Steroid formulae that changes the substance’s half-life and some properties. Let’s take a look at all of them briefly.

While the effects are pretty much the same, every ester has its own features and notable side effects.

Trenbolone Enanthate, aka Trenabol, is the longest ester available. It stays active for about a week. Here you can read our complete guide on Trenabol and all the best stacks with it. And here you can buy lab-tested Apoxar Trenbolone Enanthate to check how it works precisely on you.

Trenbolone Acetate, aka Finaject (as it was back in the days or Finaplix), is close to testosterone Propionate in terms of half-life. It’s just around 2-3 days. In the guide on Finaject, you can get all the info on unusual side effects – and the veterinary use of the compound. 

By the way, you can buy pharm-grade Trenbolone Acetate by Novo-Pharm in our shop. We guarantee the quality, the purity, and ASAP delivery all across Canada.

Trenbolone Hex (Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, aka Parabolan) used to be one insanely long ester with a half-life of about 2 weeks. Now it’s rare and hard to get in pure form. It is produced only in Moldova, which makes the quality… say, questionable (works excellent in the NuTren mixture, though). Hex is mostly replaced by Trenabol, which is a way more successful long-acting Trenbolone ester. 

trenbolone enanthate cycle

Trenbolone FAQ 

With all the variety of esters (it’s not as easy as it is with Testosterone in that case), it’s hard to get all the right facts about Trenbolone. Its surrounded by hoaxes and misconceptions. Let’s bust the most widespread ones: 

How To Take Trenbolone

Finally, to the most practical part. You will need intramuscular injections with an insulin syringe. Your butt-cheeks, deltoids, or quads are the best injection sites. It’s a painless procedure, and there are plenty of guides on the Web – like this oneYes, you really need to do it by the guide, and here’s a story that explains why:

Back in 2016, some dude injected Trenbolone the wrong way. He avoided the proper disinfection of the needle and hit a major blood vessel. The dude had to undergo a full-scale surgical operation because some parts of his ass literally started to rot. Be careful, some pictures in the report on the case require enormous amounts of eye bleach to unsee them. Butt necrosis is not a joke. Please, be prudent, cautious, and don’t ever try to invent a new way of injecting stuff. Stop immediately if you feel pain – it is NOT natural.

Trenbolone Dosage

According to most labs, you’re not supposed to inject more than 100-200mg per administration.

It’s believed to be a «healthy» and «safe» dose. However, we’re not limited to info from papers here, and I’m not going to lie for your safety. 

Practically, some athletes take Trenbolone in doses up to 1-1,2g (1000-1200mg) per weekYes, that’s an INSANE doseYes, side effects are GUARANTEED on it. Make sure that not just your body but your wallet is ready for it, too – you’d need to buy a whole bucket of supportive compounds to stay sane and functional on such a crazy cycle. Why do athletes still go for it? Well, they’re either curious about their limits, plain dumb, or desperate for those gains. If you are from this kind of guys – buy Apoxar TriTren (perfectly balanced mix of 3 Trenbolone esters) and skyrocket your results. But be careful with the dose.

It doesn’t mean that you should blindly rely on their experience:

For most athletes, the sweet spot is somewhere between 300mg and 800mg per week, depending on stats and other steroids in the stack.

I would recommend to start low and climb up a bit with every cycle to find your sweet spot, depending on comfort, sides/gains balance, and – of course – bloodwork. Keep an eye on your lipids and progesterone – you don’t want to wake up someday and find out that you are capable of breastfeeding.

Trenbolone Cycle

As obvious as it gets, you should stack Trenbolone according to the exact ester you have on your hands. Check out the Stacks and Cycles part in every Trenbolone ester guide for more protocols. Here I’ll just give you a little starter. 

This cycle here is for those who decided to give Tren their Anabolic Steroids virginity, for some reason ignoring all the recommendations to go on Testosterone Enanthate solo first. It’s your choice, and I’m in no position to judge. Just please – start as low as you can to avoid the «WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON» feeling mid-cycle and not ruin your whole experience with AAS.

First Trenbolone + Testosterone Base Cycle (8 weeks)

Testosterone Enanthate EWTrenbolone Enanthate EWAI (Aromasin)Nolvadex PCTCabergoline
Weeks 1-2150-300mg250mg (or 125mg 2x a week)1mg
Weeks 3-8150-300mg250mg (or 125mg 2x a week)12,5mg 2x a week1mg
Week 9-10
Weeks 11-12

20-40mg ED

Look at the number of the supportives needed JUST IN CASE – kind of gives you the sense of danger, huh? Keep in mind that this is one MILD cycle that would give you minimal side effects and a basic understanding of Tren’s capabilities. Trust me, all the buzz around the dreadful Trenbolone side effects is NOT exaggerated. 

Trenbolone Side Effects

The number of possible sides is exactly why Trenbolone is believed to be a pro-only gear. In return for great benefits, it will attack you from all possible flanks.

Some tren benefits can easily turn into serious reasons to drop the cycle. I hope you got all suspicious, reading the fantastic effects that Tren can give you, and didn’t expect to have a free ride.

Behold, the army of douchebags that ruined so many great Tren cycles. Oh, and – of course – best weapon suggestions to fight them. We’ll start with the ones that are so specific that they even got their names from Trenbolone. 

Tren Dick 

Like the notorious Deca Dick, this is a name for erectile dysfunction – an even more pitiful version of it. Cialis or Viagra can help you deal with that Deca Dick, but nothing will save you from the Tren Dick if you dare to run a prolonged (over 10 weeks) or overdosed cycle of it. 

Tren Cough 

The cough typically lasts for just a few seconds right after the administration, and it’s far from dangerous. You can get it from injectable Testosterone or Deca as well, but Trenbolone is more likely to trigger the effect. I know that any lungs fuckery can be scary. The good news is, it’s nothing but a weird cascade reaction to a highly androgenic compound in your blood. Here is how it works: 

  1. Tren gets from the injection site to your blood; 
  2. It triggers specific inflammatory lipids, called prostaglandins; 
  3. They cause a flash of inflammation-like sensation; 
  4. Tiny blood vessels in your bronchus shrink for a second; 
  5. It makes you cough. 

It takes your body a few seconds to understand that no emergency is going on, and the cough stops. Simple as that. I know that the effect still seems to be weird. You won’t get Tren Cough on every single injection, though. It happens roughly once in four or five of them. 


Trenbolone gives you so much energy that it gets hard to sleep. You can as well try to get MDMA at a party and go to sleep in a quiet room. Sleep issues should be addressed individually since they could be affected by a whole bunch of pre-existing personal conditions. Luckily, most athletes report just more irritated sleep and not literal insomnia. It would be a nightmare since sleep is so essential for bodybuilding. 

Other Trenbolone Side Effects 

You didn’t think that it’s all, right? Here come more usual, but still – disgusting sides that you should be ready to fight on Tren: 

  • Testosterone Suppression – 500% of Testosterone, you NEED PCT and maybe even HCG on this one; 
  • Progestional activity – with the effect that is best known as «the most unexpected moobs ever»; 
  • Crashed Lipids – keep an eye on your LDL – it can skyrocket in no time and give you blood clots; 
  • Androgenic Side Effects – including hair shedding, easier fat gains (that are, thank God, balanced out by enhanced energy consumption in your body), and mood swings; 
  • Mental Side Effects – literally of all kinds, from anxiety and paranoia to aggression and easier irritability. 

And even that is not the whole list. You also should be ready to deal with: 

  • Heartburn;
  • Headaches;
  • Sweating (and I mean SWEATING here);
  • Joints pain;
  • Blood pressure spikes;
  • Hot flashes;
  • Painful pumps outside the gym.

Some of these nasty effects occur in every cycle. Some are rare and just occasionally reported. Depending on the ester form, you can get different ones. Take your time to read the guides on every Trenbolone ester to get the full information. The only general advice here is simple – and as classic as it gets: don’t overdose the stuff, and you’ll be fine. Play it dirty, and you’re completely fucked. Trenbolone, as I already mentioned, is unforgiving. 

Personal Opinion on Trenbolone

Tren is a bomb, and you’re either a random civilian, standing in front of it, confused and sweating, or a professional sapper with explicit knowledge on which cords to cut. I believe that in 1967 when guys from «Roussel-UCLAF» first synthesized Trenbolone, they didn’t know how many athletes will use it. They never intended to release it to the public in the first place. The substance was predestined to stay in the lab and veterinary shops, so no one published any human use instructions. Luckily, you are not the first one in line. A whole squad of demining veterans examined every single aspect of Tren’s activity and experienced it on their skin.

Now, what should you do to let this gear genuinely shine if you don’t have enough experience? Damn, study it. Read anecdotal reports, ask professionals, learn everything you can about the substance. When you fill your syringe and look at the oily transparent liquid in it, you have to know EXACTLY what it does.