Anadrol vs Dbol: 10 Best Ways to Compare the Rivals


There are dozens of Anadrol vs DBol comparisons on the Web that go like «So Dianabol is an oral, Anadrol is an oral too, let’s talk about each of them separately first, blah blah blah, choose for yourself, bye». 

That’s a bullshit approach. DBol and Anadrol are really alike in some areas, but we won’t waste time on it. Let’s break it quick. 

Both compounds belong to the same class, group, or – if you will – weight category because: 

  • Both are structure-wise oral anabolic-androgenic steroids; 
  • Both are fast – 6 hours top half-life for Dbol, and about 15 hours top for Anadrol; 
  • Both are liver-toxic because of the 17-alpha-alkylation process; 
  • Both are powerful AF and can suppress you in no time; 
  • Both are NOT suitable for cutting at all
  • Both should never be your first steroid. It’s an experienced guys-only area. 

That’s it. I just saved you, like, about 10 minutes of your time. Now let’s talk about your expectations a little: 

  1. We won’t give you the winner here. It’s practically impossible. All articles or YouTube videos that promise to tell you which compound is ultimately better are clickbait. We’ll tell you which one is more suitable in each of the 5 most disputed areas, and that’s it. No winners here. 
  2. No scientist, ever, said, «I want to waste a year of my career to solve some bodybuilding shit-storm problem that goes on for decades». Sorry, in terms of comparison, we’ll have to rely on mostly anecdotal info here. We’ll back other facts, though
  3. Your personal reaction to each of the compounds can be different. I don’t want to repeat it in every paragraph, so just keep in mind that your body may tolerate both DBol and Anadrol, not as it’s described here. It’s all individual.  

If you want more practical info on A-bombs cycle – you can check our full guide on Anadrol right here. 

In case you aim at a Dbol kickstart, check this complete review of Dianabol as well. 

Now – finally – to the direct comparison. 

Dianabol or Anadrol For Strength

With an anabolic ratio of about 320% from Testosterone, Anadrol is a better option for pure strength gains. Dianabol will give you some as well, but it’s just 210% as potent as Testosterone on the anabolic side. There’s a study that shows strength gains even in guys on Hemodialysis with Anadrol. 

Anecdotally, A-bombs are the best you can take to break some personal records and shoot your working weights up. 

Anadrol is known to be the steroid behind a big part of all gym traumas. You get the ability to lift much heavier weight in no time, BUT your body, your joints, and tendons are not ready for it. 

If your technic is far from perfect, Anadrol euphoria can send you straight to the hospital with a rotator cuff tear or something even worse. Make sure to warm-up well before the workout, and don’t be an idiot – raise your weights slowly and steadily. 

Dianabol will give you strength gains as well, and rather insane ones, compared to going natural. After all, it’s a bulker – and you can’t get muscle mass without strength gains (it’s, like, a proven fact, here and here you can check the studies that cover it). However, in this part – Anadrol takes the lead. 

Dianabol or Anadrol for Quick Bulking

Both compounds are dirty bulkers with notable water retention as a side effect, but Dbol is somewhat… cleaner. If we talk about the quality of your gains – more pronounced androgenic properties of Anadrol kick in: 

Anadrol will give you more water in your muscle tissue; Dianabol will give you more water in total, but it’ll not be in your muscle. Dianabol is better for a quick bulk. 

Practically, this difference in water retention levels makes Dianabol a better option for the off-season and Anadrol – a better pre-contest gear. It’s not imperative, though. 

Anadrol is more of a long play because direct dirty «muscle» gains will disappear, BUT you will still get notable strength gains. Your weights will go up, your muscles will get more massive (you know, as a natural reaction to heavier weights), and the new muscle volume will be there to stay. It just doesn’t happen as quickly as it does with Dbol. 

Dianabol or Anadrol Side Effects 

This is the area where two compounds are really different. Dianabol is a direct derivative of Testosterone. Anadrol is DHT (aka dihydrotestosterone)-derived. Practically, it means a few things in several key areas: 


Dianabol is aromatizable. Your body can convert it to Estrogen. 

Anadrol is NOT aromatizable. It affects your Estrogen receptors directly.

So Dianabol can give you gynecomastia, and Anadrol can’t. 

However, Anadrol – anecdotally – can give you a thing called «mystery gyno», which shouldn’t happen, but it’s still there. 

It doesn’t work the same for everyone, and we don’t know why it happens, but you’ll actually see people with moobs on Anadrol. The effect might be connected to prolactin, but there are no studies to back this one. Still, if you’re prone to regular gynecomastia, Anadrol is a better option. 


Anadrol does NOT cause virilization in women; it’s been proven multiple times in studies like this one. Dianabol causes heavy virilization. If you’re a female athlete, you kind of have no choice here: Anadrol in small doses is the way to go. Stay away from Dbol. However, I’d still recommend sticking with Anavar.

Blood Pressure

Both Dianabol and Anadrol cause increased BP, but Anadrol is anecdotally more uncomfortable on this one. Your BP on Anadrol can be so high that you get a full Berlin rave party at your temples. 


Both Dianabol and Anadrol cause acne, but Anadrol – again – will probably give you more. Since it’s a more potent compound, you can expect pimples, black dots, and zits all over your back, especially if you’re prone to it. Luckily, people with healthy skin, in general, are less likely to get steroidal acne. 

Painful Pumps

Uncomfortable pumps are a thing on both compounds, but more people tend to get real discomfort from the effect on Anadrol. It makes your cardio almost an impossible thing and sometimes feels completely debilitating. 

Dianabol will give you an increased pumping effect as well, but you’re less likely to get it from just walking your dog or climbing a ladder. Partly – because Dbol wears off faster, and partly – because it promotes less insane RBC production

Anecdotally, Anadrol is not as well tolerated by the majority of athletes as Dianabol. Some say it’s just because it’s way too powerful for your body to stand it.

Some athletes opt for Dianabol ONLY because they can’t run Anadrol for more than 2 weeks because of the side effects. In this category, Dbol takes the prize. 

By the way, both compounds require full-scale PCT and on-cycle support. Here you can check our complete guide to PCT with Nolvadex or Clomid. However, if your normal sex hormone levels are not reacting to traditional PCT measures – check out this instruction on HCG, it can be a life-saver after dealing with tough compounds.

Dianabol Or Anadrol – More Ways To Compare?

You’re still confused in the middle and can’t choose the one you like more? Here are some minor arguments for each of the rivals: 

  • According to this study, Anadrol can give you up to 9 lbs without even working out. Literally sitting on your ass and gaining lean mass; 
  • Dianabol is much cheaper than Anadrol. The average dose of Dbol is around 10-25mg, and Anadrol is 50mg per one pill. If you’re on a shoestring budget, Dbol is the way to go; 
  • Anadrol is actually approved for human use by the FDA (those US guys that label stuff as «safe» or «not safe»). A-bombs were legally on the market even in the early 90s. The manufacturer of Dianabol, CIBA Pharmaceuticals, tried to push Dbol, but they had a massive clash with the FDA in the 80s and abandoned the cause. 
  • Dianabol is a living legend of bodybuilding since it’s the very first steroid that was more anabolic than androgenic. It was created specifically for professional athletes to help US National Team take over the World Championship and finally defeat the Russians; 
  • Anadrol is rumored to be the gear of choice for Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman; 
  • DBol is rumored to be the secret of Arnold’s physique.

Anadrol vs Dbol – Results 

So, as simple as it gets:

Anadrol is more powerful and more dangerous for your health.

Dianabol is weaker and easier on the side effects, but still powerful AF.

No winner here, but if you tolerate both compounds equally well – you clearly should run them in different situations. 

Anadrol vs Dbol

And yeah, here’s an easy scheme for you. Next time some moron will say something like, “So, guys, Anadrol vs Dbol – fight!” in an attempt to cause the shit-storm, you can just use it as a cheat sheet. Or – even better – know all the answers and stay away from dumb arguments.