Do Testosterone Boosters Work? Ultimate Answer


So, do testosterone boosters work? 

Yes, they do! 

Testosterone Boosters 100% Absolutely 200X ELITE PRO Official John Cena Approved work. 

Their primary effect is just… not doing shit. 

Yes, the short answer to your question is simple: Testo Boosters don’t do shit. They can damage your health, though. 

And now, since I’ve said the word ‘shit’ twice already, we will calm down and justify these claims. Let’s start from the very beginning. 

What Are Testosterone Boosters 

There’s no way you haven’t seen at least one in your life. It is usually a huge plastic jar, painted in either screaming toxic MANLY colors, edgy graphics, or – the opposite – white label with a strict, plain text. Everything looks so SCIENCE that you don’t even doubt that it’s a legit thing. 

do testosterone boosters work

After all, we’re in 2021 – there SHOULD be compounds that would boost your Testosterone, right? 

Each package of Testo-Boost 3000 SUPRABULK claims that you will get higher, enormous, crazy levels of Testosterone in just a week, or – sometimes – even days or hours. 

Most often, testo boosters contain up to 50 «natural» herbs and substances. Sometimes they call them ELITE herbs or PREMIUM herbs like we’re back in East India Company’s colonial era, and a gram of saffron would cost you a house or two. 

What are these herbs? They can be literally anything that gained a reputation of a HEALTHY thing in recent years. A modern Testosterone Boosters most probably contains: 

  • D-Aspartic Acid; 
  • Boron; 
  • Random Fancy Plant Name Leaf Extract; 
  • Vitamins B, D, E, F; 
  • Weird-But-Sounds-Scientific «-ine» Compound (like Bioperine or Luteolin). 

The list can go on and on because they come up with new ideas every month or so. 

IN THEORY, some of these substances are PROVEN to raise your natural testosterone production levels. 

However, PRACTICALLY, most of them will not make any real difference – the effect is limited, and it’s not enough for anyone to notice. 

That’s why they add some other compounds that make you FEEL like your Testosterone is through the roof. Male sex hormones are mostly associated with high energy, self-confidence, and so on, so a typical TestoBooster 5000 MAXXX will also contain one of these guys: 

  • Caffeine; 
  • Sugar (in all possible forms); 
  • Ginseng. 

That’s pretty much how the industry works. Also, don’t forget that they make BILLIONS each year and rain real fitness stars with money for promoting their useless stuff. 

Are there no studies to prove Testosterone Boosters worthless? Yup, there’s a whole bucket of them. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to push them off the market. 

By the way: are you sure you need to care about your Testosterone levels at all? Here’s a guide on how to check your natural high Testosterone signs

Why Testosterone Boosters Do Not Work 

In short, because they’re not even supposed to. 

Here’s a beautiful and complex study from 2019 that shows how some Testosterone Boosters even LOWER your natural Testosterone instead of elevating the levels. These guys took the 50 most popular Testo Boosters from the Internet and checked their ingredients. 

The result is simple: half of all the ELITE herbs that are supposed to «MAKE YOU STRONGER» actually suppress your natural testosterone production.

The list of typical «Testo Boosters» that work the opposite way and affect your hormonal system negatively: 

  • Apigenin; 
  • Astragalus; 
  • Bioperine; 
  • Epimedium; 
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra; 
  • Green tea leaf extract; 
  • Rosemary extract. 

We don’t live in the stone age anymore, so all the info on these compounds is open to the public. Yes, the first couple of Google results will be BS promotion articles, but you can easily find all proofs if you dive a little deeper. Let’s check the first three on the list: 

  • Apigenin – a natural thing that comes from parsley, celery, and many other plants. Here’s a complex study that shows that Apigenine actually suppresses testosterone production, and here’s another one that approves it and explains the method from the first one. 
  • Astragalus – a Chinese classic medical plant. There’s zero evidence that it actually boosts your Testosterone. Here’s a study that claims that Astragalus balances the Testosterone-Estrogen ratio (in rats, duh), but the effect comes from glucose levels optimization and has nothing to do with Testosterone production itself. Overall, Astragalus is a nice thing, but let’s praise it for the effects that it really has. 
  • Bioperine – a thing that comes from black pepper fruits. It’s included in many Testosterone Boosters because it’s proven to increase Leydig cells’ number (the actual cells that produce Testosterone in your balls) in male rats. However, they forget to say that it suppresses FSH – follicle-stimulating hormone. Basically, with Bioperine, you trade your fertility for a tiny chance of increased Testosterone production. 

I can do it all day (and probably will in future articles), but we’ve got other subjects to cover. I hope you get the point: the devil is in the details. 

Risks Of Testosterone Boosters 

Jokes aside, this is where the situation gets worse. 

Here’s a study from 2013 that covers 5 cases of liver injuries in active-duty soldiers. All of them – associated with «Testosterone Supplements» use. They wanted gains but got periportal fibrosis.

Fast forward five years later, to 2018. In this study, Testosterone Boosters, again, are proven to be the cause of a liver injury. 

Here’s a short version of the whole thing: dude was munching on some kind of MegaBoost-666 PRO and got severe abdominal pain. He was rushed to the hospital, and they diagnosed a nasty liver injury. AST-ALT indicators were through the roof. He was in a hospital bed for a week.

The repetitive detail in these 2 cases is the compound’s actual name: Universal Nutrition Animal Stak. How did the company react to these studies? Zero attention. Do they still sell their dangerous crap 3 years later? Yup, they do. And they’ve made $43 Million in revenue last year. 

Those are just the cases that got thoroughly studied and received all the medical attention. This compound is just an example, but it shows you how the Testosterone Boosters market works. 

Before we proceed – the risk is not worth it if you don’t have reasons to worry. The only way to be sure is proper blood work. Here’s our guide on how to get testosterone levels tests in males in Canada. 

Real Testosterone Boosters 

So far, we’ve been super-negative. It’s not THAT bad, and the world HAS actual testosterone boosters. You just need to know how to deal with them. 

Here’s the list of compounds that raise your Testosterone: 

  • Boron; 
  • Calcium; 
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone; 
  • L-Arginine; 
  • L-Carnitine; 
  • Magnesium; 
  • Zinc; 
  • Vitamin D. 

You can tell me that these compounds are also contained in shady Testosterone Boosters, and you’ll be right. However, a few things matter here: 

  1. A typical SUPERB Herbmix Booster contains about ten substances, and just a few of them are actually useful; 
  2. Doses of real effective compounds in these boosters are so low that it’s almost a homeopathy. 

When you get a shampoo with a Vanilla extract (or Baobab oil, or Quinoa extract, or whatever), one bottle of that shampoo contains just a tiny trace of the advertised ingredient and a ton of cheaper elements. It works the same way with Testosterone Boosters. 

If you eat the whole pack in a day – you still won’t get the effect. You will get an overdose, and your liver will get a deathwish. 

To use any of these supplements – you need to take them in separate courses, in real medicine, and most importantly – only when your doc will tell you, «Yeah, you can benefit from it now». 

Testosterone Supplements Side Effects

Nah, we’re not going to end it on a positive note. It would be too generous for them. Testo Boosters have one more major feature – nasty sides.

Natural Testosterone Boosters Side Effects List

 Some of them have side effects by themselves, including: 

  • Mood swings; 
  • Aggression; 
  • Bloating; 
  • Acne and other skin health problems; 
  • Fertility issues; 
  • Liver values issues; 
  • Cholesterol misbalance; 
  • Lower sperm count; 
  • Erection problems (get full-scale Deca Dick for nothing!). 

To combat most of these effects, you will have to take a ton of ancillaries, which makes the whole idea pretty dumb: 

Why would you take health improvement compounds that don’t improve your health at all but demand a whole set of other health improvement compounds? 

And that’s not even the full problem. It’s much worse: 

Secret Components Of Testo Boosters – And Side EFfects

Testosterone Boosters, sometimes, just forget to label ALL the ingredients on the package. 

You think that your Insanity-1500 EXTRA BULK has just 15 somewhat-natural and relatively harmless herbs, but in fact – it contains some experimental SARM or peptides. 

Hey, nothing’s wrong with these two. You can check our full guide on SARMs, their classes, benefits, side effects, and problems. SARMs are OK, but you have to KNOW that you’re on SARMs. You may need PCT, and you need to control your bloodwork, monitor the red flags, and so on. 

Here’s an example. This is «MYO-CARD». You recognize the pack style, right?


Even though it shows you the real compound, Cardarine, on the side, it’s labeled as «DIETARY SUPPLEMENT – ULTIMATE ENDURANCE ENHANCER».

Yeah, Cardarine is a good endurance booster, and here you can even check our guide on it, but for the love of God – it’s NOT a dietary supplement. 

Cardarine (aka GW501516) is a PPAR-Delta agonist, a WADA-banned professional performance enhancement gear that directly affects your hormonal system. It was developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, the company behind Ligandrol (aka LGD-4033 SARM) and other similar compounds. It doesn’t belong to the same class as God damn psyllium husk. 

Sounds creepy enough? But wait, there’s more. On the official Health Canada website, you can find a pretty long list of compounds that turned out to be something… say, different.

Here are the most notable ones: 

  • Yohimbine – a natural plant extract, but if you have heart problems – it’ll shoot your BP through the roof and will probably put you on the brink of a heart attack; 
  • Rauwolfia – a thing that will make your depression 10 times worse and will give you pure panic attacks, along with elevated BP. Absolute prescription drug, but hey – if it’s in a legal over-the-counter Testosterone Booster that high school edgelords eat with their bare hands – nothing’s wrong, right? And you won’t find anything about Rauwolfia on the «Plasmajet» testosterone Booster that contains it. 
  • Caffeine and Synephrine – work fantastic when they’re alone, but a thing called «STORM» decided to put them together. When combined, these two can give you anything – from a seizure to a heart attack or a psychosis. Doesn’t sound like a good pre-workout to me. 

The list can go on, but you probably get the concept. If you want to sell people some dangerous stuff – just label it as a dietary supplement or a Testosterone Booster, forget to put all the «herbs» on the pack, and enjoy your profits. 

Testosterone Boosters FAQ 

Just in case you still have any questions – here are all the details on each of the most popular ones. 

With all that taken to account, I hope you understand that the best way to put it shortly at the beginning of the article was «Testo Boosters don’t do shit. They can damage your health».