5 Main Signs of High Testosterone in a Man: Easiest Ways to Find Them

Some signs of high testosterone in a man can be found right in your mirror: if you look manly and feel good - chances that your T is high enough. However, it’s not that simple, and you still might need a medical check to be sure. Here's what you can do first.

Signs of High Testosterone in a Man

Visual Signs of High Testosterone in a Man

As a primary male sex hormone, Testosterone (aka Test, or just T) starts to form your body right in the womb on the earliest levels. To learn your genetic levels, get an easy self-test. Go to the mirror and take a look at your face. More specifically – your jaw.


Facial structure is not just a matter of taste, it’s called masculine for a reason. In this full-scale study on 7,5 thousand men, scientists from the US and Europe found a strong direct correlation between a sharper, more pronounced jawline, and high sex hormone levels. If you can cut paper and break stones with your square jaw – you probably have higher than average Testosterone.

By the way: when we talk about HIGH test levels, we mean the top point of a normal range. USA FOD states that your Testosterone is healthy when it’s between 300 to 1,000 ng/dL. Recent research shows more precise numbers: 264 to 916 ng/dL. 

signs of high testosterone in a man

Deep Voice

While you’re still there in front of the mirror – point at yourself and say or sing something out loud. If you sound like Barry White, Nick Cave, or Tom Waits – your Testosterone levels just can’t be low. This classic article from the New Scientist Journal proves that a deep, gravelly voice can be a sign of high T and even a better sperm count. 

Ring Finger Length 

Now stop pointing at yourself and take a look at your hand. If your ring finger is longer than your index finger – it’s an actual sign of high testosterone. It may sound childish and silly, but I’m deadly serious. 

Signs of High Testosterone in a Man

There’s a direct correlation between your ring finger (scientific term is D4) length and your hormonal levels. In a study from 2005, it’s been proven that your finger length can also say a lot about your test and proneness to aggressive behavior. Which is – surprise-surprise – another sign of high Testosterone in man. 

Body Hair

If you barely can see your ABS through all the fancy curls – you’re more likely to have a high testosterone level than bare-chested guys. Excessive body hair is an important secondary sex characteristic, defined by your hormonal levels directly.

Signs Of High Testosterone in Man

You can check your abdominal area, chest, underarms, and your beard. Of course, it works only if you’re not a “I love laser depilations” type of guy.

Mental health and self-confidence 

So, you look manly, sound like a jazz legend, women fall for your masculine face – what else to wish for? Even though it’s not THAT easy to prove, your self-confidence and an overall positive attitude can also be a sign of high Testosterone. This rather recent study shows that your T levels directly affect your view on life in general. 

The higher your T is – the more you feel like a winner or a champion. And the most fascinating fact – it works vice-versa as well! According to this Cambridge University study from 2018, merely THINKING about your victories, even fantasizing about them, can give you a short-term testosterone boost. 

Your jawline can cut through a mountain, but you feel sad all the time and your ring finger is not as long as you’d like it to be? Don’t worry if all things don’t line up. All these visual signs can be affected by a whole bunch of other external factors. 

Other Signs of High Testosterone in a Man 

Of course, 4 visual signs don’t make up the whole list – there are things that you just can’t check so easily. None of them are 100% proof of a high Testosterone level, and many can be a result of other things. You still can take them as a hint, though. here they are: 

  • Sky-high libido (even though it can be affected by your stress levels and health);
  • Muscle mass (can also be more a result of your family line genetics, but you’re still more likely to get bigger and stronger with high natural Test levels); 
  • More pronounced Adam’s apple (which you clearly won’t see on high-fat levels); 
  • The increased appetite (even though it really can change from time to time). 

Your self-check is still unsuccessful and you feel like your low natural sex hormone levels have a negative impact on your performance in the gym or your physique in general? Check our complete guide on injectable Testosterone in the longest Enanthate ester form and how to run it with the lowest possible risks.

Signs of Unhealthy High Testosterone in a Man

Now, there’s no need to pray to all the gods to give you as much Test as possible. Sometimes it can be TOO HIGH, and signs of unhealthy high Testosterone are actually nasty. When your Test levels go through the roof, you don’t turn into the manliest man on Earth. You get diseases, uncomfortable symptoms, and your life quality falls drastically. Here is what you can get: 

  • Balding – just like The Rock, Vin Diesel, and Jason Statham, but without their physique; 
  • Mood swings of a schoolgirl and uncontrollable aggression bursts – not a King-Kong like, but more like a classic Karen «I want to speak to the manager» ones; 
  • Severe acne – especially all over your back and face;
  • Hypertension – aka unhealthy elevated blood pressure that over-works your heart; 
  • Insomnia – or sleepiness during the day, or both. Depending on how lucky you are. 

If you don’t catch things early, you risk harming your health in a non-reversible way. Your heart can get hit, your liver can stop functioning properly, and you can become infertile. Yes, all of these are proven possible consequences of exposure to unhealthy high Testosterone levels. 

What you can do to avoid any bad consequences? The first step is recognizing the problem with a specialist. Instead of wondering, do a damn simple medical test at your local hospital.

All the visual signs from the list above can indicate high Testosterone levels in HEALTHY men, but none of them will disappear if you get a full-scale hormonal misbalance. 

You can sound like Nick Cave and still have dangerously elevated BP, with all the nose bleeds and headaches, slowly leading to heart failure. Among all signs, our doctor reading the blood work result and saying «You have a high testosterone, but it’s in the healthy range» is still the best one. That’s pretty much what you really need.