Testosterone 400 (T400) – Cycle, Dosage, Side Effects & Results

Sometimes you have to cross the line - and T-400 is waiting behind it. The monstrous Testosterone blend will give your life the God mode, but it can crush you to the ground as well. How to get those crazy gains and dodge all the risks - read in this guide.


What Is Testosterone 400

In short, it’s Sustanon “on steroids”. A blend of 3 Testosterone esters with different release time and half-life. It’s a powerful anabolic steroid that will give you all the Testosterone effects, just multiplied and boosted to their maximum. 

1ml of Testosterone 400 contains: 

  • 50mg Testosterone Propionate;  
  • 175mg Testosterone Enanthate;
  • 175mg Testosterone Cypionate.

It also contains a ton of benzyl alcohol to keep all the oily esters together, but basically – that’s all you get. 

THREE testosterone esters don’t mean that you will get five times more effects! 

It’s crucial to understand that you don’t get 3x more gains. You get the same level of gains as you would from a single ester – just with more sustainability and POSSIBLY less frequent injections.

How Testosterone 400 Works 

Since we’re talking about a substance that copied the mechanism of action from another substance – namely Sustanon from Organon – I recommend you to read our full guide on Sustanon first. Here’s a tl;dr for those who don’t want to: 

Sustanon contains esters with a different half-life so that when one ester wears off – another takes the leading role. This way – you WOULD get sustainable and even levels of Testosterone for about a month. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and you have to take Sustanon every other day. Some athletes still take it weekly or even every 4 weeks and claim to have the benefits, but the effectiveness of the protocol is highly debatable. 

So, what’s with Testosterone 400? It should’ve worked the same way and be more powerful! Look at the half-life of the esters it contains: 

  • 50mg Testosterone Propionate — about 1 day (20 hours);
  • 175mg Testosterone Enanthate — about 4.5 days;
  • 175mg Testosterone Cypionate — up to 8 days.

I know that those numbers are ARGUABLE and that Wikipedia gives you a completely different table. Anyway, I’d still trust official studies, like this classic one from 1998 and a more recent Swedish one. 

The general picture stays the same anyway: when one ester wears off, another takes the lead. 

Does it work like that? Nope, it pretty much doesn’t. You feel the Propionate kick and need to take the second dose as soon as the fastest ester stops acting. The correct protocol is – technically – EOD, aka every other day (like Monday-Wednesday-Friday). However, shit’s complicated, and I’ll cover it in better detail later in the text. First – let’s talk about benefits. 

Testosterone 400 Benefits 

What’s the reason to take it if it doesn’t work like it was intended to? In two words – it still damn works as a Testosterone blend. It gives you all the effects you can get from Testosterone – but longer. Yes, the injection frequency is not as good as it could be, but it’s still more powerful than a solo ester. Here is what you can expect: 

Muscle Growth 

Testosterone 400 is 100% as anabolic as Testosterone itself. You WILL grow, and you will grow like crazy. No direct numbers, since it’s all individual and depends on way too many factors. However, you can expect to gain about 10% of your natural mass, especially if you will eat in a surplus and won’t skip workouts. 

Visual gains and all the effects get more notable if T400 is – somehow – your first gear. 

Strength Boost 

You can’t get visual gains without a rise in functionality. You will squat, push and lift more than you could in your best natural days. No pre-train, no gainer, and no protein shake will give you the same effect. As soon as Propionate ester kicks in – which happens right on the day of the injection – you will get that feeling of being «on gear». 

More Energy 

T400 – as Testosterone itself – is partly responsible for the boosted RBC production. You will get more oxygen (in reasonable amounts) and, therefore – will be able to do more reps, run longer and rest less between your sets. Direct effect on CNS will at the same time give you the right «I want to fucking lift this» mindset. No hard data on how LONG you can enjoy the effect, but you can be sure that even if you miss the peak, there still will be a notable difference. Otherwise, you’re on a fake and bunk compound. 

We can talk about a whole bunch of other benefits, like skyrocketed libido, satisfying pumps, and increased self-esteem, but it’s not why athletes aim at testosterone blends, like Testosterone 400. You can read more about possible additional benefits in our complete guide on Testosterone and its esters; T400 gives you all the same stuff. 

T400 Before and After

Before we post the picture of T400 before and after — you should know a few things:

  1. It’s impossible to predict YOUR gains. Too many factors are unknown in the equation.
  2. The majority of T400 Before and After pictures on the Internet are complete BS. There’s no way one can tell that a certain guy was on T400 ONLY. Even if they claim it.

Now that you probably won’t have unrealistic expectations — here’s what a beginner’s T400 before and after results may look like:

t400 before and after cycle results example

Notice the posing, a different light, and a clear after-workout flexing. We’re also not sure that this guy was on T400 (could be a natural result or a different steroid cycle). And definitely — not for the whole 3 months. Here’s why this pic is still here:

  • The gains are MILD — exactly what one should expect from T400 before and after;
  • The gains are WET AF — since T400 is not a dry compound and there’ll be a lot of water retention;
  • The gains are still visible — especially in the large muscle groups. Exactly what one can expect from T400.

Don’t let the photoshopped, light-altered, sharpened-up pictures from the Web trick you. T400 is not a life-changer. It’s a wet bulker. This T400 before and after is probably the best you can expect as a beginner. PRO athletes though will definitely get more.

Testosterone 400 FAQ 

Since T400 is an underground compound produced solely for bodybuilding, sometimes it’s hard to find some real info about it. Hoaxes and spooky-scary urban legends, though, surround it in massive amounts. Here is a little tour of them – and explanations. 

How To Take T400 

It’s an injectable oily solution, and you need to aim at your big muscles. The traditional way is to inject it in your deltas or your butt, but it’s all up to you and your comfort. 

To start acting, it should enter your muscle tissue (or the thin fat layer between your muscle and skin), so you just have to do an intramuscular (or subcutaneous) self-injection. There’s a ton of guides on the Web, and I’m pretty sure you’ll master it in no time. 

Testosterone 400 Dosage 

Depending on your targets, you’ve got to choose one of two major routes: you either go as you’re supposed to, or you’re being EXTRA careful and get a little less, but safely. 

The first one is to take 400mg, just 1 ml of the compound, once a week. It will be totally enough to fulfill your goals, give you both visual gains and strength boost, and most importantly – to FEEL the effects. 

Some malicious websites suggest that taking 400mg TWICE a week is a way to more gains, but it’s a big no-no. I highly recommend staying away from guys that tell you to straight-forward abuse ger. 800mg of a potent testosterone blend would take you high, you’d feel like an absolute bodybuilding deity, but it won’t last forever.

Imagine falling from a Boeing-747 on the cruising height of 10 thousand miles and crashing into the solid ground. That’s what can happen by the end of the 800mg of T400 EW cycle. 

Can a PCT pillow save you? Nope. And nothing actually can. You and your natural testosterone levels – will be destroyed. You’ll take months to recover from depression, your balls will have to learn how to produce natural hormones again, and your dick will be completely useless all that time. You’ll be a sad, lethargic, emotionally unstable, and bloated (due to water retention) piece of shit with a lazy dick. I’m pretty sure you won’t have the motivation to go to the gym as well, so even your gains will probably be lost. Is it worth it? Well, you’re the one to decide, but to me, the answer is obvious. And that’s why there’s a different approach. 

The second option is to lower the pre-calculated dose. Take 200mg (0,5ml) a week, or even less. Start low, so you can find the sweet spot that will give you the most effects with the less notable side effects. You can waste a couple of weeks and find out that precisely 400mg EW is your perfect dose, but this way, you still will eliminate all the unnecessary risks. 

T400 Cycle 

Here is what a cycle of T400 can look like: 

WeekT400Nolvadex PCT
1-8200 EOD or 400 EW
12-1320-40mg ED

There’s literally nothing special about it. The protocol is the same as it would be with other testosterone blends. You either take the full dose or split it into halves. You wait for the longest ester to vanish from your body and start the PCT. Simple stuff. 

I won’t give you any stacks here for two simple reasons: 

Reason #1: There’s no need for a stack in the first place. There’s no reason to kickstart the cycle with anything like Dianabol since testosterone Propionate in T400 will start acting as fast as it’s possible. There’s no need to combine it with something more powerful since T400 is already powerful as hell. There’s no need to add any base because Testosterone itself is a base compound. 

Reason #2: if you, for some weird reason, still want to make T400 – a tremendous solo compound – just a PART of your cycle, you can go with basically any other gear that exists. Testosterone works great with everything – from orals, like Winstrol, to Anadrol, Deca Durabolin (which NEEDS it as a base), and to SARMS, that will give a little synergy to your cycle by promoting the release of your Free Testosterone. 

The only contraindication here can be dictated by your survival instinct, common sense, and knowing your limits. 

At some point (most likely, if you add anything to your T400 cycle), benefits get less notable, and all the side effects appear. There’s no need to risk it. T400 is already a stack. If you want to play it around, take a solo testosterone ester instead.

t400 testosterone 400 summary

Testosterone 400 (T400) Side Effects 

Some of them are classic, and some are not. Here is what you can expect during the cycle and after it: 

Androgenic Side Effects 

Testosterone 400 – even though it’s a blend – is just as androgenic as Testosterone itself. 100% of androgenic properties mean some possible discomfort: 

  • Acne;
  • Aggression;
  • Hair loss (in most cases not balding, but hair structure thinning);
  • Body hair excessive growth;
  • Headaches;
  • Mind fog. 

None of them manifest 100% of the time. 

You can be lucky enough to avoid all of the nasty consequences – it depends on your stats, general health, and pre-existing conditions. There are no guarantees, though. 

Of all of them (given that it’s not even a full list, just the most notable and frequent ones), acne is the most uncomfortable side effect, especially for those naturally prone to it. It manifests mostly on the arms and back. Disgusting bleeding and popping pimples are every bodybuilder’s nightmare. 

How To Counter Acne Side Effect 

There’s no point in growing all that muscle if you can’t take off your shirt and look like a Nuclear War survivor, so here is what you can do to fight acne back: 

  • Take more frequent showers – the oil should not build up on your skin. I know that extra-frequent showers (starting from 3-4 times a day and up to infinity) dry your skin and provoke even more sweating and oil building up. I still recommend it because you shouldn’t maintain this regimen always – just on cycle, and you can get back to normal when the risk of acne goes away. Besides, AAS tend to cause more sweating, and showering as much as you can is mostly about basic hygiene and not smelling like shit in this case. 
  • Get rid of your toxic soap. It’s suitable for washing your hands, but it can cause bad acne on other parts of your body. Basic soap and shower gels contain a ton of chemicals that can trigger the reaction. Switch to mild and more natural gels and shampoos if you can.  
  • When the situation is ALREADY fucked, there’s always Accutane. Hardcore hormonal compounds can make your acne go away in a matter of days, but you should be extremely careful with it. Accutane has its own side effects, and it’s an overall powerful compound that is NOT tolerated well by all athletes. 

Testosterone Suppression 

Yes, Testosterone 400 is highly suppressive – and it’s the main danger you face with Testosterone blends. Your natural Testosterone level will go into negative digits, and your Estrogen will skyrocket because of aromatization. It takes several months to recover from a complete shutdown, and we’re talking about several sad, sad months. Here is what you can expect: 

  • Zero energy;
  • Lethargy; 
  • Low libido;
  • Troubled erections;
  • Mood swings;
  • Muscle loss;
  • Fat gains. 

Don’t forget the most crucial result of Testosterone suppression and elevated Estrogen: gynecomastia, aka moobs. 

It is some excessive tissue in your chest that gives you female-like breasts. At an early stage, it manifests as just itchiness and sensitivity in your nipples. In a few weeks, it can turn into puffiness, and finally – full-scale Playboy-style moobs. It doesn’t just LOOK fucked up and unnatural, it also FEELS weird. 

What can you do (except putting sexy tape crosses on them) to dodge this nightmare of a side effect? Here are few tips: 

  • Avoid overdosing. The more you take – the more you risk to grow them moobs overnight; 
  • Don’t skip the PCT – it will reduce both the risks and your suffering time; 
  • Take some aromatase inhibitors – they will control your aromatase enzymes and won’t let Estrogen take over (well, at least they will limit them). Here you can read our guide on Femara, Aromasin, and other options. 

For the most hopeless cases, there’s HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It’s a hardcore defibrillator, emergency shock therapy for your balls. Read more on it here in our guide – and take it as the last resort measure. 

Other T400 Side Effects 

Here are several less obvious side effects that you should be ready to combat as well: 

  • Pain in the injection site – because of all the benzoyl alcohol that T400 contains. It’s normal and should go away in a few minutes;
  • Higher blood pressure – because Testosterone boosts your natural RBC (red blood cells) production. You get good pumps – but you get higher BP, headaches, and tremors in return. Especially if your normal BP is already high; 
  • Mental Side Effects – because Testosterone affects your central nervous system both directly and through a cascade reaction. Mood swings of a schoolgirl, uncontrollable rage blasts, depressive thoughts, and in the most severe cases – suicide thoughts as well. Double-question your mind process on steroids. Sometimes those thoughts are just not yours. 
  • Water retention and bloating – because long esters tend to cause more blood retention in your body. It’s all anecdotal, but there’s a massive chance that you’ll have to maintain a low sodium diet for a few weeks after the cycle to get back to your normal, not puffy look. 
  • Sleep disorders – because your CNS, again, gets hit, and there’s no way to predict how it will affect your sleep schedule. You can start to wake up randomly at night like a lunatic, get insomnia or trouble waking up in the morning. Don’t rush to get any specialized medications for it – it will go away when the cycle ends. 

Personal Opinion on Testosterone 400

There are mistakes, big mistakes, and disasters. Testosterone 400 is an absolute disaster of the gear world, but the one you can actually use to your advantage. What could be worse than a Malaysian laboratory (with a history of underdosing) copying a compound with a failed mechanism of action but making the result even more powerful? I struggle with the answer. However! There’s a notable difference between a disaster and a catastrophe: you can manage a disaster, and it becomes a catastrophe only if the risk is treated poorly. T400 is a tsunami, but you CAN deal with it. Just don’t listen to the fools that tell you that it’s completely safe and urge you to take more than 400mg once a week. Watch out for the red flags and take all the caution measures. This way, you can surf on it – with zero human casualties. After all, it’s nothing but a glorified Testosterone esters mix.

P.S. As I write this, the company behind T400, Malay Tiger, is receiving a shit ton of negative comments from customers that order from them directly. People just don’t receive their orders. It can be a sign that the company has gone bankrupt or is now closed. Watch out for fake T400 and other products under their name. Instead — you can always buy Apoxar Test 400 in our shop.


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