Best Apoxar Peptides — Reviews and Advice

Top-3 best peptides made by Apoxar Lab
Top-3 best peptides made by Apoxar Lab

Peptides are an enormously large group of natural or artificial compounds, molecules of which are built from α-amino acid residues and connected with special bonds. While Apoxar Peptides are the best representatives of this group. 

Apoxar has been a reliable source of all sorts of stuff for quite some time. Buying from them means that you buy only pharm-grade gears. And we are here to share the best Apoxar Peptides list along with athletes’ opinions about them.  


If we don’t go to the theoretical and chemical parts too much, YCZ is a great fat loss option, combining Yohimbine 5mg, Clenbuterol 50mcg and T3 12.5mcg. The principle of its action is based on the fact that Clen stimulates beta receptors, while Yohimbine blocks alpha receptors. And T3 just casually hangs around doubling their effects.

“100mcg of T400 along with 2 tabs of YCZ worked great on me. It’s not a popular choice, but it’s getting the job done. Shredded look, veins popping out like I’m in the comic book lmao and no fat even on my belly”

— NeverLetDown

Just a quick reminder that each substance that has to do something with your hormone levels and body can be toxic and dangerous. Buy YCZ by Apoxar and get top-quality, but use it wisely!   


Despite its unattractive title, Apoxar IGF-1 LR3 is an extremely potent peptide, an injectable version of your old pal protein. Great for bulking since it gives you amazing quantitative gains of high quality. You can buy IGF-1 LR3 by Apoxar and experience its benefits you. Here is what other athletes think — note that it may be a bit too emotional:

“Second vial is almost over and here is what I want to say — this sh#t is amazing. It is an absolutely insane feeling when the ligaments can withstand much more than the muscles can lift, so there is an increase in strength and endurance.”

— imcomingforu

IGF-1 LR3 effects are close to the ones of hardcore AAS. This means that it also requires certain discretion.


BPC157 is a body protective compound with strong anti-inflammatory effect that is vital when healing after serious injuries. This peptide is close to the one we can produce ourselves, the only difference is that it is placed in a handy vial and it is easy to buy BPC157 of the highest quality, which is guaranteed by Apoxar, trustworthy gears manufacturer.

“God, this stuff is a lifesaver. I really tried everything when I got injured and nothing helped. I ran into BPC157, used 2x 0.2ml ED and voila! It’s like it never happened.”

— Anonymous Reddit r/Steroids user in July 2018

Apoxar BPC157 has not only great quality, but also a third party lab check that can prove it. This compound doesn’t have any side effects, only pure and fast ligaments, joints or muscles healing.


Professional sportsmen and atheletes are the most vulnerable group in terms of sex life. Their test levels are getting constantly suppressed by AAS and PT-141 is here to help them recover. You can buy PT-141 by Apoxar and rest assured that it has the best quality on the market. Moreover, this drug was officially approved by the FDA.

“I won’t lie if I say that so far this is the best drug for increasing libido. One hour of non stop sex is really long for me, the girl was almost f#cked to her death and spiced with huge savory cumshots. And this is only after 30UI.”

— James Din

 PT-141 is the first compound that is approved for treatment of sexual activity issues. It is absolutely safe for use, yet it is better to consult with a doctor before trying it. 


GHRP-2 is rarely used solo due to its mild nature, yet after you start taking it you can see a lot of positive changes in your body, from better sleep to increased appetite and metabolism. In bodybuilding it is used to boost HGH production and improve performance results.

“I couldn’t break through my plateau for years. With this stuff I really made it, I was always hungry not even like a wolf but as my pregnant wife and 3 kids all together.”

— Lion196

GHRP-2 is an affordable and effective alternative to Somatropin that is really a great addition to any cycle for enhanced fat loss and lean muscle gain results.


Peptide HGH-176-191 is used with other compounds during cutting to fasten up weight loss. It can’t give you significant muscle gains but it is great for endurance boost and increased fat burning. It is easy to forge new compounds like peptides, so instead of buying a fake one, buy HGH-176-191 in our shop. We and Apoxar guarantee top-quality. 

“HGH peptides work only if you work too. For me the only problem is that it is an injectable gear and it is very important to comply with the temperature regime not to ruin it.”

— Ssnek12345

HGH-176-191 consists of more than 200 amino acids and works incredibly fast boosting your cycle results.

By the way, you can check out our full guide on peptides for better understanding of who’s who in this world, in case you need more details.

Final thoughts

Peptides are another step towards creating the ultimate drug with the help of which we can rest on the couch and still be fit. However, there is still a long way to go and you still need to check with a doctor, work out and maintain a proper diet.