Top-3 NovoPharm Steroids — With Reviews

Strongest NovoPharm steroid lineup picks
Strongest NovoPharm steroid lineup picks

NovoPharm has been a reliable source of gear for bodybuilders in Canada for years. They produce all sorts of compounds, but NovoPharm steroids are among the most popular ones on the market today.

Here’s your ultimate list of compounds from their product lineup — and what real athletes have to say about them.

Testosterone Propionate

NovoPharm makes it in 100mg/ml vials with the long-standing and authentic design (so you know you buy Testosterone Propionate in a legit and actually working form, not an underdosed one). 

It’s a classic short Testosterone ester, as flexible as it gets. Test Prop works great on cutting, on bulking, and all you have to do is just adjust the dose right. Even small doses are completely OK: 

“10 mg/day of test prop here injected first thing upon waking every day. It’s been far superior to test cyp in every way shape and form. The vial lasts longer too.”

— Owlmen 

Keep in mind that PCT is crucial after ANY Testosterone cycle, unless you’re on TRT doses. 

Deca Durabolin

Deca is the steroid of choice for athletes from the Golden age of bodybuilding and modern PROs as well. The reason is simple: it’s a bulker with extra benefits, like joint health improvement. 

Nandrolone (the base compound of Deca Durabolin) should always go with a Test base, though. It’s not the most expensive compound that NovoPharm makes (you can buy Deca Duraboilin for about 80$ per vial), but it’s famous enough to be often faked solely because of its popularity. It has both benefits and downsides: 

“What’s it like? At first you don’t really notice but after time you just kind of slowly hulk out. Start to look and feel big. Muscles give you that “slab of meat” look that the golden era guys had. Which makes sense. After about week 12 I started to get a little more jealous and weird about sh#t.”

— Anonymous Reddit r/Steroids user in December 2021

Deca dick (inability to get an erection) is another common side effect, BUT you can be reasonable with dosing Deca and avoid it (unless you’re really, really prone to it). It’s powerful enough to be effective in small doses. 


Drostanolone, or Masteron (also commonly referred to as just Mast) is another classic bulker that NovoPharm makes in Canada. You can expect more than serious gains (with a proper workout routine and enough rest, of course) with it and lose way less than you would with other gear after the cycle. 

On side effects, athletes are divided into two major groups: those who absolutely love Mast and those who hate it due to side effects. You’ll find comments like this all over the niche-related forums: 

“Mast is one of my faves, took this towards the end of a massive test blast and was bloated as sh#t. I feel great, look lean and vascular, and also get a lil bit stronger. Never shed hair at all on it.”

— young_thugging

You can buy Masteron here if you’re in Canada, but first — make sure that all aspects of your bodybuilding regime are on point. It’s not a compound you can “just try to see what happens”. The result depends on your dedication and discipline. 

Final Word

Of course the lineup is not limited to these three, but that’s more than enough for you to achieve your cutting or TRT (with low-dose Propionate) or bulking (with Masteron or Deca) goals.