What Do Athletes Think About Arimidex by NovoPharm?

What Do Athletes Think About Arimidex by NovoPharm?
What Do Athletes Think About Arimidex by NovoPharm?

Even at low doses, Arimidex can have an enormous impact on estrogen control. Many athletes use Arimidex during cycle breaks and for post-cycle purposes. Others use the drug to maintain a stable level of estrogen in between steroid injections. But Arimidex is not without its flaws when it comes to steroid use. We will look at it closely and also recommend where to buy Arimidex by trusted supplier NovoPharm and not get scammed.

What Is Even Arimidex?

Arimidex inhibits estrogen production by blocking aromatase. Aromatase is responsible for converting androgenic hormones (like testosterone) into estrogen hormones. This conversion is a natural, physiological process that allows the body to utilize androgens in the most efficient way possible.

Arimidex is actually fairly effective for steroids users when it comes to minimizing estrogen production. Unlike clomiphene citrate, which only acts on one part of the estrogen synthesis pathway, Arimidex inhibits both steps.

Arimidex Benefits And Price

You always should remember that you can feel real effects only with REAL compounds that are not underdosed or mixed. And true Arimidex costs approximately 70$-80$. Quite a reasonable price for all the benefits it has:

  • Protects against estrogen-related side effects (such as gynecomastia or water retention);
  • Slightly increases testosterone production which is great on pct;
  • Does not affect the secretion of cortisol and aldosterone.

Arimidex can also lower blood pressure. It has no side effects if taken as prescribed or in low doses. Arimidex is usually taken orally, 1 tablet each day. The duration of the cycle depends on your needs and can be prolonged or shortened depending on them. 

Arimidex Real Athletes Reviews

Arimidex is not suicidal, unlike Aromasin but it also works quite well. A lot of professionals support it and agree on the matter that it costs less side effects than other options. We gathered some Arimidex NovoPharm Reviews to share with you.

This is why so many bodybuilders stack their Arimidex with Nolvadex and tamoxifen citrate — the other aromatase inhibitors. And a lot of them choose Adex over others:

“I never got bacne til I took aromasin. Painful bacne. Adex has seemed to work well for me”

— cahoskins

And a lot of professionals support this opinion. For some people, mostly for those who aromatise a lot, Arimidex is a great option. 

“Arimidex has worked great for me on dbol/test-e but I dont think I’m very prone to gyno or anything.”

— ihazgainz

Bottom line

As with any matter, there are a lot of controversial opinions about Arimidex. It is still used by the vast majority of athletes, stacked or runned solo. And Arimidex by NovoPharm is proven to be not only effective but also extremely pure. It was 3rd party lab checked and we have all necessary certificates for gears we sell. Don’t save money on your health and buy only checked gears from trusted sources. 


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