Top-3 Mild Steroids by NovoPharm Worth Trying

The 3 best steroids by NovoPharm
The 3 best steroids by NovoPharm

NovoPharm has long been known for production of premium quality steroids. They produce almost everything from mild preps to PCT-only drugs. Here you’ll see the ultimate, yet short guide to NovoPharm best mild steroids.


If you want to have at least two horsepower under your hood (and we are not talking about cars) then EQ or Boldenone is your choice. NovoPharm makes Equipoise (Boldenone) in the small, handy 300mg/ml vials. They are one of the most reliable manufacturers so it is crucial to buy Equipoise (Boldenone) from trusted sources to ensure outstanding results.

EQ is a brand name for the substance titled Boldenone. It is a Testosterone derivative, yet with more power and added Undecylenate ester. This ester prolongs the half-life of the active compound, making results more visible. It is great for cutting and for bulking, usually athletes start low and climb high:

“I absolutely love it. It helps with cardio and makes me veiny. I tried everything between 600 and 1200 mg and now I’m sure that 600mg is my sweet spot that I can tolerate forever. As a nice bonus my skin got slight yet noticeable tone”

— protein_macciato

You should never forget that your health is in the first place. Feel free to experiment, yet stay in reasonable frames. If you do it right you’ll experience no side effects and get only muscle gains.

By the way, here’s our full guide on EQ — with as much details as you may need in your research.


Primo (short for Primobolan) is probably one of the safest compounds available on the market and which is great for cutting. Its short, yet very descriptive name (from ‘il primo’ (italian) — the first) hides its chemical description Methenolone Enanthate. 

NovoPharm produces this baby in Canada in 100mg/ml vials that are easy to use or in the form of tablets. Unfortunately, there are malicious sellers that can ruin even such harmless compound as Primo. To be sure of the quality and that your health won’t be hurt, we recommend buying Primo from an official store that you can find by clicking a link

“I started to notice Primo aesthetics really quickly and that made me want to run it longer. Now I’m pretty sure that even a complete newbie can run it safely for the whole year. I started 500+ and then went 200 for cruising, yet the effects stayed (as well as my diet and training). I was pleasantly surprised that Primo doesn’t f#ck with my hair and doesn’t give me acne in weird places. 10/10, definitely recommend” 

— docazul222 

Primo stacks great with the whole bunch of options, yet usually it goes with Anavar or Mast. 

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone is the ALpha and Omega for each athlete who starts using AAS. In this context, Testosterone Cypionate is one of many steroids by NovoPharm you can pick with zero chances for a failure. It is better to run it along with something, however, even solo this steroid is long acting and gives you huge endurance boost and sweet muscles with no water in them.

TestC is a very popular option for bulking. A lot of guys start from it along with Dianabol to strengthen the gains. So, TestC sells out fast, be sure to buy Testosterone Cypionate from a trusted source to see its benefits with no harm.

My only problem with TestC is that I hate needles! They freak me out. If you are like me I recommend training on something before doing self injections. As for the results, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. I gained almost 5lbs of pure muscle mass and I don’t plan to stop on this

— PunchInYourFace

You should never forget to run your PCT cycle after any doses of steroids (except low, such as on TRT). And if you notice anything strange, don’t be a pussy and go see a doctor.

Bottom Line

The world of steroids is limitless, while old one being tested, new ones emerge. This was our top 3 of mild steroids manufactured by trusted NovoPharm.