Peptides 101 Ultimate Guide — Fat Loss, Healing and Muscle Gains

Sleepy all day? Peptides. Need more gains? Peptides. Want to get tan for the summer? Peptides, and I’m not even kidding. There are peptides for everything. Little guys can bring all the details of your bodybuilding routine to another level, but they require a special approach. What are they, what to expect, and how to use them correctly? Read in this guide.


In short, peptides are non-steroidal performance boosters, synthetic strains of natural amino-acids. The very first thing about the class that people notice is those weird abbreviation-like names. However, in the full form, they look even more bizarre. For example, this is Tesamorelin, try to read it out loud:


Sounds fucked up, right? However, this thing can do wonders to your body. There are around 20 THOUSANDS of peptides like this one for any imaginable purpose. Even though we have limited research on most peptides, they have already gained extreme popularity among bodybuilders.

The Problem With Peptides

I want you to learn one thing before diving deeper into this rabbit hole. We have decades of experience with anabolic steroids and literal thousands of medical studies on growth hormone, but with most peptides, we only can rely on a few proven facts and anecdotal reports.

All peptides are relatively new. Clinical trials for most are unfinished. You’re rolling the dice here, so make sure that you are ready for it and don’t risk your health for no reason.

Peptides Benefits

The class of peptides is comparable (I would even say superior) to anabolic steroids class in terms of its scale. It would be pure madness to list all possible benefits in one place, so this is just a shortlist:

  • Growth hormone production boost;
  • Faster muscle gains;
  • Enhanced healing;
  • Tanning;
  • Weight loss;
  • Anti-aging effects;
  • Libido improvements.

That’s like trying to name all benefits of doors. There are damn dozens of different doors: metal, wooden, garage doors, the ones on your fridge, glass doors at the mall, even The Doors. I don’t want you to be the guy who tried to buy a living room door online and ended up reading about Jim Morrison’s early sex life. Damn doors don’t affect your body directly. Peptides do.

The «quick grasp» approach doesn’t work here. I would strongly recommend researching every peptide that you’re interested in individually.

Besides being a relatively new class of compounds, peptides already compete with anabolic steroids and the growth hormone in terms of popularity. Especially among the new generation of bodybuilders. This is what makes them so unique:

Variety Of Substances

There are peptides for any purpose you can imagine. Almost every substance has analogs within the class with slight differences in power and side effects. It gives you the ability to choose the peptide that would fulfill your goals, would be perfectly tolerated by your body, and wouldn’t flatten your wallet.

Variety Of Combinations

With just top-12 peptides that are commonly used in bodybuilding, you can make more than 100 combinations. With rare exceptions, you can’t combine only the ones that belong to the same group. Other mixtures either create synergy or give you two independent positive effects.

Low Price

HGH is a rare compound that gives you a whole cluster of unique benefits, but it’s not the cheapest one, to say the least. One month can cost you up to 1500$, and you should run it for at least a year to get the best results, so imagine the total price. Specific peptides boost your natural growth hormone production and rarely cost over 100$. This way you get similar effects and don’t need to sell your house. Of course, the effects are not the same as those of the year-round HGH therapy, but the results are totally comparable, and the side effects are mostly mild as well.

Peptides Guide

I understand that the variety may be overwhelming at first. However, with some research, you’ll stop acting like a kid at the candy shop and will see clearly that only 3 or 5 peptides of the whole spectrum are good for you at the moment.

Peptides To Boost Growth Hormone

2 main groups are targeted at your natural growth hormone production: GHRPs and GHRHs. Both groups give you HGH-like benefits:

  • Muscle gains;
  • Fat burning;
  • Easier recovery;
  • Anti-aging effects on skin and hair;
  • Immunity strengthening.

While the results are basically the same, two groups achieve them in a different way. Here is how each of them works and what are the differences.

GHRP Peptides

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides live up to their name. Their effect is relatively short, the growth hormone production peaks in half an hour after the injection and slowly goes back to normal in the next 3-4 hours. However, with proper workouts, that’s proven to be enough to take your performance to another level. The gro

  • GHRP-6, The safest option for those who don’t want to rush into the unknown;
  • GHRP-2, same as GHRP-6, but 30% more powerful and is more likely to elevate prolactin and cortisol levels in your blood;
  • Ipamorelin, more powerful than GHRP-2, but less likely to rise cortisol and prolactin. As for now, believed to be the most well-balanced option of the group;
  • Hexamorelin, the most powerful option, capable of raising natural growth hormone levels to 7-15 times above normal. It has the biggest chance to boost prolactin and cortisol.

You see that they differ not just in terms of power, but also in changes of prolactin and cortisol levels they induce. Those are the «bad guys», and you should know the faces of your enemies:


Prolactin works in synergy with estrogen (female sex hormone) and can lead to gynecomastia development. It also limits your dopamine production, which means more stress and fewer gains, and can cause trouble with erections.


The catabolic hormone, responsible for muscle loss and fat gains. Cortisol boosts your glucose levels, destroys proteins, triggers acne and on a long-distance can turn you into a constantly stressed-out fat boy with tits.

GHRH Peptides

Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone peptides (yes, I’ve told you it’s complicated) also boost your GH, but do it differently. While GHRPs create a sharp peak in production, GHRHs create a steady wave – prolonged production enhancement. While the GHRH group was created before the GHRP one, these compounds were proven to be effective numerous times and still remain extremely popular. The most popular of them are:

  • CJC-1295 DAC, the long-acting compound that stays active in your blood for up to 2 weeks, due to DAC (Drug Affinity Complex) modification. Probably the most common GHRH peptide by the moment. Feel free to check if it’s in stock in our store, it’s one of the best places to buy CJC-1295 in Canada to avoid “bunk” and mislabeled BS.
  • Mod GRF (1-29), similar in effects to CJC-1295 without DAC. Stays active for 30 minutes, but creates a steady wave-like increase of GH production.
  • Egrifta (aka Tesamorelin), the only FDA-approved GHRH peptide. Stays active for 2,5-5 hours, enhances not just the peaks of your GH production, but the baseline of it as well.

Growth Hormone Peptides Side Effects

All peptides of both groups are mild on the side effects to the point that they can be prescribed to children with growth hormone deficiency. The worst side effects you can get (aside from prolactin and cortisol) include:

  • Hunger (since GHRPs are similar in structure to the hunger hormone, ghrelin)
  • Itchiness in the place of injection (lasts for 5-10 minutes);
  • Stomach ache (in case of personal intolerance and allergic reaction).

GHRP and GHRH Peptides Mixing

Together different peptides create a synergetic effect. It means that when you combine them, you multiply their benefits, not just add them to each other. I get alchemic vibes from the process, but this art is way easier to master. You can find some useful mixtures with almost all peptides.

Peptides For Weight Loss

First of all, GHRP and GHRH peptides are suitable for cutting, and it’s been medically proven numerous times. You need a smaller dosage of them, i.e. 100 mcg instead of 200 mcg per injection. Rapid fat loss is one of the properties of the growth hormone that peptides of both groups are supposed to boost. However, two novel peptides affect your body fat directly:

  • HGH Frag (176-191), essentially a part of the growth hormone molecule that is responsible for weight loss. It can cause 12 times more effective fat destruction than the HGH itself. The unbelievable effect along with mild to no side effects remains questionable since we have nothing to rely on, despite anecdotal reports and some contradictory clinical trials.
  • AOD9604, the synthetic analog of the same part of the growth hormone. A relatively new peptide that was proven to increase lipolytic activity (aka fat burning) in your body. However, it’s still a perspective substance and we don’t know its full potential, as well as all possible side effects.

Keep in mind that no cutting-edge peptide will ever overcome a constant calorie deficit in terms of fat loss effectiveness. 90% of cutting success is forged in the kitchen, not in the drug store. Despite that GH level were linked to fat percentage (the less GH you have – the fatter you get),I would strongly recommend to keep your diet on point and go for regular high-intensity workouts.

Other Peptides

Bodybuilding is one complicated lifestyle. To achieve your best results, you need to take to account multiple factors. You need to sleep well, take care of your appearance in general, and somehow fit healthy sex life into a busy schedule. Now, remember that I’ve said there are peptides for everything? Here they are – even for non-obvious targets.

Melanotan-2, the Tanning Peptide

It affects the process of your melanin distribution in the skin layers and can give you a natural tan look in 2 months. Benefits include, not only the greatest quality if you buy Melanotan 2 in our shop, but also:

  • Darker skin tone;
  • Easier tanning for life, since the process is irreversible;
  • Decreased skin vulnerability to direct UV radiation from the sunlight.

You definitely need to pay extra attention to your moles and dark spots while on Melanotan-2. Also, many athletes report uncontrollable erections during the course of this peptide. Like, 8-hours long erections. Despite that, serious side effects manifest rarely.

PT-141, the Libido Peptide

Surprisingly, it’s closer to Melanotan-2 than to Viagra or Cialis. To be precise, PT-141 IS Melanotan-2 with some minor modifications to turn effects from tanning to libido gains. Here is what makes the peptide unique:

  • Works for both men and women;
  • Gives you an erection or sexual arousal regardless of the mood, purely by physiological processes;
  • More effective than Viagra.

As a side effect, you may experience blood pressure spikes, hot flashes, and decreased appetite, but let’s face it – the only thing that will be on you and your partner’s mind with PT-141 is sex. So, make sure that you buy PT-141 in advance. You’ll be able to enjoy a healthy dinner in 8-10 hours when the libido will get back to normal.

TB-500, the Healing Peptide

It’s one of the most complex peptides out there, consisting of 44 amino acids. It doesn’t make your muscle grow but boosts the recovery process. The most shocking thing about TB-500 is that it used to be doping for horses in the very beginning. Now it’s widely used in medicine after surgical operations.


  • Faster muscle tissue, joints, tendons and skin healing;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;
  • CNS protection;
  • Increased flexibility of joints and tendons;
  • Lower risk of a heart attack.

TB-500 was proven to be absolutely side effects-free even in an enormous dosage of 1260mg. For a typical cycle, you need just 10mg per week, so we can say that it’s simply incapable of causing any harm to your body.

By the way, you can buy Apoxar TB500 in our shop. Authentic and made by a well-known lab, with 5mg per vial it’s more than enough to speed up your recovery.

DSIP, the Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide

Even though falling asleep will be significantly easier with it, DSIP is not just an injectable sleeping pill. It is a sleep regulator. DSIP makes your deep sleep and light sleep ratio healthy even after decades of chronic insomnia. Here is what DSIP can give you:

  • Better rest and more energy in the morning;
  • Suppressed cortisol levels (less catabolic processes);
  • Improved LH and FSH production (higher free testosterone levels).

A short 4-weeks course is capable to normalize your sleep patterns completely. The best thing about DSIP is how thoroughly it is researched – 40 years of studies have proven zero side effects, aside from slightly increased heart rate, personal intolerance, and possible allergic reactions.

IGF-1 LR3, the Anabolic Peptide

IGF-1 is a natural protein that is produced in your liver, LR3 is the code to the modification that prolongs its life in your body to about 30 hours. Most effects of the growth hormone are mediated through this protein. IGF-1 LR3 peptide is the convenient short route to muscle gains, that is proven to be effective.

  • Muscle hyperplasia (dry muscle mass growth);
  • Anti-aging;
  • Heart strengthening;
  • Immunity and general health enhancement;
  • Fat burning.

You should know that IGF-1 will NOT give you strength, just visual gains. However, with all the additional benefits, it can make you big AND healthy. No wonder it’s one of the most popular peptides on the market. And no wonder that there are guys who want to fake it and ruin your health. However, we assure you, that if you buy IGF-1 LR3 in our shop, you will get exactly what you ordered, no underdose, all compounds are carefully lab-tested.

PAL-GHK, the Anti-Aging Peptide

So you’re rocking shredded 6-pack abs, massive vascular arms and monstrous boulder shoulders in your early 40s, but women still ask you about your grandchildren? That’s because no workouts can save you from natural aging processes. However, PAL-GHK peptide can do this for you. Full anti-aging therapy results include:

  • Fresher skin tone;
  • Less notable age-related wrinkles and crow’s-feet;
  • Disappearing bags under the eyes;
  • Hair health and color improvements;
  • Faster regeneration processes.

PAL-GHK repairs your cells from the inside. it also boosts natural antioxidants and collagen production. Side effects are rare, but you should know that small lumps may appear under the skin at the place of injection. They will stay there for several days and disappear on their own.

How To Take Peptides

All peptides are injectable and come in crystal powder-like form. You’ll need to add them to bacteriostatic water. The procedure is way easier than you may think, [HERE] you can read the complete guide on how to reconstitute, mix and inject peptides.

Personal Opinion On Peptides

The position that peptides take in modern bodybuilding is somewhat twofold. On the one hand, it’s a relatively new class of compounds that didn’t get enough research yet. On the other hand, peptides are definitely not “the gear of the future”, as some say. They are already everywhere, from local gyms with sturdy lockers to pro competitions backstage. There are plenty of relatively common peptides that we already have enough knowledge of, and I would highly recommend sticking to them. You’re not a lab rat. At least I hope you’re not one of those lab rats that they taught to lurk through the web and go on gear. Find a reliable source, get the compounds that are at least familiar to the community, and don’t be the guy that will give his name to a weird new syndrome, caused by a previously unknown side effect of an experimental peptide.


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