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How To Do Smith Machine Incline Bench Press

The Smith machine incline bench press is suitable for bodybuilding purposes and for those who do not have the usual incline bench with bar support elements. A fixed barbell does not give the same trajectory as the free weight, but it’s convenient to perform drop sets with it or to workout without a partner. You can just hang the barbell on the safety hooks at the right time, so that the bar won’t fall across your chest. 

Exercise Technique


Starting position

1. According to plan, you need to set up the incline bench at an upright angle (around 30-45 degrees);

2. Then place it under the Smith machine bar for convenient bench press;

3. After this, you need to get up and add weight to your barbell with weight plates;

4. Smith machine bar has the minimum weight, so there’s no need to warm-up with an empty barbell;

5. Then you should lay on a bench and place your shoulder blades in such a way that allows you to keep the shoulders position stable. After this, you can lift a barbell off the hooks.

How to Move 

1. You need to lower the bar down towards the middle of your chest as far as it almost touches your chest, but only if it’s comfortable. If there’s any discomfort in your shoulders, you may raise the bar a little higher. 

2. On the exhale, press a barbell up from the chest with a powerful movement;

3. Perform the desired number of reps, then put the bar back in the safety hooks. To do this, crank the bar again. Most importantly, the last repetition must be completed, and after that you can put the bar in the hooks.

Pay Attention

1. The angle of the bench should not be too sharp. Otherwise, the front delta will be included in the work. The angle of the bench above 60 degrees is not intended for chest exercises because it targets shoulders.

2. Bouncing the bar from the chest isn’t allowed. It can cause serious injuries, so it’s better to work smoothly;

3. The Smith machine incline bench press cannot be the only chest exercise for those who seek to develop strength, but it’s well suited for bodybuilding. 


This bench press is included in training programs for chest muscles workout, but not to

establish records in the bench press. This exercise is meant to pump up aging your muscles, not your ego. Use medium-weight plates and don’t miss the warm-ups;

During bench press, your forearms should be perpendicular to the floor. This will make other angles right;

The bench is positioned so that you don’t get an overload injury to the ligaments. It means that you should press a barbell up and down towards your chest, not your neck;

Other Ways To Do Smith Machine Incline Bench Press 


The shoulders workout depends on the inclination angle of the bench back. The higher the back, the more work for shoulders;

You can also do this exercise with a wide grip or with a close grip.

Contraindications to this exercise are the same as contraindications to the regular incline bench press workout. You shouldn’t do this exercise if you have any form of physical injury to the chest, elbows or wrists. It’s also not recommended to perform this exercise more than once a week to prevent overtraining.

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