Hadi Choopan — The Truth About Mr.Olympia Steroid Cycle

Hadi Choopan celebrating his victory in 2022 Mr.Olympia

Hadi Choopan is the new Mr Olympia. The Persian Wolf took Big Ramy’s throne, and we believe his victory is well-deserved. Now, what about the Hadi Choopan steroid cycle? Do we know what it takes to become Mr.Olympia?

There are speculations, and even though they have some basis — no, we’ll never learn what he used. Because the ancient deities would not approve of it.

Here’s what literal Gods have to do with Mr.Olympia 2022 and his steroid cycle.

What We Know About Hadi Choopan — The Basics

First of all — this is how EXACTLY massive you have to be to win Mr.Olympia:

hadi choopan mr olympia victory roids101
  • Height — 169 cm (5’7 ft);
  • Weight — 234 lbs (106 kg);
  • Age — 35 years old.

A few more facts you need to know:

  1. It’s his 4th try — he already has two bronze Mr.Olympia medals from 2019 and 2021, and he got 4th place in 2020, when Big Ramy got his first gold;
  2. He is Iran’s most titled bodybuilder now — with more than 100 local medals at least since 2012, and now — the first ever Mr.Olympia from Iran;
  3. Hadi’s way to the Mr.Olympia stage was not easy — he was a construction worker (funny that he took the title from former Egyptian fisherman Big Ramy) in the past, and had trouble even entering the US territory at some point in 2019 because of politics.

So we have a self-made PRO bodybuilder with big ambitions, who knows what’s at stake, and has quite a background. And there’s more.

His Coach? World-Famous Hany Rambod

Hadi Choopan hired “The Pro Creator” (Hany’s nickname) to prepare for Mr.Olympia. As Hany’s Instagram page states — he is 22x Olympia winning coach.

hany rambod and hadi choopan coach roids101
Image source: evogennutrition.com

Even though some of them are «Ms. Figure Olympia», «202 Olympia» and alike — here’s a list of people he coached that you probably know:

  • Jay Cutler (in 2008);
  • Phil Heath;
  • Chris Bumstead;
  • Derek Lunsford.

Now Hany has another Mr.Olympia on his list — Hadi Choopan — and we’ll see if he’ll make the Persian Wolf 4-times champion (like Jay Cutler) or will go for 7 times (like Phil Heath).

So… Did Hadi Choopan Take Steroids?

hadi choopan mr olympia steroids natural or not roids101

SPOILER ALERT: He never mentioned his real cycle, never admitted openly to taking steroids, and all we have here is mere speculations. 

With this spoiler in mind — what causes all the buzz about Hadi and gear? We believe that 3 clear reasons are defining the public opinion now:

  1. Some of us were not born yesterday;
  2. Like, look at this guy;
  3. Seriously, why is this even a question.

We can list more serious reasons to believe he did, though:

The fact that steroids are really easy to get in Iran. Some are available at pharmacies all around the country. Or the fact that Iranian athletes were banned for steroid use before (like Mostafa Khademi and Hossein Jahangiri in 2012, Kia Afzali or Hossein Saveh Shemshaki earlier in 2022), and other stuff. 


The fact that almost all Hany’s guys were quite open about their steroid use:

  • Jay Cutler —«in the beginning I did my Anadrols and my D-Bols mixed with Testosterone. I used Deca» (though he’s talking about his years before training with Hany);
  • Phil Heath — «a sip three times a week. So that’s what, 100 every other day» (probably talking about the importance of staying hydrated);
  • Chris Bumstead — «I’ve been doing a very low dose, 200 a week. Then I’ll go up to 500» (we prefer to think he’s talking about Creatine).

Now the public has a few facts to support the intuition: Hadi could easily get steroids in Iran, and had a good company — pretty familiar with the gear world. There’s more meat to this argument than to the “just look at this guy” one.

Alleged Hadi Choopan Steroid Cycles

Now to the weird part. Every time a new Mr.Olympia gold medalist is announced, we have tons of versions about their exact steroid cycle. That’s just how Internet works. This year we have two notable examples:

Hadi Choopan Steroid Cycle Version By Evolutionary:

Hadi Choopan Steroid Cycle Version By Gorillaz Pharmacy: 

Both are… quite questionable.

No Reason to Believe The Alleged Versions

First of all — because the authors themselves, in bold and all caps, say that these protocols are merely a speculation. Evolutionary gives a huge disclaimer at the end of the article:

hadichoopan steroid cycle version 1 evo disclaimer

Gorillaz also say that Hadi never spoke openly on doping, and call their example «what we THINK his steroid cycle COULD look like».

Articles like these are really «entertainment-only» because most of them lack research and aren’t updated often enough. 

For example, here Gorillaz say that Jay Cutler’s cycle (with no disclaimers) looked like this: 

  • Testosterone Propionate 1000mg daily;
  • Sustanon 1500 mg per week;
  • Methandienone 100 mg daily;
  • Nandrolone Decanoate 200mg daily;
  • Oxymetholone 100 mg daily;
  • Growth Hormone 30 units a day. 

But Jay Cutler actually talked about his real steroid use in a recent interview with Greg Doucette (that we have zero reasons not to trust).

He claimed to take a max of 12 IU Growth Hormone (not 30 IU), 1cc Test (unlikely that it was just 1cc all the time, but it’s nowhere close to 1000mg), Anadrol, Dbol, Sust, some Deca (that he didn’t like), Parabolan, and lots — LOTS of EQ.

The alleged cycle looks close enough to the truth, but is still quite different from the real one, as revealed later. Especially in terms of dosage.

Neither Evolutionary or Gorillaz are to blame though, they have their disclaimers in place, but it should be clear that there’s absolutely no reason to believe that the “Hadi Choopan steroid cycle” you can take from the Internet is rooted in reality.

Why We Will Never Learn The Real Hadi Choopan Steroid Cycle?

The answer is — because of the ancient religion, Zoroastrianism. And because politics. 

Reason #1: Religion

Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest organized faiths, with really complicated cosmology, a whole pantheon of Gods the Christian world barely knows about, and approximately 120.000 worshipers around the world.

hadi choopan instagram ahura mazda zoroastrianism roids101

Before the competition, Hadi Choopan posted his pic on Instagram and asked Zoroastrian deity for help (sorry for Google translate):

«In the name of Ahura Mazda, my God
Peace be upon Iranians and Iranians in the universe.
All for one and one for all
For the pride of Iran, always proud.
For Iran and Iranians
God, I hope in you»

Ahura Mazda is a Zoroastrian God, and the name means Wise Lord, if we translate it in an oversimplified way.

ahura mazda persepolis relief hadi choopan roids 101
Persepolis – Ahura Mazda relief. The palace complex of the Achaemenid dynasty.

Some other notable quotes Hadi made after his victory are:

  • «All my life, my pride was my homeland»;
  • «Thanks God, congratulations to Iran»;
  • «After 23 years of pain, suffering, sorrow, slander, poverty, hard work, effort, cost, bad words, high walls full of trouble, life thieves, bad people, treacherous friends <…> With the help and grace of God, the prayers of my family, friends, good fans and sacrificing the best time of my life, I reached my dreams today».

And that’s reason number two — we’re not talking about Ronnie Coleman or Phil Heath here. We’re talking about The Persian Wolf

Reason #2: Politics

Do you remember any US Mr.Olympia celebrating their medal like this?

Note that this is NOT this year’s Mr.Olympia, it’s his BRONZE medal celebration 3 years ago. Can you imagine what will the celebration look like in Iran when he’ll bring Gold this year?

Perhaps it has to do something with the fact that a simple Iranian guy — as some say, former construction worker — went to the United States amid extreme political tensions between two countries and officially won the most prestigious bodybuilding award in the world — defeating a whole crowd of American athletes in the process.

Now, can you imagine this deeply religious and extremely patriotic guy saying in some interview in ten or so years that it was actually not prayers, but Tren, Dbol, and some Insulin?

Like, literally: «Remember the time I dedicated my victory to 23 years of hard work, my homeland, God, my family, friends, and was greeted like a hero? Lmao, here’s what it really was, write down: 1000mg of Trenbolone»

It’s just impossible. Not this time, and not with The Persian Wolf with his whole background.

At least so far — Hadi Choopan looks like a wholesome guy who wouldn’t do a dumb move like that. We hope he will keep it as it should be: a secret everyone knows but nobody talks about.

The Conclusion

While it does NOT matter, whether Hadi Choopan took steroids or not, there’s still a lot of buzz.

All the time spent on arguing whether someone is natty or not should be spent on extra reps, simply because PRO athletes still work hard AF to get their results, so it doesn’t matter, whether they’re on juice or not. Unless, of course, they blatantly lie about it.

In 2022 it even feels weird that some people still stand on the “work hard and you’ll look like this too” position.

No, you won’t look like Hadi Choopan if you’ll just work out every day for 3-5 years.

And you won’t look like Hadi Choopan if you’ll pin some Testosterone in your butt without years of extensive daily training.

At the same time the only official explanation we will ever get for any Mr.Olympia success is “it’s all because of dedication and hard work”. Add discipline, and these three are actually even more important for an athlete than a good cycle.

We have top-quality steroids in our store that can make pretty much anyone massive AF. But even they won’t do anything if you won’t work hard in the gym like Mr.Olympia PROs.


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