Cytomel – How to Take Liothyronine To Loose Weight and Burn Fat

Cytomel is a different approach to weight loss. Are you tired of extremely reduced calorie intake? Don't want to put all the pressure on your sex hormones? Spread some of it to the thyroid gland and enjoy your cutting cycle with zero androgenic side effects. Here is how to do it SAFELY with Cytomel.


What Is Cytomel 

Cytomel (aka Liothyronine sodium) is a synthetical thyroid hormone. It’s a long-standing (since the 1890s), human use-approved medication for people with hypothyroidism (aka “my thyroid gland doesn’t work hard enough”-disease). Athletes with sufficient levels of thyroid hormones can get 120-130% of them on Cytomel. The little excess gives you improved metabolism and faster fat breakdown. 

The only question remaining now – I believe – is “what on Earth is Thyroid hormone”. 

How Cytomel Works 

Yeah-yeah, MOST of you know what it is. However, we’ll start from scratch anyway – just for athletes that never tried anything but Testosterone-based compounds. 

The thyroid is a gland in your body, specifically in your neck – right under your Adam’s apple. It’s responsible for a shit ton of vital processes in your body, like storing iodine. It also produces two hormones – T3 and T4, that partly define your metabolism and all the protein-fat-carbohydrates-related stuff. The more T3 (or T4) you have, the more instruments to boost lipolytic processes are at your body’s disposal. Lipolysis – in an oversimplified explanation – means fat burning. 

We are talking about the reasonable surplus of thyroid hormones. It should never be over 30%. Yes, you can overdose it and put yourself into a pit of chronic terror. Keep your damn doses low. 

T3 is about 5 times more potent than T4 (being basically an active form of T4) – and Cytomel is nothing but a synthetic version of T3. That’s one potent thyroid hormone we’re talking about, so you should take it with extra caution. We can’t promise any mindblowing results, yet, we guarantee superior quality if you buy Apoxar Cytomel T3 in our shop. What are the reasons to even start it? Of course, the benefits. This time – just a single, but a major one. 

Cytomel Weight Loss 

Cytomel can make you leaner, more shredded, and less bloated in no time since it directly affects the fat breakdown in your body. That’s the compound that genius YouTube bodybuilders take right after filming their McDonald’s feast. That’s what makes Hollywood A-listers look so thin on the magazine covers. Or you thought those guys that can afford literally any amount of any gourmet stuff maintain a rice-and-chicken-breasts diet? Nope, they compensate for guilty pleasures with potent compounds, like Cytomel. 

I can’t give you any guarantees since everything is individual, but we’re talking about EXTREME weight loss, with little to none dependence on your calorie intake and workouts. 

OF COURSE, Cytomel will work better if you stay in a normal calorie range and do a ton of cardio. Later in the text, I’ll even tell you why it’s crucial to workout on Cytomel – and eat in a surplus. However, it’s a different topic – you will lose fat regardless of your activity.  

Unfortunately, Cytomel won’t give you ABS if you’re a fatty with 30% body fat. It’s mostly reserved for competing athletes who need external support to dry out before getting on stage, AND bodybuilders with somewhat-normal fat levels, which just need some ironing board vibes in their lives. 

It still sounds suspiciously good, huh? You’re God damn right – there’s a little, barely notable, tiny detail here: you can fuck your whole body up with Cytomel and lose all your muscle in the process. And this is where we switch to the risks. 

Cytomel Risks 

With Testosterone-based compounds, SARMS, and other stuff like that, you pretty much know that there are just two extremes: you can lose all your Testosterone and get a shutdown, or you can lose all your Estrogen and feel like a piece of shit. The first one, obviously, happens more often. 

But what could happen if you decide to mess with your thyroid gland? There are 3 of them: Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, and losing all your gains. 

Cytomel Muscle Loss 

Yup, this cutting compound doesn’t care what to cut. It aims at your muscle, not just your fat. It’s incredibly catabolic. On big doses and a prolonged cycle, you can easily lose years of hardcore workouts and steroid cycling worth of muscle mass. 

So, how to counter it? You’ve got to be proactive: 

  1. Don’t take Cytomel solo. You can try to add some bulking compounds to your Cytomel cycle. A mild Testosterone Enanthate cycle will do, but I’d recommend Trenbolone. You know, just to be sure.  
  2. Risk it all and try to catch the moment. Cytomel will aim at your muscle only when you’ll elevate the dose, and your gains won’t just burn overnight. Keep track of your muscle volume and try to catch the decrease early. When you see any signs of it – lower the dose. It will stop, or – at least – will get slower. 
  3. Eat-in a surplus. Yes, I seriously tell you to eat more on a cutting cycle. Cytomel will burn everything anyway, and it’s much harsher on fat tissue than on your muscle. Maintain a high-carb diet to secure your gains, and don’t skip on your protein shakes. 

Unfortunately, with or without Cytomel, the cutting cycle almost always means that you’ll lose some gains. If you stay careful enough, you can limit the amount of lost muscle and quickly get them back in a relatively short time. 

Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism on Cytomel 

In short, your thyroid can stop working or can start working too much. There’s no way one can say which is better. 

With HYPOthyroidism, you risk to get: 

  • Depression;
  • Fatigue;
  • Mood swings;
  • More challenging concentration (aka brain fog);
  • Muscle cramps;
  • Sore joints;
  • Fat gains;
  • Hair shedding;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Elevated cholesterol. 

The worst part here is that TRT is not an option. You can’t just put yourself on daily injections and feel relatively OK. You’ll have to take Cytomel and other T3/T4 replacements, with all the side effects, and with a considerable risk of disease progression. 

With HYPERthyroidism, things don’t get better: 

  • Hair shedding (yup, again);
  • Sweating;
  • Troubled breathing;
  • Goiter (your thyroid gland enlarges, and your neck looks like there’s a tumor inside of it);
  • Muscle pain;
  • Muscle loss (bye-bye all the gains);
  • Zero cold tolerance;
  • Shaky hands;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Diarrhea. 

If it doesn’t sound scary enough to you, there’s an extreme form of Hyperthyroidism, called thyroid storm. You know the medical community – they are mostly boring and accurate with their terms. Imagine the power of a syndrome that they call a God damn storm

A thyroid storm is basically your body exploding from the inside. You get a severe fever, headache, your blood pressure skyrockets, your heartbeat goes full rave party at 170bpm, and so on. The only good thing about Thyroid storm is that you won’t have to suffer long – it’s a life-threatening thing that will most likely kill you quickly, even in a hospital, since there’s no way to stop it. That’s one seriously fucked up thing. 

Wonder, why do I try to scare you so much? Of course, because I’m about to say something debatable and unpopular! 

Cytomel Dosage 

Male and female doses of Cytomel should never be over 25-50mcg. A perfect starting dose should be 10-12,5mcg, and you can add about 2,5mcg in the next weeks. 

  • Yes, I know that most Websites and bodybuilding bloggers will advise you 25mcg as just a starting dose; 
  • Yes, there are athletes, who run up to 100mcg of Cytomel, and don’t die the exact second they swallow their pills;  
  • Yes, I know that this number is considered to be a baby dose. 

I still strongly recommend playing a baby around such a fierce and brutal compound. However, whether you want to follow other athletes’ advice or not – is all up to you. It would be best if you always remembered that there is a relatively safe option: 

WeekCytomelTestosterone EnanthateNolvadex PCTBloodworks
Weeks 1-212,5mcg ED300mg EW+
Week 315mcg ED300mg EW
Week 417,5mcg ED300mg EW+
Weeks 520mcg ED300mg EW
Week 622,5mcg ED300mg EW+
Weeks 725mcg ED300mg EW
Weeks 8-9+
Weeks 10-1120-40mg ED

Notice a significant Testosterone dose – you need it to maintain muscle and anabolic activity in your body. PCT here is just for Testosterone because Cytomel doesn’t require one. And regular (at least every two weeks) blood checks are crucial. 

I still strongly advise not exceeding over 25mcg, even if you’re the biggest and the toughest guy with the healthiest thyroid gland in town. 

The problem with Cytomel dosing comes from the lack of understanding of its nature. Thyroid hormones are WAY. MORE. POWERFUL than anything you’ve had to deal with before. If you put T3 in front of natural Testosterone, the fight will look like a full-scale Godzilla vs. Mario battle, with Testosterone being a funny Italian plumber guy. 

Your body produces just 25mcg of T3 every day naturally. That’s enough to cover all the bases and support all the numerous processes your thyroid is responsible for. With 25mcg as a starting dose, you double the amount of Godzillas your body can deal with. You do it unexpectedly, giving it zero chances to adapt. Your body doesn’t like surprises of this kind. You’ll be punished for it – either with severe side effects or with chronic thyroid disorders (that can manifest years later). 

How to avoid it? No better way than starting as low as you can. I know that Cytomel pills are hard to split, but you have to master the skill. Some people prefer to bite them apart; some cut them with kitchen knives – you’ll have to find your way. It’s crucial to keep your doses LOW and PRECISE. Thank God we’re talking about a legal pharm-grade substance that is available in almost every drug store. 

How To Take Cytomel

The compound is oral; it comes in pills, so you should just take Cytomel as any other pills. Nothing special. 

You can easily get Cytomel in 5, 25, and 50mcg pills basically anywhere in the world in a pharmacy or on the black market. A great option is to buy Cytomel T3 by NovoPharm in our shop. In this case, we can guarantee an outstanding quality and fast delivery in Canada. Overall, I’d recommend not being a greedy ass and go for 5mcg pills – they give you better control of your doses. 

You can improve your low starting dose’s effectiveness by breaking it into parts and taking in small portions three times a day: 5mcg in the morning, 5mcg in the afternoon, and 2,5mcg in the evening. It’s a common practice, and anecdotally – it works, but we don’t have any medical data to support it. Since the compound’s half-life is about 2,5 days, it may be just a psychosomatic thing. Anyway, this protocol on a small dosage won’t do much harm, and you can try it yourself. 

Cytomel Cycle Length 

It’s roughly 6-8 weeks and 2 months of rest after the last pill. Your thyroid needs to get back to normal, and we don’t have any PCT to ease the process for it. Give it about 8 weeks to get back on track, and don’t try to run Cytomel non-stop. 

Cytomel Side Effects

The good thing is – you won’t get any bloating, acne, painful pumps, and muscle cramps. The bad news is – you can get a full range of Thyroid-based side effects, including: 

  • Headaches and migraines (those are cruel); 
  • Nervousness and shorter temper for the length of the cycle; 
  • Sleep disorders (from insomnia to waking up exhausted); 
  • Hardcore sweating (you can turn your gym into a swamp and fill it with alligators); 
  • Diarrhea (since T3 surplus fuck your digestive system up for a while); 
  • If you’re a lady – throw away your periods schedule. You’ve got it full Las Vegas-style now – zero trust to predictions. 

Besides, if you’re a fatty and try to cheat the system by cutting effortlessly on Cytomel, you can get prolactin moobs. I am not even kidding. Even though it’s reserved for real, like, 30%+ body fat boys, this option is still a real threat. 

Personal Opinion on Cytomel 

There are situations when you just absolutely NEED to hammer that nail into the wall with a microscope. 90% of the athletes would stick with Clenbuterol – it’s a more suitable compound for those who desperately need to lose fat. Here you can get our complete guide on it. However, the other 10% definitely have their reasons to stick with Cytomel. So may you. The reasons should not even be extreme: You are more confident about your thyroid health than about your balls? That’s it – you don’t need other reasons. Go with Cytomel. Until you do things CAREFULLY, you will be OK. Cytomel is not the case when you need to stay away from something. It’s nothing but another dangerous compound in the world of performance enhancement! Nothing new. Just a tool with a weird handle, like a microscope. At least this microscope was approved for human use, and it didn’t come from the veterinary market. 


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