Human Growth Hormone 101 – Benefits, How To Take HGH And Make The Most Out of It

Somatotropin is a substance of miracles and nasty side effects. Expensive as hell, but totally worth it. There's no other substance that would at the same time make you thinner, more muscular, and YOUNGER. Here is how to get the best of it and avoid all the consequences.


Now, that’s what celebrities sing praises to when there’s no press around, and that’s what they take in Gold’s Gym on Venice beach. According to some Hollywood trainers, up to 20% of celebrities take growth hormone for anti-aging and bodybuilding purposes. Especially male major league stars who need to appear half-naked on screen.

In 2007, Sylvester Stallone was caught red-handed, trying to smuggle 48 vials of HGH into Australia for his role in Rocky movie sequel. He had to pay a huge fine and explain on TV that the substance that at first glance looks like a «youth in a bottle» has some serious potholes. Here is what you need to know about it.

What Is Growth Hormone

First, a bit of theory to fill the possible gaps. Natural growth hormone is produced by every living creature. Humans, animals, birds, whatever it is that moves, eats, and has at least a trace of consciousness. Humans produce GH in the pituitary gland. From the brain, it comes directly to the bloodstream and starts a chain reaction of changes that lead to overall growth and development. The production works with a certain rhythm. It peaks in an hour after you fall asleep and peaks every 3-4 hours throughout the day. HGH production level is defined by several factors.

What Defines Natural Growth Hormone Levels

Ever heard the phrase «They grow up so fast»? Thank HGH for this conversation starter. Human Growth Hormone production peaks during early childhood and goes on in full power until the age of 26. When a person reaches that point, it goes down by approximately 15% every 10 years. Age is the key factor in HGH production. Luckily, it’s not the only one. The full list includes:

  • Amount of sleep;
  • Diet;
  • Exercises;
  • Stress levels;
  • Psychological state;
  • Environment.

You definitely CAN affect your natural growth hormone levels, but moving to a greener part of the city and eating a couple of avocados a day will not make you massive. That’s why the injectable HGH was created.

HGH Story Time

The first experiments with growth hormones started in 1958. At first, scientists extracted it from literal dead bodies. The early HGH usage often resulted in so-called «Mad cow disease», and in 1985 the FDA had finally raised some questions. I believe, it was like «Excuse me, WHERE the fuck do you guys get it from?!». Thousands of patients – surprise-surprise – got sick and even died from the «therapy».

Things worked like that for almost 30 years with zero disturbance and extreme popularity. The good news is, the procedure with necrophiliac vibes was banned in 1985 and a different, SAFE approach finally got a chance. The original synthetic HGH was created in 1987 in Sweden. Fully functional, artificial human growth hormone with great administration capabilities blew up the market and was a big thing at the beginning of the ’90s. And it’s not surprising at all that it’s still extremely popular today.

HGH Benefits

HGH works in 2 major ways. On its own and through the enhanced production of IGF-1. That’s the substance your liver naturally produces in great amounts on the HGH course. Here are the effects you get from both ways:

Weight loss

The main reason for HGH popularity. The growth hormone is a powerful cutting compound that works best in the long term. Some athletes in anecdotal reports describe the process as the melting of the fat layer. Especially in the abdominal area. In medical terms, GH causes two positive effects in this area:

  • Improves insulin resistance of muscle cells and forces them to switch from glucose to fatty acids to maintain activity;
  • It enhances lipase effectiveness, which accelerates the breakdown of adipocytes and leads to slower fat development.

In short, on HGH you lose fat faster and gain it slower. Some athletes call the amount of food you can eat and still get leaner just ridiculous. Don’t expect to see an «ice cream in the sun» effect on your belly in a few days though. HGH-induced fat loss takes some time to start.

Muscle gains

The growth hormone is the exact substance that you need to get big. I mean, it’s literally in the name – what else would you expect from the growth hormone? Shrinking? It makes you grow, especially your skeletal muscles. About 20-30% increase in dry muscle mass can be expected on HGH.

Not to rely on anecdotal data, here is a medically proven fact that you can expect to get at least 14% bigger. The effect takes 4-6 months to kick in. With proper diet and workout plan, you can get additional 10-22 lbs in a couple of months, and if you don’t jump off the cycle (which is a pretty dumb thing to do at such an early point), depending on your individual stats and genetics, you can get 40 lbs shortly. The final result is defined only by your discipline and workout intensity.

Anti-catabolic effect

The favorite part of many athletes. All of your extreme gains are here to stay and there’s no way back. You will stay big, GH effects are irreversible. It saves not only the gains that you get on the cycle. GH also has a major effect on all catabolic processes in your body. It’s so powerful in the prevention of muscle tissue waste, it can even diminish the effects of special catabolic substances, like Prednisone. Not like you would ever need to do this, catabolic drugs are mostly used for a reason (to treat chronic lung diseases, etc), but it gives you a great example of the GH capabilities.


You know how healing works in general, right? No sparkling fairies come to make a *WHOOSH* with a magic wand and heal your wounds. New tissue cells grow to replace the damaged ones. The growth hormone significantly speeds up the process of healing. It shouldn’t be overestimated though, I hope you won’t try to cut your foot off to see if you can grow a new one – this way you’ll only get half easier leg days for the rest of your life. The growth hormone doesn’t turn you into the Wolverine from comic books. However, you can expect your old scars to disappear, broken bones, and joints to get back to normal faster and painful paper cuts to heal in a day or two.

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Bones and joints strengthening

The most common injuries in bodybuilding occur in joints and ligaments. When you do squats, all the tension is concentrated on your knees. When you go for an extreme deadlift, your spine has to stand all the pressure. Even the growth hormone itself increases your weight with new muscle tissue so rapidly that your own body just doesn’t have enough time to adapt to it. Luckily, Human Growth Hormone is medically proven to strengthen your bones and joints by itself. Imagine it as a natural protective bondages in most vulnerable areas. The ones that protect you even better and don’t make you look like a kid on a skating rink.

Anti-aging effect

Ever thought that Hollywood stars are some sort of vampires because they don’t age at all? I wonder, what popular anti-aging compound is behind this effect. Here is what you can expect from HGH in addition to a leaner and a more muscular look:

  • Fading of laugh lines, crows feet, and other facial wrinkles;
  • Brighter skin tone;
  • Healthier skin condition;
  • Hair thickness improvement;
  • Hair color restoration.

The effect doesn’t stop at visual changes. The anti-aging effect also manifests in your internal organs:

  • Improved blood pressure;
  • Better liver values;
  • Healthier cholesterol levels.

Other Improvements

Aside from main bodybuilding and anti-aging benefits, athletes also notice many other, less important, but surely warm welcomed general improvements in all body systems. The incomplete list includes:

  • Razor-sharp vision;
  • Immunity strengthening;
  • Elevated mood and generally happier state of mind;
  • Better sleep;
  • Brighter memory.

Where Can You Buy HGH?

Right now, in 2022, there are not so many trustworthy sources of HGH. You can, however, avoid all the hassle and just buy HGH in our shop. We offer Nurotropin, a well-known Growth Hormone brand, and the quality is backed by lab tests. We also ship all across Canada and do our best to keep the process transparent and simple.

How To Take Human Growth Hormone

Now to the practical part. Human Growth Hormone is injectable, so you’ll need to put it right into your muscle tissue with a needle. The most common place to inject is belly, quads, or shoulders, but in general, you just need to find a place with a thin fat layer. Even if you accidentally miss the right spot, nothing bad is going to happen, it will just prolong the administration time:

  • Fat layer administration: 3,5-4 hours;
  • Muscle tissue administration: 2,5 hours.

If you’re afraid of being unable to make a proper injection, there’s plenty of professional guides on the web.

HGH Every Day or Every Other Day

The most common injections frequency is every day. However, it’s a debatable subject, especially since 2002 – that’s when a high quality, thorough study on HGH was published. It proves that injecting the growth hormone every other day can give you more benefits. It’s also a more economical approach, and I’m not being a penny-pincher here – farm grade HGH is expensive as hell. Even though your wallet will probably have the last word, the growth hormone will give you the desired result anyway.

HGH Before Or After Meal

The best time to take the Human Growth Hormone is about 1 hour before or after a meal. There’s no scientific evidence to this, but most athletes take it after a meal to avoid hypoglycemia. The most important thing is that HGH injection should not be too close to high carb intake. Carbs lead to a glucose spike in your body, HGH causes the same thing. Combine them, and you will increase the chance to get type 2 diabetes. Not like you can get it from a single dose though, the exposure to elevated glucose level should be constant and prolonged to cause any serious effects.

HGH For Women

HGH doesn’t cause virilization, doesn’t affect estrogen levels, and works equally in both men and women. Female athletes just should take smaller doses than men, and still get the same effect. Everything in this article applies to women as well. For some ladies, there is a better option to buy premium quality peptide HGH-176-191.

HGH Dosage

The first thing you need to know is that growth hormone (as well as hCG) is measured in International Units (IU). Most syringes have marks for easier measurement, but if you don’t have any, or got used to measuring things in mg, just keep this in mind:

1IU is 0,67MG

Depending on your experience with GH and targets of the course, here are the most common doses:

  • Medical HGH treatment of various diseases starts from 0,5 IU daily;
  • On your first course, it’s recommended to take 1-3 IU daily or every other day and raise it to 4-6 IU during the first 1-2 months of the course. The process of ramping up your dosage is crucial to get the best gains with fewer side effects. 1 IU or 3 IU is your personal choice, base it on your body mass, age, and all factors that define natural GH levels that were listed above. The medical test would be a great help in this as well. The less GH you have naturally, the more of it you need to inject to get results;
  • Your body gets used to the elevated production of IGF-1 and higher GH level in general, so on your second course, it’s recommended to ramp up to 8-10 IU every other day. Some athletes inject up to 16 IU daily, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it, since this amount of HGH makes identifying possible side effects early enough a challenging task.

Two more factors should define your dose:

  1. Budget;
  2. Quality of the compound.

I’m absolutely serious about the budget part. You should not start with a high dosage of HGH just to run out of the compound and drop the course in a month or two because you can’t afford it. It’s the dumbest thing I can imagine.

When you burn the money you can at least enjoy the warmth and take a nice picture of the flame. With a short course of HGH in high doses, you will get no results at all.

No, a bit worse quality compound is not a good decision. A dose of 4 IU of real farm grade HGH is equal to approximately 15 IU of a generic HGH. You just will have to buy a cheaper gear much more often and will spend the same ton of money on it with fewer results. Make a plan, make sure you can afford it, and keep your dosage smooth for the whole course. There are no workarounds.

Human Growth Hormone Vs Anabolic Steroids

Yes, you can run HGH alongside your main gear. You can run it with ANY anabolic steroids you want. HGH works in a different field, it doesn’t affect your main cycle. It doesn’t mean that there’s no interaction with other AS at all though. I’ll have to go full bro-science here, but according to multiple anecdotal reports, Human Growth Hormone shines best with Trenbolone. You still can add any ester of Testosterone to this, and look at the synergy between the compounds.

HGH vs Insulin

Here we get into the Pro territory. First of all, you should know that Insulin is a dangerous compound. It can give you diabetes if you take it inappropriately. Experienced (and desperate) athletes add Insulin to the Growth Hormone cycle to get even more gains. Insulin injections promote muscle mass growth in two ways:

  1. Insulin deactivates the IGF-1 binding protein. More insulin means less IGF-1 deactivators. More active IGF-1 means faster muscle mass growth. It’s an extremely complicated multifactorial process, but in short – that’s how it works.
  2. HGH reduces the natural Insulin administration and to support your normal Insulin levels you need an external source of it.

Insulin with growth hormone can give you unbelievable pumping effect and some unrealistic gains, but it’s a recommended only starting from the 8-10IU dosage of GH.

HGH Side Effects

The growth hormone is believed to be a mild compound if you don’t abuse it. HGH Side effects are likely dose-dependent with individual variance. However, it can cause some unpleasant reactions, and you should know how to deal with them.

Body Growth – The Weirdest Of All HGH Side Effects

Ironically enough, the main effect of the growth hormone is its side effect as well. You should know that the compound doesn’t selectively affect your muscles, it enlarges all parts of your body. And by that I mean ALL of them, no exceptions:

  • Wrists;
  • Feet;
  • Fingers;
  • Skull;
  • Height.

The same effect goes for your internal organs, and it’s not always a good thing:

  • Your heart will get bigger, but instead of making you a better person, it will give you an increased chance of heart attack.
  • Your brain will grow, but no mental superpowers will occur. Just more headaches.
  • Your intestines will enlarge as well, and that’s actually a big problem in modern competitive bodybuilding.

Pro athletes abuse GH so much, their stomach pops out because of enlarged guts. And no one cares that it’s been banned 20 years ago. Just compare modern champions and golden era athletes, you will notice a huge difference in the waist area. Did you really think it was a giant ABS, or that they stuff themselves with ungodly amounts of burgers before getting on stage? Nope, that’s what growth hormone abuse looks like.

The good news is, we’re talking about extremely long HGH therapy results here. Years and years of non-stop high dosage injections. Unless you are reading this on your 10th Growth Hormone Abuse anniversary, you are most likely safe.

Speaking of HGH side effects and body growth – we have one more little myth to break.

HGH Makes You Taller?

In short – nope, it doesn’t. With HGH, your height before and after the cycle will stay the same.

Human Growth Hormone does NOT make you taller. It makes your bones denser, not longer.

If you will ever see ANY pictures that will show any kind of “HGH height results” or “HGH before and after” – leave the website immediately. If someone will try to sell you HGH PILLS to get taller – run and don’t turn around, because it’s all fake. Do you think Sylvester Stallone – the man who is 90% HGH instead of water – would stay 5’9 tall if HGH improved your height? Or that never-aging action movie star, Tom Cruise, would stay 5’8? With their money and their ability to get the best-quality HGH – they both would be 2 meters high by now. Unfortunately, it’s just not how it works.

It all started because of several controversial studies, like this one. Look at the title: “Growth hormone significantly increases the adult height of children with idiopathic short stature”. Now, try to guess, where delusional 5’2 guys stopped reading and rushed to get their HGH? Right before it mentions children with the extremely specific syndrome.

HGH can make you taller only if you’re a child with a disease that stops your bone tissue growth. In this case – HGH will deal with the disease, not with height directly.

So, to sum it up – if you’re a healthy adult, your chances to get taller on HGH are about 0%. Sorry about it, little guys. You have to continue doing your special exercises and stretches on a horizontal bar. That’s the only non-surgical way to get more height.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

That’s one of the few things that brings together office employees and hardcore bodybuilders on HGH. Carpal tunnel syndrome most often manifests as numbness in your thumb, index, and middle fingers. Keyboard warriors get it from using the mouse for hours every day. Human Growth Hormone can cause it because it affects the median nerve neuropathy. That’s surely not a problem that would make you rush to the nearest hospital, but it might bring some discomfort. Luckily, it’s reported to occur ONLY during the HGH course and go away in 2-3 days after the last injection. If you want to combat it on the course or feel pain instead of mild numbness, take some specialized medicine, like Gabapentin or Pregabalin.


HGH-induced water retention can’t compare to the one you get from testosterone, but it’s still recommended to reduce the amount of sodium and salty food in your diet.

Soreness In The Injection Area

The exact place you penetrate with a needle may start to look swollen or feel itchy at some point. The effect happens rarely due to an individual reaction of one’s body to mannitol, a binding compound of the growth hormone. There’s not much you can do about it. Luckily, the effect is temporary, and quickly vanishes on its own.

Increased Sugar Level

That’s not one of the HGH side effects, to be precise, that’s how growth hormone is supposed to work. But still, try to include more complex carbohydrates and proteins in your diet to reduce the negative consequences.

How To Spot Fake HGH

If your Human Growth Hormone is fake, you’re probably pregnant. I’m absolutely serious, a pregnancy test is the best way to spot a fake HGH. Real HGH is most commonly replaced with HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin. That’s the substance that the female body naturally produces in the early stages of pregnancy, and that’s exactly what pregnancy tests react to. Buy a test, pee on it (to show dominance), and if you see two stripes – you’re not expecting a baby, you are just on hCG instead of HGH.

Just don’t rush to sue your clinic or beat the shit out of the shop. Unfortunately, there’s another possible explanation for this. You may have cancer. Some forms of testicular cancer lead to elevated hCG levels that the test reacts to. Anyway, some extra medical control is never a bad thing, and I would recommend going for it in that case. Just to make sure that you’re OK.

5 Do Not’s Of HGH

The growth hormone is not just another steroid. It’s a whole different level of interaction with your body. Here are 5 rules that you should follow to avoid ruining your experience with this outstanding compound.

Personal Opinion On HGH

Once, I’ve compared Dianabol to a race car in terms of its action speed, and Anavar to an Aston Martin, because of its mildness and price. Now, growth hormone, if we try to compare it to a car, is a Boeing-787 Dreamliner. It’s not a damn car, and it’s not like any other gear. It’s a whole different level. It is expensive, for sure, but there is no other way to get significantly bigger, dryer, younger and healthier at the same time in just a year. There are no cheap ways to cross the Atlantic ocean. If you decide to go for a growth hormone course, make sure that you are ready. The crash leaves you with no chances to survive. However, I’m pretty sure that with proper workouts and discipline, you won’t regret a single cent spent on it.