How to Properly do Bicep Curl Machine Exercise


Bicep curl machine is designed to increase muscle definition and «pump» the muscles. It is meant for athletes who wish to define and polish all muscle fibers. However, it is not quite suitable for gaining mass, for which you should better turn to a barbell.

Muscles Involved

Shoulder biceps, brachial muscles, forearm muscles (indirectly).

Exercise machine for this exercise bears resemblance to Scott bench, having a movable handle which can move at a strictly specified amplitude around the rotation axis. The variety of this machine is wide, each gym has its own, but the basic operation principal is the same in every case.

Bicep Curl Machine Technique

  • Make yourself comfortable on the seat of the machine. If the machine does not have one – stand beside it, placing your arms on a v-shaped stop so that your armpits would be on the angle. Of course, the height of the stop must be adjusted in advance based on your height
  • Grasp the handle of the machine, bending your elbows a little, and begin to bend your arms with the biceps force, pulling the weight
  • Slowly bending your arms slightly over the right angle, lower them down without delay. At the lowest point of the amplitude, fully straighten your arms at the elbows in order to put additional tension on the lower part of the biceps
  • Focus more on the negative phase – the speed of lowering the arms should be approximately two times lower than the speed of their rise. Make 10-12 repetitions
  • All the time during the exercise, make sure that your arms are firmly pressed down to the stop, with the elbows exactly on it and not hanging down – this will remove part of the undesired strain from the elbow joints
  • The body should always be in a comfortable and stable position

The most convenient machine is the one that it allows you to bend your arms in a standing position, but if you are training in a sitting position, sit as close to the edge of the bench as possible. otherwise, the strain in the lower back will increase, and the exercise will become uncomfortable.

Bicep Curl Machine Priority


Like all machine exercises, this one is supposed to be done at the end of a workout. It can be combined with hard work on biceps or it can be performed separately from all other exercises. In the latter case the intensity of work must be increased by doing more sets and reps, with the pause between them being reduced.