TRT 400mg by Apoxar — Honest Opinions

TRT by Apoxar Honest Opinions
TRT by Apoxar Honest Opinions

Testosterone decrease is a common problem not only for athletes or for those who run a cycle without PCT, it just happens when men grow older and it is a natural process. Since we are humans, we want to get all that we can get from our lives, that’s why we learnt how to make synthetic testosterone to stay younger and more alive for longer years. 

As always, there are people who want to make money out of nowhere and who are cashing in on someone else’s desire to feel younger or more athletic, by producing fake compounds. Luckily for you, we know a trustworthy source, where you can buy TRT Testosterone in Canada for a fair price and be sure of its quality.

What Is TRT And Why Do Men Need It?

Let’s start from scratch. TRT stands for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. And testosterone is the main male’s hormone. It is primarily produced in the male testes and responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics such as deep voice, body hair, muscle mass and strength, and sperm production. Testosterone also has some other important functions including boosting libido or sex drive, contributing to healthy bone density, aiding in weight maintenance and even preserving cognitive function (especially spatial skills), mood, andmental energy. 

Imagine that you have a lack of such an important thing. Sounds bad, right? And it is bad. Mood swings, low libido, feel of being powerless. And these are even not the half of what you can expect if you mess with hormones. Luckily, you can reverse these unpleasant symptoms and gain even more muscle mass if you get proper TRT. So, this is why you need it!

Pros of TRT by Apoxar and Price

Normally, TRT testosterone is in small 10ml vials. Despite the size it contains 400mg/ml pure testosterone, which is more than enough for therapeutic needs. The price varies from 100$ to 150$. Yes, it is high, but there is nothing you can’t give for a vital need of test! There are cheaper options, of course, but you can assume that they won’t give you any benefits and can even cause harm.

Here is what LEGIT TRT can give you:

  • Top-quality and purity, proved by 3rd party lab test;
  • Long and smooth action with no test spikes;
  • Muscle growth and libido boost;
  • Restoration of normal quality of life and even more.

As always, we remind you to run a post cycle therapy protocol, if you use TRT for bodybuilding purposes. If you use it as intended it is better to consult with your doc!

TRT Reviews

As with a vast majority of subjects, opinions about TRT vary. This, of course, is quite normal, since each body is unique and what is ok for one person may be dangerous for another.

“I started TRT several months ago. Can’t say that it works for me. I guess because my problem is more complex than with others. My doctor says to continue, so wish me good luck!”

— Anonymous Reddit User, July 2021

“TRT is great but not for me. I kept the diet my doc prescribed, but stopped using the test. It did more harm than help.”

— sandman1986

For others, testosterone decanoate is a great bulking base.

“I’m getting older but I still want to see a man in the mirror and not the bag of bones. As a little help to my workouts, I started taking 2ml of test decanoate (it is normally used for TRT). Works great, very smooth effect, results are incredible. I’m thinking about adding something else, but haven’t decided yet.”

“I saw the TRT test and decided to give it a try while cruising. Liked it. I felt excited sometimes and even purely happy. The quality is top, I can say this by the results and my health becomes better.”

— Infinite_min

TRT test decanoate can suit any need, from TRT itself to AAS cycle base or solo.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be a lifesaver as it can be someone’s death (not literally, of course). It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to consult with a doctor before starting TRT on your own. Even if you can buy a test without a prescription doesn’t mean that this will be testosterone. There are dozens of shops that fake compounds and test in the top list. Buy only from legit sources and stay healthy!