How to Safely Restore Metabolism? 5 Methods and Guide


It is not seldom when after extreme diets or a severe violation of the daily regimen, the normal metabolism process in the human body changes. The body, being able to regulate its work carefully, seeks to stop all the malicious processes that take place with it for a long time. However, sometimes, under the influence of the hormonal background or other factors, the rapid change in the weight does not stop, which leads to severe pathological changes. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to restore metabolism after a not quite adequate diet or other non-human factors.

ATTENTION. This article is provided for informational purposes only. Severe changes in metabolism are usually not a consequence of a violation of the daily regimen, but a result of serious pathological abnormalities, which are better treated under the supervision of a doctor, with the use of additional medications.

Metabolism And Weight

We have previously examined the relationship between metabolic rate and human weight. As practice shows, the metabolic rate affects weight rather directly. The disruption in metabolic processes can cause the following pathological changes:

  • Cholesterol balance. Cholesterol plaques are formed on the arteries’ walls, which complicates the work of the heart, internal organs, leads to the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system. As a result, mobility decreases, which leads to putting on weight;
  • Water-salt balance. Excessive fluid content or dehydration. In attempts to restore water balance, the body can remove excess minerals and vitamins, which will lead to their deficiency, then to depletion, and later to powerful catabolic processes;
  • Metabolic rate. After heavy diets, you can observe a significant decrease in metabolic rate, simultaneous burning of muscle tissue, and the forming of subcutaneous fat. That is happening due to the body perceived that diet as starvation and sought to restore all that has been lost;
  • Protein balance. The disruption of the processes of splitting and absorption of proteins in the body. It is associated with a change in the acid-base balance in the stomach. It has complex consequences in the form of a general metabolic disorder;
  • Lipid balance. Changes in lipid balance lead to the all incoming energy going to fat deposits. In addition to increasing body weight, excess fat leads to the development of atherosclerosis and liver disorders.
restore metabolism

As you can see, almost any diet not based on the critical principles of caloric intake and balanced composition can lead to these complications. This may result in:

  • Increase in subcutaneous fat;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Vegetative dysfunctions;
  • Complete depletion of resources of the organism.

Therefore, it is crucial to know how to restore metabolism in case of its improper functioning quickly.

How to Safely Recover Metabolism

Consideration of the basic principles of metabolism allows classifying its disorders 


  • The excessive slowdown in metabolic rate, characterized by putting on excess weight;
  • Extreme acceleration of metabolic rate leading to exhaustion;
  • Changes in acid-base balance leading to the inability to digest food properly. 

Therefore, to restore metabolism, you need to follow the following principles:

  1. If you’re quitting a diet – quit it slowly. A gradual increase in caloric intake is a less stressful way that will allow the body to adapt more quickly to new conditions;
  2. Restore the water-salt balance. To do this, you need to use water and a large number of products containing sodium. The ideal solution is to use 2 liters of milk daily for 3-5 days after quitting the diet.
  3. Take vitamins and minerals supplements. Due to heavy diets, the main factor of metabolism – vitamins and minerals, is getting depleted.
  4. Consume sufficient amounts of fiber. Fiber normalizes digestion, which is a significant part of proper metabolism.

Well, and, perhaps, the most important thing – it is necessary to identify the cause of the change in metabolism, and eliminate it. If this is a hormonal failure, drink a course of the required drugs prescribed by the doctor. If this is a change in the acid-base balance in the stomach, consult a gastroenterologist. If these are exhaustion effects, consume a large amount of easily soluble protein (protein shakes). If the change is due to insulin secretions, consult a doctor immediately.

Boosting Metabolism

If, after quitting the diet, your metabolism slows down, but no other pathological abnormalities are found, it will be enough to use simple methods to accelerate it, suitable for losing weight:

  • Drink plenty of water (up to 3 liters of liquid, not including coffee and tea);
  • Start to use caffeinated drinks;
  • Add more protein-rich foods. Reduce carbohydrate content in your meals;
  • Get more active. Move as much as possible. This stimulates the heart, which allows you to accelerate metabolic processes in the body;
  • Divide food. Take your food serving and divide it into two.  Do so for each meal, and eat a portion every two hours. Thus, two breakfasts instead of one, two lunches instead of one, two dinners instead of one.

Slowing Metabolism Down

Suppose your metabolism slows down after quitting the diet, but no other pathological abnormalities are found. In that case, it will be enough to use simple methods to accelerate it, suitable for losing weight:

  • eat only hot foods. It reduces the intensity of digestion and so, the waste of energy;
  • increase the time of your sleep;
  • give up caffeine and energy drinks;
  • introduce more fatty foods into your diet;
  • separate the food by its composition (carbs and proteins are eaten separately);
  • consume about 25% more calories than your current weight requires. This will allow the body to start gaining mass;
  • check your blood insulin level and reaction to sugar.

Well, and most importantly – you can try to reduce the acidity in the stomach. For this, decoctions of chamomile or the consumption of easily split products that do not cause a large rush of acid into the stomach are suitable.

Under no circumstances should you begin the practice of fasting. During it, the stomach’s acidity will only continue to increase, which will lead to even greater depletion.

Folk Remedies For Restoring Metabolism

ATTENTION. Use folk remedies only at your own risk. Very often, they are associated with the acceleration of metabolism, and not with its normalization. Use these only in extreme cases, if drugs and a comprehensive medial solution did not bring sufficient results.

The problems of metabolic disorders have been known to people since ancient times. Although they are very often associated with the hormonal background, some methods affect the production of insulin and other digestive substances.

These methods can boost metabolism without any special equipment or complex measures, which will ultimately allow you to shift the balance of metabolic processes to normalize them.

Method 1 – Oil. It is enough to take one tablespoon of any unrefined vegetable oil and rinse your mouth with it for about 15-20 minutes. Under the influence of oil, digestive enzymes begin to be produced, aiming at transporting and utilizing polyunsaturated fats. In the absence of oil itself and insulin production, these enzymes penetrate lipid reserves and begin to break them down. It is not recommended for people with diabetes.

restore metabolism

Method 2 – Walnut. Walnuts have high-fat content. The essence of the method is similar to the previous one. First, you need to take two teaspoons of chopped walnut and keep them in boiling water for 1 hour. This will isolate all Omega-3 fatty acids. Next, strain the decoction and rinse your mouth with it one hour before eating. The mechanism of function is the same as with the previous method.

Method 3 – Arrow-wood. Make an arrow-wood decoction. Infuse it for 3 hours and after it – drink it. Arrow-wood has a large amount of vitamin C, at the same time having a low content of fructose. Vitamin C penetrates open insulin cells and increases the anabolic background.

Method 4 – Immortelle, St. John’s wort and chamomile. Unlike previous ones, this method is aimed at slowing the metabolism down. The fact is that these herbs affect the level of stomach acid, almost completely neutralizing it. Thus, you can change the acid-base balance of the gastric environment, thereby increasing the saturation from a smaller amount of food. The combination of the three must be infused for 3-4 hours.

Recipe 5 – Restharrow roots. This one has a complex effect. It changes the cholesterol balance in the body while slowing the metabolism by reducing acidity in the stomach. Infuse it in boiling water for 1 hour. Drink half a glass 15 minutes before eating.

Products that affect Metabolism

If we consider the issue comprehensively, there are some products that affect the restoration of metabolic processes. They affect not so much the speed of digestion, but rather the restoration of a normal balance of metabolic processes in the body.

The table of products capable of restoring metabolism:

Green onionFiber-rich productsRestoration of normal absorption of foods
OnionFiber-rich productsRestoration of normal absorption of foods
LemonVitamin C-rich productsMetabolic-catabolic balance shift
SemolinaLow-absorption complex carbsPancreas activity reduction
Semolina bakeryLow-absorption complex carbsPancreas activity reduction
TomatoesFiber-rich productsRestoration of normal absorption of foods
GrapefruitVitamin C-rich productsMetabolic-catabolic balance shift
PineappleVitamin C-rich productsMetabolic-catabolic balance shift
CoconutFiber-rich productsRestoration of normal absorption of foods
Fish fatOmega-3 UFAsCholesterol balance shift
Flaxseed oilOmega-3 UFAsCholesterol balance shift
Unrefined oilOmega-3 UFAsCholesterol balance shift
CucumberFiber-rich productsRestoration of normal absorption of foods
AvocadoFiber-rich productsRestoration of normal absorption of foods
WatermelonVitamin C-rich productsMetabolic-catabolic balance shift
StrawberryVitamin C-rich productsMetabolic-catabolic balance shift
MilkFast complex proteinMetabolic-catabolic balance shift
Dairy productsFast complex proteinMetabolic-catabolic balance shift
BlackcurrantVitamin C-rich productsMetabolic-catabolic balance shift
RadishFiber-rich productsRestoration of normal absorption of foods
CabbageFiber-rich productsRestoration of normal absorption of foods
CauliflowerFiber-rich productsRestoration of normal absorption of foods
RaspberryVitamin C-rich productsMetabolic-catabolic balance shift


Metabolism disruptions are not always associated with disturbances in the hormonal background or daily regimen. Very often, metabolism slows down significantly after childbirth. Once again, it is recommended that you contact a general practitioner on the matter, and preliminarily undergo an examination with an endocrinologist. Only in this case will you be sure not to harm yourself unintentionally.


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