How To Inject Steroids 101: Easy Practical Guide with Explanations

Scary? Dangerous? Requires a professional help? You can say it about anything - but not about steroid injections. You don't even need lady luck to deal with the procedure - all you need to do is follow the instructions and have a little understanding of what's going on.


So you’ve found the kind of steroids you need, bought them, got the package, and now you sit and stare at vials in confusion.

What are you supposed to do with it?

Use them as a bath bomb? Drink the whole vial? Maybe two or three? Rub them in the arms to get magically big and strong? Nope.

You need to become your own personal steroid doctor and learn to self-inject your steroids.

You don’t need any special talents, a medical degree, or years of experience. Here is an easy instruction on how to inject steroids safely and avoid all possible risks.

And the first step – you need to choose the right injection site. 

Find The Best Steroids Injection Spot

In short, the best injection spot is any large muscle on your body. That’s where all the blood vessels are, that’s where you will feel the least pain, and that’s where you probably won’t hit any nerves, bones, veins, or arteries. 

Traditionally, 4 best places to inject steroids are: 

  • Buttocks; 
  • Thighs; 
  • Hips; 
  • Shoulders. 
how to inject steroids guide 4
Steroid Injection – Arm Thigh
how to inject steroids guide 5
Steroid Injection – Hip Buttock

You will need to perform intramuscular injection.

how to inject steroids guide 3

With shoulders – aim at your deltoids. It’s not the most comfortable process if you have massive arms, though.

With thighs and hips – make sure to hit it in the outer part to avoid touching the sciatic nerve. It can be extremely painful. 

With buttocks – the most popular injection site for athletes since ever – you need to aim at the upper right corner of your right butt cheek (or upper left corner of your left cheek, accordingly). That’s the safest way to inject steroids. 

how to inject steroids guide 1

How To Inject Steroids – Step-By-Step Instruction 

Your injection starts in the nearest pharmacy. Before you even begin, you need to buy a few things:

how to inject steroids guide 2 copy
I want to get BIG starter pack – Infographic 2021
  • A bunch of syringes (23-25 gauge for oil base); 
  • A bunch of drawing needles (18-20 gauge); 
  • An alcohol wipe or something else to disinfect everything; 
  • A patch (I prefer patches with funny pictures, like teddy bears or firetrucks, but you can choose the one you like); 
  • A pair of sterile medical gloves. 

We assume here that you already have the compound itself.

Now, here is how the process should look like, step by step: 

Part 1 – Preparation

  1. Find a nice place in your house and put everything you need somewhere around; 
  2. Check the vial with your compound – whether it’s ok, not expired, and so on;
  3. Go wash your hands thoroughly. Put your medical gloves on (for the extra sterile process)
  4. Open the alcohol wipe and disinfect the injection site. Don’t touch it until you’re done;

Part 2 – The Process

  1. Warm up the vial with the compound to avoid
  2. Open the syringe and open the needle – they should come in sterile, intact packages; 
  3. Put the needle on your syringe; 
  4. Draw the compound into your syringe – you may need to pierce through a rubber thing on the vial if it comes with one; 
  5. Make sure you get the right dose; 
  6. Put the lever a bit to make sure there are no air bubbles in the barrel; 
  7. Now, put your index finger and thumb on the injection site and spread it a bit to make the skin denser; 
  8. Pierce the skin with the needle – while holding it exactly by 90 degrees. Stick it right in steadily and don’t jerk the needle around; 
  9. Pull the lever UP a bit and make sure no blood comes in. 
  10. If it does – you’ve probably hit a major blood vessel, and the injection can be dangerous (let alone painful AF). Stop immediately and pull the needle out, start all the process again with a different needle and a slightly different injection site; 
  11. If no blood comes in – you’re ready: 
  12. Slowly and smoothly push the lever to put all the liquid in your muscle tissue. The word SLOWLY here is vital; 
  13. When you’re done – again, slowly pull the needle out; 

Part III – After the Injection

  1. Put an alcohol wipe (another one, not the same) on the injection site and rub it a bit with slight pressure – this way you lower the risk of getting a hematoma and reduce possible pain; 
  2. Now, put a medical patch (any sterile kind you like) to hold the alcohol wipe on the injection site for a few minutes; 
  3. Get rid of both the needle and the syringe. You’ll never use them again (if you’re not an idiot). Just throw it all away OR – even better – take them to your nearest hospital. They know how to dispose of them properly and will be thankful; 
  4. ???
  5. Success. Big boy, you didn’t even cry!

All those steps look awfully complicated, I know. However, the whole process takes just a few minutes, and with a little practice – you’ll inevitably master it. 

Professional Steroid Injection Guides 

If you don’t like this guide for some reason – you can check out any other official instruction. Luckily, guides on regular intramuscular (aka IM) injections are not different from those on «how to inject steroids». Medical schools, centers, and organizations have official instructions all around. Here are some examples: 

if you’re afraid of intramuscular injections or just need something different – you can try peptides. It’s a relatively new class of performance-enhancing compounds that require subcutaneous injections. Here is a complete guide on peptides and their benefits.

Tips For Injecting Steroids Safely

Even though the process is mostly universal for all kinds of compounds, a typical anabolic steroid shot has some minor differences that you need to know about. Here are some tips that will help you deal with the injection: 

  • Pain is OK. In case your steroid injection site feels sore for a few minutes after the injection and itches a bit – it’s absolutely normal. Some steroid mixtures contain alcohol and it causes the reaction. Pain is NOT normal when it lasts longer than several minutes. If you still feel it in 20-30 minutes after the injection – it’s a legit reason to get some medical help. 
  • Change injection sites. Today it’s your buttock, tomorrow – it’s your deltoids, and in a few days – buttocks again. Let the injection site heal between pinning, after all – you’re making a tiny long hole in your muscles.
  • Check the substance. Most injectable steroids come in transparent oily liquid. If it has anything floating inside the vial – it’s not OK. Check the expiration date, the brand name, all the official marks that should be there, before you put this stuff in your body. Unfortunately, fakes are flourishing in the gear world.
  • Sterility is the key. Infection is the main risk in the self-injection process. There is no such thing as a «too sterile» needle, injection site, or a vial. We both know that you’re not a real «steroid doctor», and not even a doctor itself. You’re an athlete, and you probably don’t have special training in medical procedures. That’s exactly why you need to be EXTRA careful. Your health is at stake, so keep it clean.

Now, while you sit here wondering, why is all this weird stuff necessary – here are some explanations for this process. 

Why Do You Even Need To Inject Steroids 

That’s probably the most popular question of all, and the answer is – you don’t really NEED to. It’s just the only BALANCED administration way for steroids. 

With an injection, you don’t lose much potency of the compound, it lands almost directly in your blood flow in a controllable manner, and it doesn’t damage your liver, as orals.

Besides, the injectable form gives scientists the possibility to adjust several aspects – such as half-life. They can add an ester tail to the compound to slow down the administration time and make its effects smoother. 

Big sharks in the market KNOW that many people are just afraid of needles. They KNOW how much money they lose because of it. God knows how many billions are wasted annually on research and attempts to find a suitable alternative. Unfortunately, so far – pinning is truly the best we have. 

there is just one class of compounds that don’t require an injection, work as regular pills, and don’t damage your liver. here you can check our ultimate guide on SARMS. experimental – but proven to be effective.

How Do Steroid Injections Work 

Every muscle of your body, no matter how big or small it is, has thousands of blood vessels in it. They’re all connected and you can get to any part of your body from any other part through them. 

To get the concept, think of it as an INSANELY complex road system. You have thousands of tunnels, intersections, and non-stop traffic circulating in your body.

Every vehicle type has its unique function, and it’s looking for a place to perform it. Those roads are heavily regulated, and you can’t just do your thing wherever you want to. You need to find a spot that you will fit in. The one DESIGNED specifically for you. 

For anabolic steroids, this right spot is your androgenic receptors. These little docks (or parking spots) hide inside your muscle cells. 

When you inject Testosterone, Deca, Trenbolone, or whatever other kind of steroids – they slowly enter all the tiny blood vessels from your muscles. To work in ALL parts of your body, not just in the injection site, they start circulating. 

They roam around, until finally – every molecule finds a “vacant” receptor inside a muscle cell somewhere. A steroid molecule attaches to it and sends the message – you, guys, need to really build those muscles faster.

It’s an EXTREMELY simplified explanation, but that’s exactly how steroid shots work and how the compound gets from your buttocks to your 6-pack. 

Do Steroid Injections Work At All? 

For the most skeptical guys, the answer is – yes, steroid injections work. It’s not a marketing trick, not a shady conspiracy between genetically gifted guys to strip you from your money, and it’s not a lottery kind of thing. 

Among all the benefits, here’s what steroid injections do: 

  • Make your muscle grow like crazy; 
  • Give you extra strength; 
  • Boost your endurance; 
  • Enhance your fat loss; 
  • Give you visual gains and more pronounced details, like vascularity; 
  • Make your pumps more notable and effective. 

The list can go on and on and on. There are dozens of studies on all kinds of anabolic steroids. For example, here you can check out the classic one on Testosterone – the most popular and basic gear of all. 

Hey, in case you’re in any kind of doubt – you can always check our guide on steroids and read more official studies on each compound.

However, even if your steroids work – you still need to work as well. Your anabolic shots won’t give you anything but trouble if you will not: 

  • Work out regularly; 
  • Maintain a proper diet; 
  • Take them in a well-planned cycle; 
  • Take your supportives; 
  • And never skip the PCT. 

Steroid injections are proven to work, but the result is mainly up to you. Just learning how to inject steroids is not enough.


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