Glutamine: Usage, Different Forms, Dosage


Amino acids are like the foundation and building blocks for muscles. Without amino acids, such as glutamine,  training technically becomes pointless. That is the reason why athletes attend the intake of these substances so seriously. However, the diet alone cannot provide for a rather high requirement of amino acids, and they should be taken additionally. One of the most valuable additives of that kind is glutamine.

The Necessity Of Glutamine

All adequate athletes strive to maintain a balance between making quick progress and avoiding harm to the bodies. Glutamine might be just the help so needed in such a task. It is a conditionally essential amino acid that serves as an integral part of the protein, contributing to the process of muscle growth. In fact, muscle fibers are 6-% glutamine. So, no significant progress in bodybuilding can be made if there is a shortage of this substance. Yes, glutamine is partially produced by the muscles, as well as by the liver and some other organs. However, the amount of the substance produced this way is not quite enough for the needs of a professional athlete.


These are the various effect glutamine produces for the body:

  • It is an authoritative source of energy for an athlete, which is extremely important during intense training;
  • it strengthens immunity, reduces the probability of colds and other viral diseases. During an active workout, when the body is getting exhausted, this function if vital;
  • it prevents catabolism, protecting muscle from consuming themselves for energy;
  • it makes the recovery process shorter, which allows you to regain your strength even after exhausting workouts quickly; shortens the recovery, which helps an athlete to regain strength after intense training;
  • it protects from overtraining, the body as a whole and muscle fibers in particular. Overtraining may serve as a cause of throwback in progress, rendering it pointless;
  • it participates in creating molecules of protein in muscles, thus helping to accelerate muscle gain.

Forms Of Production

Many athletes nowadays wonder which form of the supplement is the best – powder, capsules, or tablets. Let’s look at each of these separately.

Tablets are the most popular and low-cost form in which one may find the supplement. Quite often, manufacturers choose this specific option due to lower production costs, which makes the final product cheaper. It’s also easier to package. This form is preferable for end-users due to its convenience in taking and long shelf life, which makes it more volatile and easy to consume. Moreover, it’s imperative to adhere to the recommended dosages of various substances in bodybuilding. Tablets serve this purpose brilliantly, for each tablet contains a strictly determined amount of active components—the only thing remaining is to take in at the right time.  

Another popular form of glutamine is that in capsules. Its main advantages are simple intake and high absorption rate. Nowadays, there are even «vegetarian» gelatin-free capsules that provide for immediate ingress of the active substance. Capsules are very convenient to carry and ingest, they can be simply washed down with water, or its content can be diluted in it. It’s only a matter of choice.


Probably the most popular and widespread form of glutamine is a loose powder. In terms of absorption and transportation to the muscle, this is the number one variation. Another pro of this form is that it can easily be mixed with food, protein, shake, whatnot. Another point worth noticing is the price. In this case, it’s relatively low due to the fact the powdered glutamine requires fewer expenses on the packaging. Thus, buying it does not strain the wallet that much. There is a con, nonetheless. With this form, you are going to have to weigh it all on your own. Still, usually, jars of glutamine come along with measuring spoons.

How to Take Glutamine

As was already mentioned before, it’s crucial not only to choose the most suitable form of the supplement but also to take it correctly. The possible options are as follows. The daily dose can be divided into several parts and taken throughout the day (for example, 2-3 grams each part). Such a way is optimal for any form. It is a way to ensure the constant presence of glutamine in the system, contributing to muscle growth all the time. Moreover, this method of intake guarantees excellent absorption.

The second method widely preferred by athletes is to take the supplement directly after a workout, before it and before bedtime. So, 7-10 grams can be taken before a workout, the same amount after it, and 5-7 grams before going to bed.


Notice that glutamine is better to be washed down well for the best absorption. It can be mixed with a protein shake or just washed down with a lot of liquid (preferably pure water).


The positive action of this amino acid on the body is indisputable. The only thing remains is to choose the form of the supplement that suits you most, observe the correct dosage, and follow recommendations on proper intake.


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