Glutamine for Weight Loss: Facts & Myths


It’s a long lasting theory that it is optimal to take glutamine for weight loss. If you want to develop big and strong muscles effectively, glutamine is vital for healthy simultaneous muscle gain and healthy weight loss.  The body itself partially produces it, but the amounts are utterly insufficient for covering all the needs of internal organs and muscle tissue. The solution is to take the amino acid additionally, with regular foods and special supplements.

Purpose of Glutamine

This amino acid has a major impact on the body. It not only accelerates recovery processes, but also strengthens the immune system, activates the GH production, improves working capacity by supplying additional energy and, of course, increases the rate of muscle growth. Thanks to these features, glutamine is often used on ripping, when an athlete aims to lose excess mass and obtain sharper muscle definition quickly.


Glutamine and Weight Loss

First of all, it’s necessary to determine the proper way of organizing weight loss. If the objective is to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat, but without a specific diet, it’s merely impossible to achieve. The excellent menu for such a purpose includes reducing the volumes of fats and carbs significantly, for their presence makes it difficult to lose weight due to certain features of these macronutrients. As a logical outcome, the increased consumption of protein-rich food is apparent.

It’s practical to divide your entire daily caloric volume into 4-5 separate meals to boost metabolism. Apart from that, the mix of BCAA and glutamine should be added to the diet. It is a somewhat effective bundle. The first supplement gives all the essential amino acids for the muscle, contributing to muscle gain. Fat deposits, in their turn, are left with no other option but to burn. Glutamine is the amino acid most required by the muscle, as well as increases the recovery rate, strengthens immunity and prevents catabolic processes.

Glutamine intake should be stretched throughout the day, for example, three separate portions, taken at waking up, at lunchtime and in the evening. This way, the body will be provided with everything necessary 24 hours straight. The dosage should be about 10-15 grams. A larger dosage is not required for losing weight. Additionally, glutamine can also be combined with creatine for an even more pronounced effect.

The BCAA complex also plays an integral part in the process of ripping. It consists of three essential amino acids – valine, leucine, and isoleucine. These are the second most vital amino acids after glutamine. As soon as all carbs reserves in the form of glycogen shall be depleted (it happens during intense training), the dose of 5 to 7 grams of the supplement will sufficiently provide muscles with back0up against catabolism. 

BCAA is not the only possible option, however. You can easily substitute it with a familiar whey or multicomponent protein shake. The only requirement is to be as low in fats and as rich in proteins as possible (the cleaner the supplement, the more vivid effect it will produce during ripping). The significant advantage of such supplements is their insane rate of absorption. Only 30-40 minutes after intake, the muscles are going to be provided with the needed substances.

Glutamine will also come in handy before the workout. But it must be taken on an empty stomach and under no circumstances mixed with fats. There is no danger in it, but fats reduce the absorption of glutamine dramatically.


The Importance Of Energy Supply

For effective weight loss, the body still needs to receive a sufficient amount of energy. However, the key principle of losing weight must remain – there should be more calories spent than consumed. The diet will mostly consist of protein, coming from regular food and amino acid supplements, but the body still requires some amount of carbs. They should be limited, but not wholly absent. It is not recommended to use more than  50 to 70 grams of carbs daily. Moreover, L-carnitine can be introduced into the diet. It effectively oxidizes fats, thus assisting the ripping process rather significantly.


If you decide to lose excess body weight in fat deposits, it’s worth taking glutamine in the right dosage and regimen all along the process. Of course, proper diet and other useful supplements should also not be left unattended.