Gelatin In Bodybuilding and Muscle Growing


Six percent of the human total body mass is collagen. This protein, which is a structural one, is contained on every tissue. Collagen forms the human body, gives strength to tissues, binds and holds cells. Ligaments, cartilage and bones of various animals contain the most amount of this substance. In bodybuilding, a hydrolyzed form of collagen, gelatin, is often used. It is obtained as a result of heat treatment of animal collagen, partially destroyed by exposure to high temperatures. It is completely identical to that of a human body.

In the food industry, it is used as a thickener. A few years ago, an attempt to pass it off as a protein was made. Such a strategy could work only for beginners, for experienced athletes know that collagen has a deficient amino acid composition, which is not suitable for building muscle mass. However, gelatin strengthens joints and ligaments well. Many athletes, especially among beginners, acquire expensive collagen supplements. They do not even suspect that taking regular gelatin is as effective. This was the reason for the popularization of gelatin among bodybuilders.

The Effects of Using Gelatin

Athletes taking gelatin experience the following effects:

  • cartilage strengthening
  • bones and ligaments strengthening
  • skin elasticity and smoothness increase
  • reduction of pain in damaged joints
  • increase of nutritional value of any consumed protein
  • stimulation of blood circulation in the muscles, which leads to more nutrients entering the muscle tissue

This effect is similar to that received by a bodybuilder who uses a collagen complex.

How to Consume Gelatin?


Hydrolyzed collagen is consumed twice a day in amount of three to five grams. This supplement has absolutely no side effects. Gelatin does not pose any threat to the body and health and consists completely of natural components. The effect of the use of collagen is enhanced by the combination of this substance with chondroitin sulfate or glucosamine sulfate.

Drugs for strengthening joints and ligaments can also be combined with gelatin. The best time to consume hydrolyzed collagen is right after a meal. Gelatin can be consumed on an empty stomach, but only if citric acid is added, which allows the substance to digest faster.

Collagen can be taken in various ways:

  • in form of powder, washed down with water
  • bred in water and then drunk
  • in form of jelly
  • in mix with protein or gainer shake

Each athlete chooses his own way of taking it


Bodybuilders review gelatin positively, as a rule. In grocery stores, the cost of edible gelatin is rather low. Many athletes write that using it helped to reduce pain in the knee joints. There are also neutral reviews in which athletes are skeptical about the supplement, since it is cheap, and they believe that only supplements costing a bundle can actually affect something. However, given the low price and safety of gelatin, even not receiving any effect won’t do any harm, so it’s worth trying.