Real HGH Brands You Can Trust (And Some Others You Can’t)

Jintropin and APoxar real HGH brands on red background

When you try to look for the top HGH brands available today in Canada, all you find is mostly… well, weird stuff. Not even close to real HGH. How to find the good ones and which brands you can trust? Here’s the guide.

The Problem with Real HGH

Growth Hormone is seemingly reserved for Hollywood A-listers and posh anti-aging clinics for boomers who have no other problems in life but a couple of wrinkles. 

Real HGH is expensive. Expensive as hell.

So what, should you stay away from somatotropin because you can’t afford it at all?

Not really. For two reasons: 

  • First of all — there IS legit, good quality, pure and real HGH in Canada that you, most likely, can afford.
  • And second — because this boo-hoo “this is for the rich boys” mindset is not only factually wrong, it drives you straight to the hands of shady scam shops with fake “HGH” products at a “bargain price”. 

Seriously, don’t underestimate the amount of trash HGH on the market. 

Fake HGH You Can Buy In Canada But Should Not 

Fake HGH with proofs in the labels

Here are some of the “really, really bad tier HGH” brands from Google’s first page:

1. HGH X2 from Crazybulk;

You know the drill: if it says Crazybulk — it’s overpriced shit that’s falsely advertised. This rule never fails. 

2. Provacyl;

It’s a dietary supplement with vitamins in miniscule doses, not even close to pure HGH. They simply use the word HGH to sell… something, not even sure what to call it.

3. GenF20 Plus;

So-called HGH releaser. In fine print at the bottom — dietary supplement with chromium, amino acids, and more. Anything but HGH. 

4. SeroVital;

Some 120$ sugar pills with Zinc that literally say «does not contain HGH» on the back of the pack. Still, advertised as such. 

You get the point. It’s mostly other stuff, not somatotropin. 

Harmless, useless, falsely advertised, overpriced, and maybe somewhat beneficial as vitamins — but not even close to real HGH.

Making a full list of fake and bunk “HGH” brands would take too much space. There are thousands.

Luckily, we can list just a dozen of real brands you can trust — and show you how to say whether that one HGH you’re about to buy is real or not.

How to Understand Whether Your HGH is Legit or Not 

Some buyer’s tips to know before you accidentally spend money on something useless: 

  1. Real HGH is expensive. Like, «400$ and more per pack of 10 vials» expensive. There’s no good HGH for less than 40$ or so for a 10ml vial;
  2. HGH is not a supplement, it has no precursors, and if it says HGH-releaser — it’s does not equal HGH;
  3. If it says Crazybulk anywhere on the package or the website — it’s trash. Works every time;
  4. If it comes in pills — it’s not HGH. Growth hormone is injectable 99% of the time. Yeah, there’s topical gel as well, but it’s a whole different story;
  5. If it’s from an absolutely unknown company — it’s a reason to do more research, because chances are — it’s not as good as it’s advertised. 

Now, let’s talk about the brands that make good-ol’ growth hormone in all its shamelessly expensive purity. 

Tier 1 Real HGH Brands

For Tier 1 — we’ll take the brands that: 

  1. Cost a fortune;
  2. Make undeniably top quality, pure compounds;
  3. And have been around for decades.

The monsters of the pharmaceutical industry, mostly. Including:

  • Merck Serono;
  • Pfizer;
  • GeneScience;
  • Novo-Nordisk.

Now — to the backstory for each. 

Genotropin — by Pfizer

Pfizer Genotropin on white background with a logo

You know Pfizer. Everybody knows Pfizer. It’s a company that’s been around since forever. You may think anything about their marketing techniques, their reputation as a “Big Pharma”, or anything, but here’s a fact we have to acknowledge: 

Pfizer has labs better than pretty much anyone on the market. High-tech, multi-million-dollar equipment, with world class professionals on the team. 

Now, we don’t sell Pfizer’s HGH, Genotropin. It’s expensive AF (2,500$ per a pack of five 12 mg syringes), it’s truly reserved for clinics mostly, and it’s not really that easy to get.

We say not easy to get because we would only look for options to get the REAL one, not the fakes that flood the market. If you can get it and if you can afford it — go for it, because it’s a true Tier-1 HGH. 

Serostim — by Merck Serono

Merck Serono logo and real HGH Serostim on white background

This one is a bit easier to get, available across many stores. It’s still expensive as hell, but you know what you pay for. 

As any other big pharmaceutical company, German Merck Serono has had its share of scandals. Like, in 2005 they paid over 700.000.000$ in settlement for questionable marketing of Serostim. Basically, they’ve conspired with other companies to make sure more patients with HIV muscle loss have to get their HGH. 

Does it make their HGH bad, though? Hell no. It raises questions over the moral qualities of their CEO and boards of directors, but it does not affect the fact that Serostim is one of the best HGH on the market today. 

Norditropin — by Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk logo and Nordifles HGH on white background

It’s a Danish company that’s working for God damned 100 years already, with all sorts of highly specific medications in their inventory. One of them — Norditropin — is believed to be a classic top-class real HGH. 

It costs just as much as you’d expect: over 150$ per 10 mg, with one premade pen containing 30 iu.

Let’s do some math as an example. 

Say, you’re on 4 IU EOD. Some would recommend  ED injections, but it’s a matter of discussion. You’re not an overachiever and you inject 3 or 4 IU every other day. 

The 150$ 30 IU pen (that you can use as many times as you need, it’s not single-use) will last you for 2 whole weeks. So you need two pens per month. It’s already 300$. 

As we know, cycling HGH for anything under a year makes no sense…

…So Norditropin will cost you about 3.600$ per year. For a rather mild dose, every other day. If you want to take as much as the biggest guys in your gym, expect to pay x3. 

That’s what Tier 1 real HGH therapy costs. Still believe in shitty “HGH” pills for 120$ per pack that would last for a whole year? Yeah. You shouldn’t. 

Jintropin — by GeneScience. 

Jintropin real HGH on white background with GeneScience logo

Yes, that one thing with my favorite story of how Sylvester Stallone tried to smuggle 48 vials of Jintropin into Australia. 

In today’s prices Canadian prices for Jintropin, if we talk about REAL Jintropin by GeneScience (not the Powerlabs, what the hell is even Powerlabs), Stallone’s luggage would cost about 2500$. 

Interestingly, Jintropin comes in huge vials of 100 iu. That means he took to his trip 3 YEARS worth of moderate HGH cycle. He’s either a true smuggler, or he was on some insane dosage. 

Anyway, GeneScience is a long-standing company from China with a spotless reputation and a sophisticated authenticity checking tool on their website.

Honorable Mentions

These are the companies we selected randomly. Of course, there are other top-quality HGH brands out there. Including: 

  • Nutropin — by La Roche;
  • Humatrope — by Eli Lilly;
  • Somatropin — by Teva (though they’ve had a massive recall recently because of the manufacturing failure);
  • Omnitrope — by Sandoz (Novartis). 

And others. They share the same qualities: expensive as hell, overall great quality, and probably impossible to get in bulk in Canada at a decent price or with any degree of guaranteed authenticity. 

Tier 2 Real HGH Brands You Can Actually Buy in Canada

Now — let’s forget about Hollywood and the lives of the rich and the famous. For tier 2 — we’ll take a different set of brands:

  1. Not as big as Pfizer or Merck Serono, but they’ve been around for a while;
  2. Are tested and have a generally good reputation;
  3. Are cheaper and possibly less pure than Pfizer-level HGH, but still — it’s Somatotropin in the vials. Maybe the concentration is about 97% instead of 99%, but it’s still HGH, not something else.

Tier 2 brands are:

  • Nurotropin;
  • Canada Peptides;
  • Apoxar HGH;

Sounds way less familiar than Pfizer, right? Here’s what you need to know about them. 

Nurotropin HGH

With questionable naming (resembling Nutropin by La Roche), it’s still an overall good HGH with high purity, proven by independent tests. Guess they took inspiration from the Chinese “Jintropin” take on “Genotropin”. 

It is, however, the same substance — HGH, with all the benefits Growth Hormone can give an athlete. Whether it’s geneScience or Nurotropin — you still get: 

  • Anti-aging;
  • Muscle growth;
  • Overall health improvement;
  • And zero to no side effects.

Of course we’d love to put it on the Tier One list, because you can buy Nurotropin HGH among other GH options in our store, but we’ve got to be realistic. It’s not Pfizer. And it’s not Novo-Nordisk. With a price of 450$, it’s the same thing in the vial, though — HGH as it is — just under a much less famous brand.

Canada Peptides HGH

Canada Peptides haven’t been around for half a century like GeneScience with JinTropin, but they have an excellent reputation in the community and multiple third-party checks to back it. 

It’s HGH as it is. Even though they’re not a multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical corporation, you still can get HGH from Canada Peptides — and you’ll get the same effects as you would get from, say, Serostim.

Tier 2 HGH is essentially more about the community and the reputation than it is about branding and enormous marketing budgets. Canada Peptides HGH is one good example of something you can afford without sacrificing the quality. 

Apoxar HGH

Apoxar real HGH on a white background

Apoxar is one of the best labs we can rely on in Canada, without the need to raise prices because of transatlantic logistics and pay extra for other stuff. 

HGH by Apoxar is Human Growth Hormone with no surprises. Pure, with lab tests to prove it, and zero bad reviews over all the years they’ve been on the market. 

It’s important to note here that you can buy Apoxar HGH in our store. Sometimes their products are faked, so please watch out for all the signs of fake gear. Apoxar should have an authorized reseller list on their website.

The only concern we’ve had was the concentration of the compound, it’s a bit abnormal for the market. Still, the purity is on point, it is what it says on the label, and that’s all we really need.

The Conclusion

Despite all the specifics of the growth hormone as a substance, shopping for somatotropin in Canada is not much different from other sorts of shopping. You get pure trash in the forefront with the boldest claims, you get a “rich-only” section of the mall, and you get decent brands somewhere in between. 

Keep in mind that regardless of the brand, you should not take HGH before you make sure your health condition has zero contraindications to it.


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