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What Happens if You Take Too Much Protein?

Proteins are supposedly capable of causing pathology of the liver and urinary system. However, there is only the smallest part of the truth in this statement.

Common Myths

On the Net, one can often find information that says proteins for muscle growth cause harm to the body. Below are only the most common unfounded «revelations.»

Some claim that proteins are almost equivalent to anabolic steroids. Steroid hormones are completely different substances that have a very different chemical structure. 

There are statements that male athletes face impotence due to protein supplements. This point of view does not have a solid ground.

The Structure Of Proteins And Their Role In Human Life

In order to understand whether the protein is harmful or not, it is necessary to clarify what these nutrients are and how they affect the human body. 

None of the protein supplements has a synthetic origin, of course, if an adequate manufacturer makes it. Proteins for sports nutrition are mainly obtained from:

  • cow’s milk whey or casein
  • chicken eggs
  • meat
  • soybeans

As you can see, these are entirely natural substances. Such nutrition differs from natural only because it has a high degree of purification, consisting of 90 – 100% of proteins, without impurities of carbs and fats. In fact, this is precisely what modern human needs.

Inactivity, frequent stress, depression, fatigue, and sedentary work are characteristics of a modern city lifestyle. Under such conditions, the need for fats and carbs decreases, but proteins are consumed by the body even more intensively than usual. Thus, they must necessarily enter the body from the outside.

It can be said with confidence that proteins have no specific side effects. They are natural nutrients and can be used at any age.

Does Protein Really Have No Side Effects?

But all of the above does not mean that the harm of protein does not exist completely. As you know, any substance has side effects if it is misused, in large doses, or under certain conditions of the body.

You can get an answer to whether proteins are harmful or not, remembering their nature. These are organic protein molecules. By the molecular world standards, they are large so that they can cause allergies in predisposed people. Rarely, but unfortunately, it occurs.

Some people have individual intolerance to even ordinary foods. In some cases, it may be present concerning proteins. It is due to two groups of reasons:

  • lack of enzymes responsible for the breakdown of certain substances, for example, gluten intolerance (to prevent adverse reactions, you need to study the packaging when selecting proteins carefully);
  • dysbacteriosis – a disruption of the healthy composition of the microflora of the large intestine. 

Protein intolerance is ultimately due to the decay of molecules not broken down in the intestines. As a result, symptoms that are very similar to food poisoning develop – diarrhea, bloating, pain.

Is protein harmful to health in itself? Can it contain components that harm the body? Unfortunately, in some not very high-quality protein supplements, little-known manufacturers can contain heavy metals in high doses, which negatively affect the body. The way out of the situation is to acquire sports nutrition made by reliable companies.

Protein Roids101 2

At the very beginning of the article, an indication was given that proteins can cause kidney pathologies. Usually, these pathologies exist before the start of sports nutrition consumption. It just does not manifest itself. Or there is a genetic predisposition. When protein intake begins, the process is activated.

If sports nutrition is of vegetable origin, then it is not recommended for men. Soy protein has side effects associated with the fact that it also includes phytoestrogens – vegetable substances that, in their structure and action, resemble female sex hormones. It just needs to be remembered. Proteins from milk, eggs, and meat do not have this adverse effect. 


Whether it is harmful to take protein can be answered as follows – yes, it can be harmful if:

  • a person has an individual intolerance of the components, which, as a rule, is detected much earlier when eating foods that contain similar substances;
  • There is a pathology of the kidneys, which can manifest itself when the body is loaded with amino acids and the products of their decay.

Moreover, you should always look at the composition of the acquired protein and take the above points into account.

In other cases, if a person is completely healthy, there are no contraindications for taking this type of sports nutrition. It is not an allegation. In scientific research, it was repeatedly proven that proteins do not cause any pathological changes in the body of athletes.

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