How Oral Testosterone Works and Why You Don’t Need It

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Oral testosterone is legal in Canada since 1992, so why is it not popular at all?

At first sight, oral testosterone looks like a potential win-win. The TRT market is exploding. Test is the only way to solve a whole ton of issues. More and more people hop on self-prescribed or official therapy each year, and most of them absolutely hate injections. 

So why injectable testosterone and topical gels are still a thing, if a potentially more convenient oral way already exists?

Why Most Bodybuilders Don’t Even Know About Oral Testosterone

The three clear and simple reasons for the lack of knowledge about oral test in Canada or in the United States are: 

  1. The social bubble;
  2. The language barrier;
  3. And your stomach. 

Here’s what all of these things mean — one by one: 

Reason #1: You’re Not The Target Audience for Oral Testosterone

Do you feel like you were born in the wrong body? Maybe you feel like your genitals are unnatural and shouldn’t be there? Ever wanted to replace your vagina with a massive cock Mother Nature mistakenly forgot to give you? 

If you disagree with the statements above — you’re, MOST LIKELY, not in the middle of a female-to-male transition. And surprisingly, guys that are going through it know WAY more about oral testosterone than you. 

While you’ll hear talks about Sustanon and T-400 in the locker room, the FTM crowd discusses their experience with Jatenzo or Tlando. All of these compounds are, essentially, synthetic Testosterone, but Jatenzo and Tlando are the most commonly prescribed oral test brand names. 

FTM transitioning crowd, not bodybuilders that transition from «massive» to «even fucking bigger», is the primary market for oral testosterone. 

If you’ve had FTM-trans guys in your social circle — you would definitely know that oral testosterone is a thing. Because they would tell you how much they hate it (and rightfully so). They are, however, not the only ones who use it more often than you. 

Reason #2: Testosterone Pills Are Sold Everywhere But North America

People in India have oral Testosterone. People in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Pakistan have it. The brand names you’d hear from them are: 

  • Testoki;
  • Nuvir;
  • Andriol.

What’s the difference between the USA and Ghana, and what one common trait Ghana shares with Pakistan or Kenya? Whatever answer you have in your head, the correct one is — the United States has an FDA, and other countries don’t. 

It actually doesn’t matter whether it’s FDA or Health Canada: both are powerful government-ruled institutions that control all the pharmaceutical market. These organizations are hard to manipulate, and they’re merciless (at least sort of) when it comes to useless compounds.

Health Canada didn’t approve oral testosterone at all before the year 1992. The FDA has just recently approved Kyzatrex, an oral test formula, for use in the United States. Some clinics already offer it (in… marshmallow flavoured pills). 

And that slowly leads us to reason number 3. 

Reason #3: Oral Test Was Basically Useless Until A Few Years Back

Testosterone pills just… didn’t really work. And that’s it. And you don;’t need a science degree to understand why. Just a few facts: 

  1. Testosterone itself has a ridiculously short half-life. It can survive for, like, one hour in your blood. That’s why athletes always cycle Testosterone Enanthate or Propionate, the esters. These modifications slow down the release of Testosterone to prolong its effects up to a week;
  2. The only testosterone available in oral form is Testosterone Undecanoate, 17β-hydroxyl ester. WHat half life does it have in comparison with a week-long, convenient Enanthate? 8 fucking hours. That’s it. The peak, as we know from reputable sources, comes even earlier — after 5 hours;
  3. Test is one big ass molecule, and also — fragile AF with no proper tail. Since you can’t esterify oral testosterone in a pill properly, you have to send it to your stomach almost “naked”. So, what happens? First, a good chunk of the oral testosterone dosage is destroyed by your stomach acid. And then, another good chunk of it just can’t make it through the digestive system. Your stomach is violent for oral testosterone. 

So, at least a few years ago, oral Testosterone was useless. Inconvenient, too fast, with practically zero to no effects due to poor bioavailability. Still wonder why you’ve never heard of it? 

Oral Testosterone Liver Damage 

Yeah, all oral steroids damage your liver because of the 17α-alkylation. Is oral testosterone also harmful? In short — no, but it’s a bit complicated. Novel compounds (Tlando, Jatenza) avoid first pass effect and don’t cause any liver damage. 

Some even claim Test Undecanoate in pills has BENEFITS for liver health. Does it mean that oral testosterone is the way to go? Not really. 

Is Oral Testosterone Worth It in 2022?

The answer is yes or no — depending on who you are. 

For TRT reasons, especially when it’s officially prescribed, your doc MIGHT suggest using oral test. Especially since Jatenzo is getting more and more studies to back its efficiency in recent years. Note that most papers like this one on native testosterone date to 2021-2022. 

For bodybuilding reasons — oral testosterone just has no sense.

You’d have to overdose (40mg pills are a joke). You’d have to scrupulously take it 3 times a day at specific times (leave this way of life for retirement). And finally, you’d have to settle with mediocre effects. So, all the hassle — and no gains. 


Oral testosterone MIGHT be a thing in the future, when the new branch of research, based on Jatenzo and castor oil vehicle, will make it further. For now, it makes no sense for athletes. Leave it to FTM trans people and those poor guys on official TRT that have to take whatever their doc says they should, with no alternatives. 

Oral test is: 

  • Not practical, at this point;
  • Not effective, for bodybuilding;
  • And not worth it. 

At least get the topical or transdermal ones (gels and patches), though the dosage is still not perfect for bodybuilding and your skin, sweaty between reps, would react badly to something like that. 

Or, you know. Get yourself a good-ol’ vial of injectable Test and enjoy the ride. It’s proven to be effective by decades of research and generations of athletes. 


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