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Best Technique To Do Standing Biceps Cable Curl

In addition to exercises with a barbell for the development of biceps, you can do Standing biceps cable curl exercise, which will help you grow your biceps. Being combined with free weight, such exercises provide for better efficiency than when using free weights only.

Exercises on cable machines are suitable for giving bicep definition, forming a visible separation line between its two heads.

Muscles Involved in Standing Biceps Cable Curl

Shoulder biceps

Additionally: brachial muscles, anterior surface forearm muscles.

Standing Biceps Cable CurlTechnique

  • Fix the stopper to the mark corresponding to the selected weight, attach the handle in the form of a long horizontal stick to the cable – it will replace the bar of a barbell
  • Grasp the handle, holding in in the underhand grip (palms up) – it minimizes the chance of slipping. Starting position: standing with the handle in outstretched arms, the cable should be tensioned, with the weight a little lifted
  • Exercise is an analogue of barbell bicep curl, and is performed in approximately the same way, with the only difference being that you have the handle of the machine in your hands instead of a barbell. Begin to bend your elbows, pulling the handle toward your chest
  • Keep your elbows pressed to your sides all the time, although this is harder to do than when working with a barbell. When the arms are bent, start to unbend them without delay. When moving down, monitor the speed of lowering your arms, don’t rush. Do not throw your arms down limply, make sure that the biceps are always in tension. Exercise is performed in an incomplete amplitude, you should not fully extend your arms at the elbows at the end of the movement, as well as bring them close to the chest at the beginning. Inhale on rise, exhale on extension
  • Keep your lower back straight, do not bend forward, rounding the spine. To keep your posture in the correct position, look forward all the time, or even slightly raise your chin. The elbows should not move apart, and the wrists should be fully fixed in the joints – all that in order to avoid unnecessary injuries

Standing Biceps Cable CurlSets

After all of the basic biceps exercises. In order to fill the biceps with blood, cause the effect of «pumping», do up to 4-5 sets 15-20 reps each.

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